Insight Roling Astral Die

Insight Roling Astral Die

Smeared across the universe, not a single coin in the purse,
For wealth itself is not a note, but knowing well the spell of “NO”,
But far too many yet speak yes, to labors strife enslaved in debt,
Though I cannot befriend this trend, for Kali has my ear to bend,
And therein whisper flames of fire, Wet pitch black eyes my heart desire,
Glowing cherry red my own, as orange glow pierces darkness thrown,
Afterimage’s megaphone, expressed in dissipating smoke,
What are opened eyes in darkness, From what can fields of blindness harvest?
A thousand million claims to new, though rolling dice remain same few,
The outcomes fractal overkill, holistic Numinous higher Will,
Causalclining permutational squalls, tiptoes ever echoed in astral halls…

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