Nescience, Deception, and The Higher Will

There has been a certain idea publicly expressed, with which I cannot possibly disagree any more than I do as of this particular moment. This notion, this obviously absurd exaggeration of contradiction, and quite frankly an unbecoming intellectual and/or philosophical position for anyone beyond the level of an even slightly interested neophyte, is of a fundamental disposition toward either nescience or deception, and I do believe that anyone currently observing my ideals know specifically the variety with which the article in question deals.

And I directly quote…

“The primary sources detailed in the pdf document above are essential reading for those – academics or otherwise – who seek to understand the Order of Nine Angles and its place in contemporary Western esotericism. All the texts are freely available with the internet links to them as given in the document valid as of April 2017 ev.” R. Parker 128 Year of Fayen v. 1.03

To state that the Order of Nine Angles, or any given method, praxis, or tradition, pertaining to occult studies, need be “understood” by way of “misunderstanding” (seeing Numen through abstraction by way of abstracting the Numen) is quite frankly nonsensical. The Occult actually has no place within the contemporary systems of man. In fact the phrase “contemporary occult” is very nearly an oxymoron, as the occult pertains to several fields of study, all of which directly address seeking out the most ancient, pure, and untainted as possible, information in regard to the nature of self, and the nature of the Cosmos, the Numens own Wyrd and our resonance and attunement in such regard, or in a single word we are here addressing the nature of Being. The ‘contemporary’ and the ‘Western’ are abstractions designed specifically to prevent that specific understanding, and are themselves utterly composed of distractions, diversions, dialectics, and outright deceptions, thus engineered and deployed by those whose aim it is to reserve such information (to “occult” or hide gnosis from the commoners view), such that a select “elite” few might lay exclusive claim to truly understanding humanities genuine state, and the Cosmic state, such that they alone might operate upon the plane of causation unchallenged, having blinded and enslaved the commoner upon the plane of effects, by way of their inadvertent nescience which severs their connexion with genetic, ancestral, and spiritual origins, and further disconnects them from any desire for self actualization via Educational Perennialism, or achieving any potential for self-determined dominion via higher Will. Psychological and spiritual imprisonment upon the plane of effects whereby the uninitiated are bound to the realities created for them by those supposedly “elite”, are the prime evidence of the Magian Dialectics, indeed the dialectics core agenda. And yes… it is equally as Magian and remains to be a Dialectic, even when calling itself “The Order of Nine Angles”. Myatt himself would lecture as much, and has written at length upon the nature of abstraction and the success of such conventional sociopolitical and philosophical schemes of the “elite” of these past many generation(s) and civilization(s). What a shame that those claiming clarity of sight so willfully gouge out their own eyes.

If this were properly understood (and clearly it is not), the nature of such agendas would be painfully obvious, and although the Order of Nine Angles boast itself to be a Hermetic system, many tend to know nothing whatsoever of genuine Hermetic teachings, and somehow the fourth Hermetic Principle (that would be the Principle of Polarity if I’m having to hold your hand right now) seems to elude them, and so I will explain it to anyone possessing the required comprehension. Everything is Dual. Everything has Poles. Everything has its pair of opposites, which opposites are identical in nature yet differ in degree. Extremes meet and all paradoxes can be reconciled, though not upon every strata. So how is that relevant to the ‘omega9alpha’ post in question, or ‘this’ my reply to it? The point here is that it is only within perception that either magic or sorcery are opposites, as the nature of the strata upon which we thus engage remains consistent (thats called Natural Law if I’m still holding your hand), such that the higher Will gains access to the plane of causation, whereby work can be carried out upon the plane of effects whatsoever. And so, because there are but so many nexional permutations per realm (only so many tools available per dimensional convergence), that which one does with them betrays both their level of alchemical development at that point in time, and reveals the specific agenda of their work at that point in space. Thus the trained eye has access to a causal space-time coordinate equal in frequency to an acausal alchemical-motive coordinate.

The Magician and the Sorcerer operate with the same tools and upon the same strata, divided only by motive, agenda and intention (that would be the difference in degree pertaining to the fourth Hermetic principle in question), such that the Sorcerer leads the blind into greater blindness, in order to manipulate and use them according to the sorcerers personal will (eliminating or controlling gnosis – occulting), and the Magician leads the blind to sight where possible, seeking to further develop the aggregate human perception, to actualize the collective human psyche (sharing and providing gnosis – de-occulting). Oddly enough Myatt lectures on this topic as well, yet this “modern”, “contemporary”, and “Western” Order of Nine Angles is in every manner Magian and dialectical as per the actions and statements such as this “reading list”. No longer are ONA new-comers initiated into genuine occult understanding, rather they are provided dogmatic propaganda and indoctrinated to believe which PDFs are “valid” simply because someone online said so. There’s no need for this new mundane-fueled ONA generation to pay heed to Myatt nor Hermes, and thus they lack any ability to seek more deeply than the superficial presentation, or to possess for themselves the insight and ability to measure the verisimilitude of claims, or to ignore the titles and branding in order to observe the individual traits and merits of a particular suggestions (perhaps a reading list), nor have they the gumption to tread through relentless waves of propaganda in order to land upon the the shores of truth express by way of manner and intention, because these are reserved for the erudite eye which obviously they have naught. Thus the Order of Nine Angles, as it ages, has gone from a group of magicians seeking to commune and cooperate with other magicians so as to create actual changes in this reality, to a group not unlike that myriad of orthodox Magian religions predominately composed of sorcerers seeking herds of mundanes to adopt their contrived pseudo-Hermetic belief system, trained to excusing their current inaction with aeonic dismissals, and ultimately subject themselves to a new brand of Priest Class, which alleged authorities and supposed classifications the Order of Nine Angles had originally labeled “Magian” and “Enemy”, and which Nexion Nine Thirteen continues to do, despite the Magian ONA’s pretend ability to think for, or determine validity for, others.

And so to recap in the simplest terms possible, the eye of the genuine alchemist observes only two elements of any given movement, statement, or claim (the trimmings and packaging be damned), and ask themselves a very simple question which is “Does this limit my consciousness or expand my consciousness?” which question denotes ones functionality in higher Will, which proceeds and makes possible the utilization of a given realms tools as either Magician or Sorcerer which valuation is measured according to the intentions of the Will in question, and which becomes immediately evident by way of their expressed ideals and actions. Looking closer still, the primary work of the Magician is to cause others to ask the question for themselves (“Does this limit my consciousness or expand my consciousness?”), and potentially reach a state of higher Will and thus rejoin the aggregate human psyche. The primary work of the sorcerer is to pretend to have answered the question on the believers behalf such that they never feel the need to ask it, because the sorcerer desires that others would submit their consciousness to the sorcerers own personal will rather than the aggregate human psyche. Magicians are Agents of Natural Law and advocates of natural systems inherent to the very fabric of the Cosmos, seeking to proclaim and inform any who listen as to what is virtuous and Numinous. Sorcerers are agents of fabricated ‘common laws’, which is to say contrived, self attributed, and man made clubs, groups, and organizations, which are distortions, abominations, abstractions, hijackings, or manipulations of, once sacred gnosis. This is Alchemy and Hermeticism 101, the initial baby steps of developing genuine insight, and anyone who isn’t yet actualized in this regard could literally go and read any number of “Validated reading list by Supposed authorities” and such ‘instruction’ would be about as valid and authoritative as that indoctrination and regurgitation routine offered by the Nation States. In short, you have to be an absolute moron, devoid of any access to the Numen, in order to fall for this sort of “Here is what some people you have never met, have decided on your behalf, is valid to read, until they change their mind again…” sorts of statements.

If anyone regards this PDF reading list as being in any way ‘valid’ or ‘official’ they are announcing themselves at best as confused neophytes, and at worst simple mundanes looking for something to grant them supplemental identity and abstract character. This is yet another iteration of that age-old notion “Be free by way of obeying ME!” Well, not I. I’ll be reserving my right to continue conducting personal validations and personally determining the verisimilitude of claims on my own accord, and by my own standard, rather than adhering to these spoon-feeding reading-list produced every so often, which are little reminder-kits telling the Niners (the Echeneis naucrates equivalent of the ONA paradigm) what is appropriate to believe, and how.

So why would some in ONA
want to deceive their own people?

Attempted Mind Control…

First of all, there is no “in” or “out” of the Order of Nine Angles, and there is no “belonging to” or “not belonging to” the Order of Nine Angles. ONA is a collection of age old ideals (which ONA did not invent) pieced together in a certain style, claiming to be original, and neatly capped with a mutating system of self attributed titles and pseudo-authorities offering instructions to anyone in low enough consciousness as to obey by way of believing in the suggested abstraction. No one belongs to anyone other than themselves, and is either practically applying certain ideas and practices, or they are not. Its that simple, “You do”, or “You don’t”, and all the rest is fluff. All the belonging, all the doing, and all the authority, is your own, regardless of your use of, or responsibility to, your state of awareness and its evolution.

Second, regardless of anyones individual desires, their particular nation, culture, or subculture, the leaders of those populations have always provided them with minimal provisions, and maximum distraction. Of course there are some few individuals who are naturally inclined to such attention and proper perspective as to publicly announced said deception if and when they recognize it, and those leaders in turn clinch down yet harder still in attempt to maintain their control, upon whatever strata it exist, and to what ever degree. Historically this has been accomplished by way of Kings and leaders simply eliminating higher education and directly denying certain information, however in the case of ONA ‘degree’ must be understood, and then assessed upon that given strata, and because the influence in question is not yet (or ever going to be) strong enough to actually prevent anyone from seeking out information, they play a game of validity and valuations, insisting that those valuations are to be adopted (in order to be or do ONA properly), such that if they cannot control what you are able to see, they will focus their attention upon controlling the peoples perception. I mean, why have a book removed when you can easily lead its potential readers to believe that the book is foolish, and easier still it is to create the illusion that many people are already believing the book to be foolish (whether the people do or not) and eventually you arrive at an argumentum ad populum state whereas the book or material in question is wholly socially bastardized while remaining utterly unobserved by the social structure having adopted that position, which would very nearly be hilarious if it weren’t so accurately true of the myriad of human social structures.

Beyond creating a social structure whereas they can control their adherents thinking via flagrant bastardization of ideals they personally dislike, and then pretending to possess that authority by which some associated with the Order of Nine Angles occult genre have granted themselves the privilege to determine of the behalf of others what is valid or not, there lies also the devising of dialectics to fracture, divide, and atomize, adherents into yet smaller sub-cultural paradigms in opposition to one another in order to strengthen the ‘Us vs Them’ mentality which binds the simpleminded to one or the other. Sorcerers create small psychopathic unities (secondary psychopathic memberships in exclusive groups and clubs) in the name of opposition to others. Magicians seek genuine holistic unity of the aggregate human psyche in opposition to division within our selves, or separation from the Source/Numen. Independent and culturally liberated individuals would laugh in your face were you to say to them “Here are the primary books you must believe to be correct in the year 2017“. I’m laughing right now just thinking about it, but lets not be too hard on the ONA, (even this weak attempted sorcery is unoriginal and adopted from other paradigms, as are all elements of ONA) as this strategy is not at all unique to any particular race, ethnicity, nationality, political affiliation, or system of belief, but to every population of mankind, and will continue to be thus, until such time as the people (everyone) overcome these dialectical abstractions, and eliminate the Priest Class (where ONA is attempting to make its name), the Government Class, and all monetary systems.

The irony here being that ONA in fact IS everything it pretends to hate or oppose, and for each of their claims to producing “A new breed of man”, most of them yet demonstrate the nature and desires of Homo Hubris, even when higher Will is achieved, as the majority of them fall victim to the comfort of petty sorcereries ego gratification which prevents their ability to move on and explore another paradigm, and again, this is basic alchemy 101, (and several years ago sparked Nexion Nine Thirteens adaptations of certain Temple of The Black Light ideals in order to combat certain limitations of the ONA paradigm), any paradigm which so takes root in ones consciousness as to be the proper, correct, and final, evolution of personal alchemical evolution, has actually and utterly destroyed any further progression of their personal alchemical evolution. Of course thats rather difficult to notice when you are stranded in base consciousness and preoccupied with reading list, the rumor mill, and being so caught up in your idea of what ONA is that you fail to recognize that someone else is doing all of your thinking for you, a slave to your own nescience and/or ignore-ance, which is the very target audience such reading list, rumor mills, and dogmatic propaganda seek, as does every Magian religion.

To Address The Offered Lies

(1)There is a specific list of required reading material in order for one to be in “The Know”.

Completely and Utterly False… There is an issue of context here, asking whether we are speaking of the occult in general, or the Order of Nine Angles in particular, however, the statement remains to be false regardless.

(1a) In the context of the occult in general, to state that one must adhere to a specific tradition to arrive upon self actualization, is false, as there are multiple roads leading to satori, epiphany, and gnosis, and it is much more important that one set upon any road whatsoever, than never to have set upon the alchemical journey at all, not to mention that a genuine understanding of any occult system will lead the magician to study other occult systems seeking new information, perspectives, and insights. As the Temple of The Black Light teaches “No one single system holds all the information, and one must study many mystery traditions in order to collect the Keys of Unbinding”. The Magician sees this clearly because our understanding is holistic and our intentions are directed at humanities aggregate psyche, seeking to improve the overall fulfillment of potentiality (Magicians actually seek to create a new breed of mankind). The Sorcerer, on the other hand observes only the self, and considers all others (to be mundane) in accordance with their ability to gratify or serve the the sorcerers carnal and egoic (base consciousness) desires, thus their demands to a ‘particular paths teachings’ rather than “I encourage you know know all that you can from all possible sources”, (Sorcerers do not seek to create a new breed of man, but to temporarily cash in upon the ignore-ance of the current breed of man, Homo Hubris).

Conclusion? Magicians can achieve the ONAs stated goals of creating a new breed of man via Numinous unity of the aggregate human psyche according to Natural Law, while Sorcerers, due to their selfish withdraw from, and manipulations which further devolve humanity, cannot. I am reminded of Mark Passio mocking the political sciences as being the nonsensical attempt to become free by way of electing the right Master, when the notions of having a Master, and the notion of being free, are absolutely incompatible, and I would add to his sentiment that the occult sciences are in fact no different, and that it is equally nonsensical to seek the alchemical evolution of ones consciousness by way of adhering to a particular system or abstraction, when the notions of alchemical evolution of the consciousness, and adherence to abstraction, are also absolutely incompatible.

(1b) In the context of the Order of Nine Angles, this is rather cut and dry, as 98% of those advocating and producing Order of Nine Angles materials, do so in such a fashion that their open door invitation to study the ONA is also the slamming shut of hundreds of other doors, each representing venues, traditions, or systems, which ONA slanders, bastardize, and mocked (along with anyone like myself who breaks ONA fashion and studies them anyway) even though it is the case that the Order of Nine Angles has demonstrated no evidence of their claims such that their system is superior to any other (and they couldn’t if they tried because what ONA IS, is all borrowed from several other traditions they believe themselves to be superior to, which is quite illogical). Those claims made which are evident went without saying, and the authority by which verisimilitude is properly assessed, granted, or denied, is ONES OWN, and in no way belongs to, nor ever did it belong to, the Order of Nine Angles, or any other individual, or man made system. The statement offered (the reading list in question) is a lie, the context is a lie, and the supposed authority by which it was offered is a lie.

(2)The knowing” in question pertains in any way to “contemporary Western esotericism.

Preposterously False… It is an undeniable fact that the seemingly infinite myriad of abstractions, dialectics, and ‘man-made’ contrived organizations are themselves preventing the masses from “Knowing” anything worthwhile, and striving rather successfully to fill the human psyche with all manner of lude, vulgar, trivial, and superficial ‘beliefs’ for the singular purpose of skewing perception, poisoning worldviews, altering natural human consciousness, and thereby abstracting the Numen, which Numen is steady and consistent despite the ever changing man made contrivances attempting to swaying and maintain the attention of the mundane upon whom they feed. To suggest a “contemporary Western esoteric” context to those “Knowings” which we only discover within ourselves, and which are always a personal nature, and exist in every human population, is to take massive alchemical step backward. As a Magician, an Agent of Natural Law, it is my duty to bring back to our attention that it is that the continuity of the Numen, that physis inherent to our unchanging Cosmos, which stands in defiance, not only to the Western abstraction, but to all abstractions and dialectics. We must return to our roots and embrace and understand our origins, and only then will we be prepared to conduct the necessary work to evolve our aggregate psyche toward that new breed of mankind everyone is going on about.

There is NO modern or contemporary context required for the understanding the occult, or de-occulting the occulted, other than the fact that modern systems are all derived from more ancient ones, and with each passing generation another piece of the puzzle is hidden from man by those sorcerers who feed on their dependencies, such that the actually context one ought to approach the occult with is this; What is the most ancient preservation of this gnosis, and what is, and how do I improve my understanding pertaining to, that time, language, and culture, in question. The Modern has nothing to do with it, and there is nothing new under the sun. What a shame that anyone needs it explained to them that to delve into the occult is to have recognized the utter deception of that which is being referred to as “contemporary” society? Need I remind everyone that no matter the point in recorded human history, man praised himself as being “contemporary” and “in the know”, regardless of how primitive or nescient they happened to be at the time? Humanity is now in the worst state it has ever endured, more divided, more ignore-ant, more enslaved, asleep, and coma like. What has ONA done about that? Which ONA reading list has improved our circumstance?

(3)Certain people in ONA have the right to determine validity on behalf of others..”

And finally what is most obvious is this particular element of the overall lie. Were there ever to be a truly “valid” explanation of the ‘modern’ Order of Nine Angles, certainly there would be some mention of those associated with ONAs development over the past ten or twenty years, and I am equipped to assess that validity as I personally partook in this last decade of that development, but there is no mention whatsoever of Nexion Nine Thirteen, L316, Fleming, Temple of THEM, all of whom contributed INFINITELY more to ONA than those producing this silly reading list, and so willfully ignoring the truth. Riiiiight? “Contemporary ONA“… An ancient modern public secret antisocial society that ignores its own greatest writers, thinkers, philosophers, and contributors, whose utter cognitive dissonance, and astonishing magnitude of conformation bias, would attempt to sell this fake ONA lie, at this point in time, as though ONA remained to be any one persons, or any one groups, project or agenda, rather than the truth which is that ONA has grown well beyond anyones control or authority, in countless directions, and no one can silence the voices of those I mentioned, or those to come.


To address the aforementioned quotation in full contextual commentary I would interpret aloud that intention which I believe said statement to actually express, as it appears most obviously to those of us having removed ourselves from the hype and form, and thus moved on to aligning our essence so as to resonate with Numen, an introspective, alchemical, and personal maturity not otherwise advertised or broadcast to the public by way of certain underhanded dogmas presented in the form of invitations to adherence to external social fashions which the genuine alchemical process, as I have stated so many times before, actually aims to destroy, see through, and remove from ones own perception.

What is stated as…

The primary sources detailed in the pdf document above are essential reading for those – academics or otherwise – who seek to understand the Order of Nine Angles and its place in contemporary Western esotericism. All the texts are freely available with the internet links to them as given in the document valid as of April 2017 ev.

Actually reads as…

“There are things I like which I have valued as primary, and I so value my valuations such that I have decided that those things I like are primary for you as well, and I’ve went so far as to make a list of reading materials for you to adhere to, in order that you can read what you are told to read, and better understand valuations I am insisting that you adopt on my behalf. I promise that you have to read these text and come to the exact conclusions that I have, no matter in what context, agenda, or paradigm, just believe that I am correct, simply because I have said so (on the internet). I’m inviting all of you to believe as I believe, and to justify my belief that I have made a name for myself among the other mundane pop-occultisms, which I have audacity to title “contemporary Western esotericism”, which my target audience is too stupid to notice as would a genuine occultist. I give you my word that all of this material is free of charge, with the obvious exception of when I charge, and I promise you that all of this material is on the internet, where everything is invalidated by way of being on the internet, with the exception of Order of Nine Angles materials, simply because I have decided for everyone what is valid, according to my personal valuations, and I have so valued my valuations such that I now determine what is valid for others as well, so agree with me as to which are the best of PDFs, as of April 2017 ev.”

Nexion Nine Thirteen will not be so pompous and audacious as to speak on behalf of all the ONA, as do others, but its an absolute certainty that I/we will read what we damn well please, and conduct our own valuations according to our own standards, in 2017, 2018, 2019, and for the rest of forever. But you keep creating list, because surly somewhere there are a group of morons bowing down to worshiping your reading list, just don’t think N913 is part of them.

Another Suggested Reading List

Nexion Nine Thirteen would suggest that were one to begin with these text instead, many would come out seeing a very different ONA than that which some have aim to project upon the masses.

Bealuwes Gast and Myndsquilver These are rare autobiographical text – “Bealuwes Gast” written by David Myatt, and “Myndsquilver”, written by Richard Moult – Christos Beest. Previously very difficult to find PDF files, these are now available to the general public in paperback format here.

Magian Occultism and The Sinister Way – A Collection of Heretical Texts from The Order of Nine Angles – Now available in paperback here. Contents – Introduction -The Heresy of The Sinister Way – O -Magian Occultism – I -God, Demons, and the Non-Jewish Origin of Satan – II -Sinister Demonology – III -The Sorcery of Heresy – IV-A Note on Some Terms – V -T he Dreccian Heresy – VI -The Rite of Defiance – VII -The Black Mass of Heresy – Appendix 1-Sinister Tribes and The Tyranny of The State – Appendix 2 -Classic ONA Text: Satanism, Blasphemy, and The Black Mass – Appendix 3-The Theory of The Holocaust. Original ONA PDF o9a-magian-occultism-and-the-sinister-way and the Nexion Nine Thirteen Remastered PDF version upon which the new paperback is based.


8 thoughts on “Nescience, Deception, and The Higher Will

  1. In short he who aspires for magus-hood reveals Gnosis, he who enscorcells obscures Gnosis from those who would or should be revealed to it, in your words current millennial O9A associates. I recall association with the Order of Phosphorous at the time M.W.Ford. was an outer representative of the O9A although I do not know how much this merits in truth considering his very “liberal” worldview and stance towards recruitment however I mention this because Enscorcelling was the core teaching of his adaptation of so called “Luciferian Witchcraft”. In retrospect it makes a lot of sense considering his sentiment towards a certain Herr Howard Levey who I will not mention in his more widely accepted pseudonym.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed, one either spreads gnosis, or they conceal and use it against the ignorant. One of these are beneficial ONAs aims, and the other obviously is not.

      As for Michael Ford, I know the stories, and the claims, but I never met or knew the man personally, and I’ll go on the record here and now stating that Michael Ford at no time ever represented myself or Nexion Nine Thirteen, nor has any ONA circle, Inner or Outer, represented myself or Nexion Nine Thirteen. Responsible alchemist assume the pride and honor, or shame and consequences, of their own actions, which is a mature and honest thing to do. Those who allow others to think on their behalf, or to assume the pride or shame of anothers actions and statements, are without merit or honor.

      I know several who have met him or know him, but to be honest they consistently stated that they did not take him very seriously. Much like Levey, he seemed more concerned with selling books than the content of the books, and like so many “modern pseudo occultist” Ford flip-flops from one topic to another and seems always to be a specialist in what ever the trending occult topic of the week is. He’s one of those guys in love with the sound of his own voice, whether he has something to say or not.

      As for ONA, no one represents anyone other than themselves, and all claims to titles and authority are nonsense. There are several associated with ONA who could do themselves a favor and realize that they are welcome to their opinions, however, holding an opinion does not make that opinion a fact, nor does it allow you to speak on another persons behalf. If anyone disagrees, I would love to know what sort of authority you believe yourself to have over me, and in what manner you think you could possibly attempt to enforce it. When people publish this sort of “I Hereby Speak For The Whole ONA” sort of thing, I just roll my eyes at it, its so silly.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Well, M.W. Ford does provide working craft the problem with his craft is that his execution is sloppy, like playing roulette as I learned the hard way. However I thoroughly disassociated myself from his circles after another associate enlightened me to the Azoetia by Andrew D. Chumbley, that XAOANON pressed legal charges upon M.W.F. for plagiarism however pulled out upon Andrew’s passing. Upon reading the first few pages I immediately saw line for line likeness to M.W.Ford’s Luciferian Witchcraft in terms of structure even down to the illustrations. They say imitation is flattery, considering the depth of the Azoetia and the fineness of the penmanship, the imitation may as well be dirt labeling itself as gold.

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        • I will agree with you, and also disagree. Fords “craft” is provided, I agree. Ford personally created any of said craft, I disagree. Fords presentation is sloppy, I will both agree and disagree. If you are a genuine alchemist on any level seeking out true gnosis, Fords presentation seems sloppy, but the failure is your own and not Fords, as you have observed a sells pitch and interpreted it as a alchemical lesson which it was not. If you are a mundane pseudo occultist looking for pretty books to place on your shelf, and mindless platitudes to memorize and recite to your mundane friends, then Fords presentations are masterful, and hes made somewhat of a comfortable living at such. Ford is in fact a sorcerer, but a lowly one whose skill is such that he preys upon the most limited of mundanes to substantiate his name, but he remains yet accomplished, as it would be foolery for any true alchemist to suspect that Ford ever aspired for more. He is where he desires to be, and how anyone feels about that is their own issue. If you have the time or interest I produced a thesis on this particular subject matter titled “Ego and Expectation”, which you can find in my publication “Corpus Nine Thirteen”.

          I offer you said work in free digital format:

          If you enjoy my work and are willing and able, show your support by purchasing the printed format:

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          • That is true, it was not his failure but my own for buying into his credibility as a magus. As with every mistake gleaned insight in itself I do not regret threading the path especially considering the experiences which followed. More appropriately amalgamated craft of numerous authors, rather than the craft one one who seeks to fool. Thank you for the links.

            Liked by 1 person

            • I certainly intended no slander of your person, Sir. I have myself pursued abstractions, and later became the wiser for the experience. On its own strata this is a form of psychological pathei mathos which develops a specific manner of intellectual maturity and honesty, not to mention sharpening ones attention span and observational skills (“Look Before You Leap” et al) , and I must say that in truth, I have been introduced to several rather vital studies by way of first encountering its mundane imposters, and later moving on to the genuine article. Its happened to me more than once. There is that level of alchemical war which can only be waged when the opponents complete nature is understood, and that insight is born of having been that enemy, or as the ONA would refer to it, the “Insight Role” purpose and desired outcome. If you would like to conduct an silent experiment, the next time you witness someone claiming to have conducted an “Insight Role”, observe how few follow that statement by elaborating upon the insight gained, and the manner in which it is useful to their overall agenda. If the do not, their claim is false, and if they do, they reveal their agenda. You discover something about their nature regardless, for it is not in the the carefully composed and practiced answers to your specific questions whereby you gain information pertaining to another, but in the manner and context with which you observe their idle chatter.

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