1 D.M. Hutchins – Bio, Poetry, & Nomenclature

My name is D. M. Hutchins, and I am not entirely certain as to how I might explain and introduce myself, other than to say that any explanation I could offer would only be as true as the given moment, both the prior and the next requiring equally unique explanations of themselves. Mutation seems to be an intellectual and spiritual constant within my physis and essence, for which I have yet to discovered a wholly appropriate form, and neither has seeking one out been my primary objective during a life filled with enduring the consequences of being so utterly toxic to the forms of those whose essence is muted, and whose potential physis is thus crippled. Having observed the atomized nature of modern Western populations, I can only recognize myself as a form of alchemical radiation.

Initially, I spent near the entirety of my youth involved in all manner of abusive homes, drug use, gang activities, and crime both organize and independent. I partook in satanic philosophy, praxis, and evangelism, believing these to solve or perhaps answer my confusion, anger, and hatred of the pseudo-Christian family and society which had so abused and offended me. The abusive environments and drug ‘abuse’ slowly evaporated as I passed into my mid-twenties, and as I regained my mind the criminal and heterodoxical elements came to take on rather different roles in my life, discovering as I did a certain attention or insight which others lacked, and which lead me to pursue a deeper understanding of the many nuances of social indoctrination, mass entheogenic deprivation, and a genuine recognition of the actual Magian enemy. Such awareness was not at all compatible with the lifestyle I then lived, such that during the passing of years I slowly removed myself from certain behaviors and associations, conveniently outliving several, narrowly escaping my own death or prison sentence.

Eventually, it became evident to me that the dark occult had remained to be a part of my life despite having put off the more childish elements of my prior circumstantial reactionism, such that resentment, escapism, and social dependencies, were eventually abandoned, yet more curious still, despite surviving a Christo-Magian insight-role lasting from the ages of twenty five to twenty seven, after which I continued roaming the Northern and Southern Carolinas of the Eastern United States, as well as several international internet forums, again engaging satanic and Luciferian organizations, penning and collaborating a number of publications under various pseudonyms during my early thirties. Publicly (by which I imply the use of my birth name) I am known to have apprehended The Order of Nine Angles, for more than seven years having studied, applied, and incorporated Myatt’s work into my own, and in such fashion infusing my own ideals and alterations into ONA which are known as “Nexion Nine Thirteen or N913” of “The Interrogist Distro”, though I have concluded that particular work with the publication of Corpus Nine Thirteen, which has endured equal portions of slander and praise. I have neither pride nor shame for my past. It is what it is.

Currently, I am nearing thirty six years of age, and for some time now having been driven to exceed the dark occult, I have taken it upon myself to sincerely and honestly engage The Great Work, and to continue the Numinous Way beyond, yet in appreciation of, David Myatt’s impression upon my personal development. As I have said in the introduction of my forthcoming publication ‘The Numinous Way – The Great Work’, “It is evident now that certain understandings perhaps endure many stages of personal evolution, themselves expressions of maturation, and the passing through stages, which is not that experience our wishful, hopeful, and youthful selves, would expect it to be. Several years into pomp and certainty, one may find themselves welled up with tears, fist clinched, bewildered at having taken but the smallest step, having studied for years only to arrive upon perplexity. Those former notions which I have offered, I have decided to rework, as I myself have been reworked… and not necessarily in terms of being rewritten, though they certainly will be across several essays, but in terms of being rethought, reexamined, and pondered in grater and honest depth, without the limitations of pompousness, scientism, and fear, which I had allowed to govern me, such that I did pursue abstraction.” In the words of Mark Passio, “I am not an occultist, I am a de-occultist”, advocating and sharing gnosis rather than hiding or weaponizing it.

My interest include Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Perennialism, and The Interference Theory of Human Origins. I am present on WordPress and Lulu in order to publish my essays, and share my study materials. I am not one to conduct trivial relationships, I will reject invitations to membership, I am not impressed with pompous self attributed titles, and I have no social agenda outside of collecting individuals and information which advance our mutual alchemical transmutation, and the waging of war against those who oppose freedom, Period.

The quote at the top of my blog states Enantiodromian Perspicacities Euclidean Apodicticity. The following definitions should make my intentions clear to anyone unfamiliar with said nomenclature.

Enantiodromia – The principle whereby the superabundance of one force inevitably produces its opposite, as with physical equilibrium.

Perspicacity – Acuteness of perception, discernment, or understanding.

Euclidean – Euclidean geometry is a mathematical system attributed to the Alexandrian Greek mathematician Euclid, which he described in his textbook on geometry: the Elements. Euclid’s method consists in assuming a small set of intuitively appealing axioms, and deducing many other propositions (theorems) from these. Although many of Euclid’s results had been stated by earlier mathematicians, Euclid was the first to show how these propositions could fit into a comprehensive deductive and logical system.

Apodicticity – Necessarily or demonstrably true; incontrovertible.