The Dishonesty and Double-talk of WyrdSister (2)


This ongoing dialog with WyrdSister is so outrageously absurd and transparent that I refuse to allow it to be buried under a cascade of comments. This method also prevents the individuals in question from deleting comments later, or editing them. I’ll be bringing this stupidity to public attention with new post until such time as they relent. If anyone questions my passion in such regard, simply ask Chloe. This particular exchange is more revealing than the first in terms of WyrdSisters bogus assertions, and utter refusal to own the responsibility of verifying them. Its just layers upon layers of unsubstantiated nonsense being refuted by myself and Anna. I would very much enjoy other members of the ONA collective offering their insights and opinions. Comment and let everyone know if WyrdSisters comments represent your personal take on the Order of Nine Angles, or your personal Alchemical development.

The Dialog

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 5:06 AM – Thank you for your article about us. We seem to have been useful to you given more “walls of text” by you apparently seeking to justifying your interpretation of matters ONA and denounce the interpretation, the way, the methodology, of others.

How predictable of you to attempt to invert my intentions, fortunately I am quite immune to petty psychological antics, as are likely most of my readers. The issue here addressed would be your own statements, and your own justifications, or lack thereof. My actual intention is to bring such to public attention, as such I have. And no, you shall not be permitted to hide your claims behind “ONA in general”, as I am addressing you directly and specifically, your interpretations, your ways, and your methods, and the only context in which “others” are relevant whatsoever is that issue of your proclamations whereby you’d determine on their behalf what is primary, secondary, or authoritative. If you’d so embolden yourself as to publicly pronounce such assertions, I’d suggest that you stop whining about the heat of the spotlight, as the position you seek requires you to sit directly beneath it, blinding though it may be.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 5:06 AM – As we mentioned, in respect of the ONA “your” interpretation, “your” way is just that, yours. Our is just ours. From the perspective of the ONA principles of pathei mathos and individual judgment both interpretations – and every other interpretation by whomsoever – are equally valid.

No… as I said above, the petty psychological antics you use on mundanes and academics have no influence on my clarity of vision and thought. This illogical position which you are pretending to assume by which you assert all opinions and practices to be valid, (which obviously you cannot possibly believe), is so absurdly fallacious that any genuine alchemist, even an initiate, would reject it. This is due not only to the conflicting nature of said opinions and practices, but due also to your dismissal of that objective reality, that very nature of Being, in which are inherent truths the understanding of which determine validity, virtue, and the Numinous, and indeed, and be cause you dwell on it so, the very value of pathei mathos is the collecting of those experiences by which one comes to the inevitable alchemical conclusion, conscious actualization, and resonance with the Numen.

But then, you aren’t seeking resonance with the Numen, are you? No, your agenda is much more material in nature, in resonance with memetic abstraction and intellectual contrivance. I’m not sure who you think you are fooling, but as I have said before, I see you. Certainly you are welcome to disregard the Numinous, though your rejection of gravity will not soften the abrupt and unspectacular impact at the end of your fall. The Source rains eyes, and I am but one by whom you are soaked. Your double talk is so utterly transparent that only those lacking alchemical insights would take you seriously, and thus I do not, and thus you target academics and mundanes dwelling upon the plane of effects, because they are much more likely to fall victim to your “concept” of what ONA is, while those you pretend to represent dwell upon the plane of causation, observing what ONA objectively is, and manifesting it further still, and well beyond the comprehension of those academics and scholars you so adore. I am an Agent of Natural Law, and by contrast to the inherent nature of Being, I hereby judge your targets, your methods, and your agendas, to be wholly Magian, which proclaims your apodictic nature, not your assertions, again, I see you.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 5:06 AM – So “we” – and some others past and present – sometimes engage in dialectical disputation. So what?

The waging of dialectics is Magian in nature, the purpose of which is to divide and domesticate mankind. We who reside within the various ONA paradigms are the enemy of the Magian, seeking to combat Magian agendas. We of the ONA are set upon that path leading to the manifestation of a new breed of mankind, absent Magian limitations. Out of both sides of your mouth spew deception and half-truths. You (all of you hiding like cowards behind the false name WyrdSister) are in fact using Magian tactics to fulfill Magian goals, and you have the nerve to ask “So what?” You are a liar, is what. You are misrepresenting others within ONA, is what. Your claims to anyone, or any content, being either primary or secondary are hallow, is what.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 5:06 AM – So we – and some others past and present – sometimes write propaganda and may be disruptive? So what?

Because you have either misinterpreted or misrepresented, or perhaps purposefully both, the term “disruptive’ according to, and pertaining to, any and all Order of Nine Angles context. It is perfectly understood by everyone who matters that the intended ‘disruption’ is that of Magian systems, to hinder Magian progress, and to destroy, when possible, Magian organisations. Your simpletons omnidirectional disruption for disruptions sake, is unbecoming, transparent, unnuminous, and without honor.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 5:06 AM – Whoever said all ONA people should be “moral” or always tell the truth?

Fucking I did… D.M. Hutchins of Nexion Nine Thirteen – Interrogist Distro. And I damn well mean it. The season for ONA satanism has passed into the same nonsensical shame as any who continue to praise the Church of Satan or The Temple of Set. The Numinous has come to light, manifest across strata, And yes, that which is Numinous is by definition virtuous, moral, and truthful, indeed seeking that which is Holy and Sacred. There are no lies or deceptions inherent to the nature of this Cosmos, and no necessity to be immoral, which implies being out of resonance with Natural Law, and not adherence to a man made moral code. You questions are so incredibly basic that it is obvious that you have no familiarity with my work, publications, or agenda. I’d suggest you study up.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 5:06 AM – Some ONA people identify with Satanism; some don’t. Of those who do identify with Satanism some can be mischievous, disruptive, untruthful, deceptive, and desire to be anonymous – but so what?

This millennial generation of yours has sought the very extremity of Liberal insanity… If a man puts on a dress and sues everyone that refuses to refer to him as “her”, does that make him a woman? No. If a young white person wears hip-hop clothing and adds the phrase “You know what I be sayin nigga?” to the end of their sentences, does that make them black? No. What objectively IS is not effected by how someone, or anyone, “identifies”. As I just said, there are no lies or deceptions inherent to the nature of this Cosmos, and no necessity to be immoral, mischievous, disruptive, untruthful, deceptive, or anonymous, for any reason other than to hinder or destroy the Magian.

In fact this is further evidence still that you operate upon the plane of effects rather than the plane of causation. Look at yourselves praising these absurd identity abstractions, adopting prefabricated personality profiles, and supplemental character, complete with platitudes and hero worship, ALL of which is contrary to any genuine ONA agenda, contrary to that which is Numinous, contrary to the building of personal judgment or pathei mathos, and devastating to that ideal of manifesting a New Breed of undomesticated Mankind. You cant even be a modern man without someone telling you what to emulate, and you have the guile to speak of aeonic or alchemical insights… Please do tell me that you are being intentionally facetious?

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 5:06 AM – For they understand such things – rightly or wrongly – as part of ONA-type Satanism, and they have an inalienable ONA right to do so, at least according to “our” interpretation. Here are just some of the other individual ONA and different interpretations “out there” at the moment: the Yorkshire Rounwytha; Von Sanngetall; Secuntra; and Beldam (wyrdful witchcraft). They are just as valid as “ours” and yours.

Ones personal understanding is equally as meaningless as the manner in which they identify, with the solitary exception of understanding what is objectively natural and true (which is to say beyond philosophy and/or ideation, abstraction), and ones identity being wholly devoted to resonance with the Numen, the Source. There is no right or wrong other than ones semantic assignment of the terms in favor of their personal biases. It is that agenda, and that intention, measured in comparison to Natural Law, and only thereby deemed Numinous or abstract.

Also, The Order of Nine Angles can grant no rights, inalienable or otherwise. Everyone’s prowess, and limitations, are plainly spelled out according to Natural Law, and Free Will, the gravity of which is made evident by way of testing consequence, actions and reactions. Your interpretations in no way alter what objective reality and objective morality, are. And of all those you would here name, you yet hesitate to mention L316, Temple of THEM, ADM, ABG, 352, countless others, and I dare say you have only mentioned myself or Nexion Nine Thirteen because it is I with whom you now engage. You select only those soft and socially acceptable individuals and nexion who poke their noses out like so many cats seeking to be stroked and coddled. You say nothing whatsoever of we who challenge you, show our teeth, codify our own standards, and tell you where to shove your false ONA history which conveniently omits our names.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 5:06 AM – Bottom line: have you defined yourself and your way by opposition to others, including “us”? If so, do you still really need to?

I define myself according to apprehension of the Numen, by way of clearing layers of abstraction from between myself and the Source. My way is that of Natural Law, thus I am without requirement to compare myself with anything other than the very nature of Being, which happens to be the same standard by which I judge and define your opposition to Natural Law, the evidence for which is addition of abstract layers, indeed your knowing and willful attempted to hinder others apprehension of the Numen.

Let me assure you that this is far from the bottom line, in fact, this is but an introduction, and so I would suggest you either make yourself comfortable and come up with some damn good answers, or go hide on those secret forums with Chloe, whose hypocrisy, double standards, and Magian nature, I have also exposed. The Way is Numinous, and Numinous you are not. You are an echo of a former ONA iteration, perhaps necessary for a time, though having passed. Satanism is, and has been, a joke for some decades now… This is not the 1980’s, and frankly your pseudophilosophical satanism comes off like that of a wide eyed teenager in a store filled with black fingernail polish and Marilyn Manson Tee Shirts. How alchemically inelegant of you who would hinder the overall aeonic progression by manner of insisting that their own temporal responsibilities ought be forced upon future generations and/or iterations?

Annaczereda – May 9, 2017 at 6:13 AM – So we have democracy again? Oh wait, it’s not democracy, it’s happy anarchy.

I would say not. The core essence of ONA philosophy and praxis is based upon avoiding and destroying the illusion titled ‘democracy’, and all other such abstract political, religious, and cultural conventions, and while I recognize the rhetorical and jest nature of your statement, I feel the need to specify that Anarchy is not the chaos and conflict many believe the term to represent. Quite simply put, Anarchy is nothing more than the state of affairs in which a population exist based upon a social structure bearing no masters and no slaves. Democracy is that failed ideal by which willful slaves believe they can (pretend to want to) become free by way of selecting a kinder and gentler master (which masters they do seek so as to avoid personal responsibility), and yes, as ridiculous as that is, it is what much of the mundane world seeks to achieve, blinded as they are by a myriad of Magian dialectics.

Annaczereda – May 9, 2017 at 6:13 AM – What many ONA kiddies conveniently ignore is that there was a time, quite a long time, when Anton Long was a grand pooh-bah. He was a damned grand master of the ONA, later dethroned so that ONA cyber fans could fancy themselves “initiates.”

(1) Fuck Anton Long, and everyone having used that name, especially Chloe. Nexion Nine Thirteen at no point submitted our minds, bodies, or spirits, to the alleged authority of this man/nym, or any other man, woman, or nym. Personal responsibility is not compatible with external authority, and neither freedom with compliance. This is Alchemy 101, quite basic, and proof solid that ONA’s claim to being a “Hermetic” tradition is utterly bogus, as 90% of what ONA says and does demonstrates ignorance of, or a direct contradiction of, Hermetic teachings. Myatt alone, in his Numinous Way publications, demonstrates Hermetic and Alchemical insight. Everyone else is riding the coattails of that dying ONA-Satanism which now is as horribly goofy as anything Howard Levey attempted to sell the mundane, with the exception of those like WyrdSister attempting to gain influence over those mundane, which agenda is Magian, and fulfills neither Sinister, nor Numinous, ONA goals.

(2) Fuck everyone gullible enough to grant authority to this Anton Long, or any other, mock person(s), which are internet puppet accounts through which lowly halfwit sorcerers have attempt to justify their ideals by way of routing them through falsified archetypes fooling only the nescient, ignorant, and uninitiated.

(3) The personal nature of the Numinous (and yes ‘pathei mathos’ too), is such that no one can do on your behalf that which must be singlehandedly, and deliberately conducted, and thus directly experienced. There are no elders, no OG, no Anton Long, to hold your hand, to tell you what to think, to cast a net where you might fall, or to make a real man or woman out of you. Its the getting off of ones own ass, and striving to achieve the capacities of ones own potential. Again, this is the very most basic Alchemy 101… Where are these allegedly brilliant and cultured Adepts which ONA pretends to have so many of in secret circles? I would liken these conversations to repeating kindergarten over and over again.

(4) Over the past decade certain individuals within ONA have espoused this idea whereby the promotion of the development of personal insight, can be offered from one ONA person to another ONA person by way of their contrived titles, gradations, and dialectics, which supposedly battles the remarkably identical Magian agenda to hinder the promotion of development of personal insight, whereby insight can be offered from one mundane person to another mundane person by way of their contrived titles, gradations, and dialectics… which is frankly the relentless repetition of that most epic and profound blunder which ONA sorcerers have ever committed, and indeed the greatest evidence that the age of ONA-Satanism has come to a philosophically pitiful, and impractically maintainable, end. It is unfortunate these individuals are too alchemically nescient to be embarrassed, or perhaps my tone and position would lie within their field of comprehension and span of attention, which obviously it does not.

Annaczereda – May 9, 2017 at 6:13 AM – You can protest as much as you want and you can try to convince people that your antics were just a dialectic. But the bones are flying out from beneath the carpet. What you are doing here is covering up your dirty laundry because your “politics” were met with opposition, and not from Darryl or other bloggers you mentioned, but from your “kindred.”

Correct, Anna, however, individuals like you and I have had a much greater effect than you’d give us credit for. If I were a mere blogger they’d have no use to confront me whatsoever, but they do because I represent genuine opposition to their agenda, and across a myriad of strata which are not visible to those predominately effected, for the opposition in question pertains to the proper use of that effect, and directing it upon the proper audience, which they do not.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 3:34 PM – What Ho! Anna. “Kiddies”, “protest as much as you want” , “dirty laundry” and “just a dialectic” – is that all you’ve got? So stale… So last decade.

This statement is something I would expect a high school child to say…

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 3:34 PM – Shame on you, anonymous master Nazarene propagandistic as you are. And we use the term “master” appropriately. Did you not write and argue some years ago on some internet forum or other about the ONA principle of the authority of individual judgment? How that trumped whatever personal interpretation some person had of matters ONA?

Whatever Anna’s personal beliefs are, she represents them in a far more respectable and mature manner than yourself(ves). I can imagine that if Anna did in fact believe in the “Savior” of Christianity (which I am not certain that she does), she’d likely make a much better case for her position than you, WyrdSister, have made for your ideation of the Order of Nine Angles. Whatever Anna believes, she conducts herself with a certain dignity and adulthood, and I cannot, in good conscience, say the same for you.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 3:34 PM – Mr Hutchins here has asked multiple irrelevant questions reading “us” and what we sent forth into cyberspace as well as committed the fallacy of illicit transference in respect of the O9A and ignored the ONA code of kindred honor, That you – anonymous you – seem to defend him and accuse “us” is par for the course.

My questions are of the utmost relevance, as are Anna’s. You, in your cowardice, simply deflect any and all questions which you are unable, or unwilling, to answer with this tired and overly rehearsed statement “This Question is Irrelevant…” How convenient for you that you can issue endless assertions and never once have to give an account as for the content therein or the alleged authority by which they were issued. I have been addressing this Magian tactic for years now, and absolutely no one is fooled by your platitudes, fallacies, and antics. As for illicit transference, this would be, at least, the fifth time during our dialog whereas you have attempted, unsuccessfully, to reverse our positions and accuse me of your own statements. We are here addressing your ideal of ONA, and your pretend authority therein. Again, no one is fooled by your semantics. Your person and agenda are utterly transparent, and before we speak of Kindred Honor, we’d need to be kindred, which we certainly are not.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 3:34 PM – Does he accuse you of hiding behind some false internet account? Of course not, at least while you seem to agree with him in respect of “us”. Hypocrisy? Go figure.

Annaczereda – May 9, 2017 at 7:49 PM – I’m not hiding behind false internet account and I’m no longer anonymous. Mr Hutchins knows what I look like.

Indeed I do. I have known Anna for quite a few years now, and while we have had our spats and disagreements, I can attest that Anna is a real person, with a real face, occupation, and location. That is much more than I can say for anyone else of note pertaining to ONA. Rebuke us if you can, and spread your lies, and hiss with your accusers tongue, but know that you do so as a coward, fearful, and in hiding. That alone denotes your authority level, which is zero by the way, Mr. or Miss. no face, no name, no location, no person… I could easily determine your location and identity, but I am rather content to leave you to your cowardice, because suits you, and it makes my publications, and Anna’s, all the more meaningful.

Annaczereda – May 9, 2017 at 7:49 PM -Yeah I was talking about the authority of individual judgement but I didn’t say that all interpretations of ONA are equally valid. People grow up and evolve so their views also change in the course of time.

How true. In my case, however, having made myself a public figure for more than eight years, every change I have undergone has been viewed by others as an attempted reinvention of myself, while in reality I have indeed undergone multiple alterations and psychological mutations, as such is the effect of serious alchemical endeavors. I view those who mock my growth (and indeed my mistakes) as being stagnate. As I see it, if eight years passes and you find yourself standing in the same spot, believing the same beliefs, doin the same deeds, you are doing something terribly wrong.

Annaczereda – May 9, 2017 at 7:49 PM – I was talking about Myatt and asking who led him by the hand and who reprimanded him for his “hubris” when he was an extremist or when he neglected and then lost his loved one. Still his past deeds and also his past opinions contributed to his pathei mathos and his later numinous philosophy. So even if someone expresses views that aren’t fully mature or makes mistakes, it doesn’t mean he’s not ONA or that he’s dishonorable because achieving wisdom takes decades.

Anna, you have come to express a greater insight to ONA than those believing themselves to be Adepts. Who reprimanded Myatt for his former hubris? Myatt did, some years later. Who reprimanded me for my former hubris? I am as we speak. I too have neglected and lost, and learned not to take for granted. And likewise, my past mistakes and hubris are a core part of my learning process and development, contributing to my future development (and possibly future mistakes). The only element of your statement that I would take issue with is “and his later numinous philosophy”, for the Numinous Way was not a ‘later philosophy of Myatt’, but the eventual insight of any Alchemist who so takes the alchemical process to that extreme a degree of seriousness and accomplishment. I personally find “The Numinous Way” the only thing of note pertaining to the ONA, and thus my continuation of it with “A Numinous Way” which I, much like Myatt, have just under twenty four years to express before my own Rite of Unbound Awakening is carried out.

Annaczereda – May 9, 2017 at 7:49 PM – That’s what I wrote. You are always trying to put in my mouth something I didn’t say.

It is the practice of these WyrdSister individuals to speak in riddles and circles. They must avoid our questions, and they must address only those foolish enough to buy into their deceptions, lest those like you and I call them on their attempts. The truth is not within them, and one should not expect other than double talk and back peddling.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 11:47 PM – Anna wrote: {quote} I’m not hiding behind false internet account{/quote} That you’re now using the same weasel-term as Mr H is interesting and indicative. So we’re anonymous here, so what? Just because someone may use their real name doesn’t make their opinions or interpretations more worthy, more interesting, or better.

Oh but abso-fucking-lutely it does. My REAL face is on the back cover of my very first publication, alongside my REAL name, and a full bio including the college I then attended, my course of study, and my REAL location in the Norther Carolinas. My claims are offered alongside a REAL person which you can visit, touch, and verify. I have used my REAL name because I have nothing to hide (unlike yourself). You can claim all the exeatic deeds you wish, and they are meaningless and untestable. My criminal record began when I was fourteen years of age, my membership and rank within Crip is a matter of Federal record, my association with Wiccan, Pagan, and Satanic organizations, is a matter of Federal record, and the fact that I stood before a law Judge stating that I was facing twelve years imprisonment on the charge of Arms and Munitions Trafficing, is a matter of Federal record. Your claims are false, and you hide yourself like a coward because you know they are false.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 11:47 PM – Anonymity is only an issue if some anonymous person starts boasting about the “real life” experiences, sinister or otherwise.

Well certainly if you had no verifiable deeds, and no verifiable witnesses to those deeds, also having no provable person either, would conveniently go a long way towards saving face when attempting to associate yourself with genuine gangsters, occultist, and alchemist, lol. You are so utterly obvious and transparent. Hide, coward, fearfully, and know your place in the obscurity and naught which your internet projections attempt to conceal. I see you.

WyrdSister – May 9, 2017 at 11:47 PM – You wrote: {quote} I didn’t say that all interpretations of ONA are equally valid.{/quote} We never said you did so why the rant? All we did was ask if you’d once written “about the ONA principle of the authority of individual judgment.” Neither you nor Mr H have addressed the key issue regarding differing interpretations of the ONA. Ours is that all interpretations are equally valid because of the ONA principle of the authority of individual judgment and because of pathei mathos (individual learning from experience) being central to ONA theory and praxis. Thus the interpretation of Mr H – or that of whomsoever – is just as valid as ours. That’s it. So where’s the beef?

Not only is your mouth filled with lies, it is continuously overflowing with them. I have answered to this “Key Issue” multiple times. You simply ignore my statements because they reveal your deceptions, and strike down your ridiculous notion of an “Egalitarian ONA” whereas everyone is right and correct no matter what they think, say, or do. The ONLY purpose of ONA (and several other systems such as ToTBL) is to elevate individuals with the appropriate potential to a point of Higher Will and Self Actualization so as to recognize that we are at war with the vulgarity and filth of the Magian Dialectic. I’ll directly quote myself answering this nonsense the first time. “I define myself according to apprehension of the Numen, by way of clearing layers of abstraction from between myself and the Source. My way is that of Natural Law, thus I am without requirement to compare myself with anything other than the very nature of Being, which happens to be the same standard by which I judge and define your opposition to Natural Law, the evidence for which is addition of abstract layers, indeed your knowing and willful attempted to hinder others apprehension of the Numen.”

There are no correct or incorrect “interpretations of ONA”, there is only a potentiality for some to practically apply particular ideals in order to personally determine verisimilitude, and a potential apprehension of the Numen for those who endure many decades of satori and epiphany due to that alchemical process. This happens, or it does not. This is ones goal, or it is not. No element of this war pertains to being right or wrong, it pertains to balanced alignment with Natural Law, or suffering the consequences of opposing it, and thereby I define Righteousness and Evil. No standards is just, which is not based upon the objectivity of the core issue.

The mundane are left to blindedness by abstraction, and those like yourself only slightly more conscious than the mundane, that sorcery by which you strive for meaningless titles and credentials in pursuit of equally meaningless praise from those whose judgment you have yourself molded for that specific purpose, which is in a word “masturbation” of your own base consciousness and Lower Will… Authority (of which you possess none) in this regard pertains only to resonance with the nature of Being, and the consistencies within. As I have said to you three times now, you are most welcome to disbelieve in gravity, and equally welcomed to enjoy your fall. I am the ground you see in the distance, I am the consequence of violating Natural Law, and I see you.

Annaczereda – May 10, 2017 at 6:59 AM – You, you’ve had the beef for more than three years now.

Annaczereda – May 10, 2017 at 7:46 AM – Saying that all interpretations of the ONA are equally valid is incorrect. You implied I wrote something like that but it’s not true. Also, the authority of individual judgement applies only to the ONA initiates, not outsiders.

I would agree that your statement has been taken out of context, as can only be expected from WyrdSister at this point, however, I reject the notion that individual judgment applies only to ONA initiates, or even the ONA in general. Personal judgment skills are taught by many systems, and hindered by as many others, and in the ONA’s case you have instances of both. Perhaps you could add further context to your statement?

WyrdSister – May 11, 2017 at 3:20 PM – You wrote: {quote} Saying that all interpretations of the ONA are equally valid is incorrect {/quote} If that’s your outsider, Nazarene, view, then that’s your outsider, Nazarene, view. Our view of the matter is different.

Here we go again with your meritless assertions in mater of fact tones, yet utterly refusing to explain the standard by which you have come to your conclusions, nor announcing the authority by which you force said judgments upon others such as myself or Anna, and so yes, the following questions are entirely rhetorical, and offered only to further embarrass you in accordance with your inability to answer…

By what standard is one deemed an ONA insider, and by what standard is one deemed an ONA outsider? Can you produce a list of all the ONA insiders and outsiders? I bet you can’t. I bet no matter what your list said, a thousand other list would challenge it with their own standards. Thus, so far as your statement explains itself, if you like what someone has to say, they then become an ONA insider, but if you do not like what someone had to say, well, they then become an ONA outsider… Pretty weak standard if you ask me.

WyrdSister – May 11, 2017 at 3:20 PM – You wrote: {quote} You implied I wrote something like that {/quote} We implied nothing of the sort. We merely asked if you’d once written “about the ONA principle of the authority of individual judgment.” That you now state that this implies we stated something else really is most amusing.

Anna’s question is actually quite simple. Your inability to answer it is quite predictable.

WyrdSister – May 11, 2017 at 3:20 PM – We notice that neither you nor Mr H have made any mention of the fact that the use of the weasel term “hiding behind fake accounts” by you and him is indicative given (i) that the original article by Mr H – about someone’s personal O9A reading list and in which article he committed the fallacy of illicit transference – did not mention that the author of that list gave his name, with his location well-known among the Occult cognoscenti, and (ii) that we wyrdsisters have all affixed our names to various articles on various blogs, with our location well-known among the Occult cognoscenti. Thus both we and a certain Mr Parker are in actuality not anonymous people “hiding behind fake accounts” and are certainly as public and known (among the Occult cognoscenti) as you yourself are.

LOL, right… And you can easily bring all of these very notable individuals to THIS thread in order to substantiate your claim, by way of producing full biographies of each individual, complete with photo and GPS evidence which all of my readers can observe and test at their leisure? That’ll be the day.

Also, try to pay attention. I have challenged your claim to this alleged authority by which you offer your assertions, which you have been absolutely unable to verify as of yet, thus switching to the term “cognoscenti” in no way distracts my (or anyone’s) acknowledgment of your failure to do so. For the record, I hereby challenge your claim to any personal authority over others, and I challenge the status of “cognoscenti” pertaining to the individuals in your little club, simply because they have decided to agree to agree with one another…

WyrdSister – May 11, 2017 at 3:20 PM – But this has all gotten rather boring. As we noted on a recent post on “our” blog, we and our kind ,and you and you kind and perhaps the likes of Mr H, really do seem to belong to different worlds. What needed to be written or said has been written or said, many times over the past decade.

You better believe that I will speak the truth unto my dying breath, and when I abandon this vessel I’ll return in another, an Agent of Natural Law, so long as lies and abstraction hinder the evolution of your species. Evolve or die, but I will clear a path to the Numen, and you can walk through the clearing, or be mowed down by the clearing of it. Know this.

Annaczereda – May 11, 2017 at 9:00 PM – I really did acknowledge you don’t consider me “your kind” a long time ago. So why do you feel the need to constantly repeat it?

Because it is the only manner in which they can pretend to have a “kind” of their own whatsoever, by comparing themselves to others. Genuine alchemist compare themselves only according to the nature of Being, alignment with Natural Law, and resonance with the Numen. That theses individuals compare themselves to mortals is quite telling of their alchemical development, or lack thereof. As I have said repeatedly, this is childs play, Alchemy 101 type discussions. If you want to see them utterly fall apart, bump it up a notch and ask them for a full thesis pertaining to the Hermetic principles, Alchemical Transformations, Astrotheology, et al. You’ll love what happens. They will suddenly have something very important to do, and no longer have time for the conversation, and poof! they’re gone, lol.

WyrdSister – May 12, 2017 at 1:43 AM – Anna, more to the point why do you as an outsider and a Nazarene feel the need to constantly write about the ONA and those who associate themselves with it? You’ve been doing it for years now and have written far more about the ONA and about “us” than anyone else, including “us”.

Again, by what standard is Anna an “Outsider”. Such an accusation is hallow unless you have a metric by which such is methodically determined. So what is metric? Your opinion. Consider your opinions dismissed in favor of logical evaluations, which your positions seem to elude.

But… If Anna and I were to adopt your standard, on technicality alone, if you assert that Anna is the leading source of ONA materials, that would that make Anna the leading authority? Right? And as I have written just as much, if not more, pertaining to the ONA also, Anna and I are actually your superiors, and because she and I both believe that you all are full of shit, well, She and I have voted, and you have been demoted to the status of Outsider… So sorry. We’ll keep in touch and if you ever start saying things that we like, we’ll make you an Insider again… That is the ONA standard right?



23 thoughts on “The Dishonesty and Double-talk of WyrdSister (2)

  1. Darryl, I meant the principle of individual judgement pertaining to the ONA matters only. If someone actually follows the 7-fold Way, he knows more about it than the one who doesn’t follow it. It doesn’t mean it’s the only true way and the only path to wisdom. That’s all.

    And nah, I’m not ONA. To be honest, I’m pretty fed up with perpetual false accusations. I don’t publish anti-ONA and anti-Myatt posts but the OG are always trying to portray me in such a way. Always. It’s an ongoing perpetual shit-talk with the comments locked so you can’t even defend yourself.

    You for sure read most of my posts and ffs are they anti-ONA? I called out specific people for spreading the bullshit and flaming RA, which I think was unfair, primitive and undignified.

    I questioned some mythos but such things are open to the discussion because the mythos can be interpreted in various ways. My interpretation is not the only correct one.

    I also wrote many positive things about ONA or so I think. Don’t understand the ongoing attacks.

    Anyway, people are entitled to their precious opinions for better or worse. After all, we have democracy. 🙂 On the other hand, perhaps, you (general you) shouldn’t worry when people are lying about you. That means they really have nothing on you they could use against you.


  2. “If anyone questions my passion in such regard, simply ask Chloe.”

    Quit dropping my fucking name. I already told you.

    I don’t know you. I don’t like you. I don’t give a fuck what your passion or compulsion is.

    I thought you quit ONA? Fucking faggot. I told you: you had nowhere else to go to sell your compulsive ego shit.

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  3. Anna & Hutchins I have had the chance to briefly express my opinion about the individuals you are trying to argue with. I ought to insist in that direction. I don’t see any real interchange being propelled by their side. Just hardly repressed anger and often, butt pain. I do not need to be acquainted with their ‘vernacular jargon’ to express this opinion. It is blatantly obvious to any ‘ non initiated’ folk.
    Nonetheless I find your thread useful. Not merely to unmask the actors of a fake diatribe, but to share the honest principles on which your doctrine is based upon.

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    • Dunno Rudolf if they are angry and butthurt themselves or they are trying to make their targets angry and butthurt. I’m willing to bet it’s the latter. The stuff they write to attack the “victims” is so absurdly stupid and nonsensical that I find it hard to believe they believe their own bullshit. It is there to make people stand beside themselves with fury. And if they have an epic meltdown, start talking shit about the ONA, about Papa Myatt and venting themselves on other Niners, then all the better. It might convince the ONA cyber crowd that the attacks were well deserved. Not to mention free lulz.

      This is why it’s better to use moderate discourse, argue rationally, stay calm and humorous, even it might appear boring to the general public. And let the doggies yap.

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      • I have shared a few threads about the shilling technique this people are well used to abuse, if you pass my cheap alliteration. Up there I see no arguing & lesser counterarguing being performed. Just ‘smart answers’ dressed often up with direct attacks. In a word, they do not articulate their ‘thought’. They avoid to Eviscerate (gut) the issue. They deflect from uncomfortable inquiries. All this bears a topic name: Trolling. Whether it is due to personal hate or envy for Hutchins’ work, I cannot state for sure. Nonetheless I’d bet I am not far from the truth..

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  4. Figured that since I’m probably the last person anybody involved wants to hear from, and since I do have a stake (several, actually) in the subject matter, I might as well get a swing in.

    Wyrdsister is a propagandist in the most literal and dramatic sense of the word. She will say absolutely anything, however clearly and blatantly false, to push her agenda. She will bend over backwards into the most preposterous positions just to attempt to discredit any voice which threatens her agenda. No debate is too time-consuming for her to post endlessly on and no writer is too irrelevant for her to obsess over. She has written at least fifteen articles in response to me personally– probably more– and she has left 80 long-ass multi-paragraph comments on my website defending the most ridiculous claims you can imagine. She doubles down on her prevarications to no predictable end even when the evidence supporting the arguments she’s protesting is as clear as it could possibly be.

    She wrote an article about me on Christmas day, typo-free, with citations– specifically to argue that the ONA is inherently Satanic (lol).

    And she posted it on multiple websites.

    She is THE OG bitch who is responsible for making such a massive amount of the ONA’s online content publicly available, and she has been for years. She has three other pseudonyms that I know of and she runs a large portion of the various WordPress blogs dedicated to Myatt and the ONA.

    From what I can tell, the ONA– or at least, her bowdlerized and shoe-horned repackaging of it– appears to be her life’s work, and I doubt she pursues it anywhere outside of whichever room she keeps her computer in. If you read an article regarding the ONA by Asha’Shedim, Ryan Anschauung, Azag-Kala, D.M. Hutchins, Anna Czereda, Ulfgangr Satanara, A. A. Morain, Ryan Fleming, Yorky, Beldam, Von Sangettal, Hagur, or myself, you can be 100% confident that they were truthfully portraying the ONA as they actually see it. However, Wyrdsister honestly does not mean a word she says. She’s a broken, freakish individual and she is not to be trusted whatsoever.

    Of course, while Wyrdsister was originally a one-girl operation, it would at least appear that one or more other writers eventually started posting on the account as well. Whoever these individuals are, they are surely as disingenuous and dishonorable as the original.

    Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia, 128 yfhtagn

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    • There is another article about you if you want some free lulz.

      I know they are willing to argue endlessly but in the course of time it all becomes a kindergarten level game. I mean debating them can be a challenge only for some time. Later it degenerates into the school for the retards curriculum. Seriously, how much time do you need to figure out that bullshit is bullshit? That there are no pretenders, that “plebeian physis” doesn’t exist, that the word mundane is meaningless and the sinister and numinous is a false dichotomy etc. Seriously, only an idiot with two digit IQ will believe that you can spend the first part of your life living in a sinister way and the second part of your life in a numinous way.

      Hence my analogy with the biology class. Darryl is a charming guy but the cow shit he’s trying to dissect has long been dissected.

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      • Oh damn, that was quick. And holy shit, was this one written by Kerri Scott? I didn’t know that fucker remembered who I was. Let’s look at how she described me!

        “Type I. Those who once claimed association with the O9A but who found actually doing such stuff as Insight Roles and succeeding in the physical challenges required of an External Adept were a step way too far – or who got lost in or confused by our Labyrinthos Mythologicus – and who thus end up “switching sides” and ranting about and denouncing the O9A.”

        Welp, Kerri Scott thinks I didn’t do an insight role. Silly Kerri!

        In addition to this, I have taken five martial arts, so I can assure everyone here that the physical requirements certainly are not “above me”– back in the day, my fellow Niners considered m fitness quite exemplary!

        And as for me getting lost in the Labyrinthos Mythologicus, well, I was the first Niner to publicly debunk the Myatt death hoax, so think again!

        Kerri’s batting zero for three. I keep telling yall the “personal judgement” and “dark empathy” the ONA claims to have are nothing more than delusions of grandeur, and here we have it– an OG Niner proving me right. I keep tellin yall!

        It should be interesting that when these people quote or (as they usually prefer) paraphrase us (falsely, of course) they’re always too scared to say our names. They know that if their readers Google us (Czereda, Jehannum, Hutchins) they’ll most likely wind up on our side– unless they’re already quite committed to the ONA as a movement.

        And yes, I honestly think they are scared of us. And that’s so statement of “badassery” on our part– it’s exemplary of how pathetic and desperate they really are!


        • Who would be scared of me? I’m a very charming cat lady.

          They don’t mention our names but the posts get archived and could be checked by everyone interested. I can tell you from experience that in spite of their shit talk, I have no problems with Niners in general, if you mean people associating themselves with the ONA. I chatted with some and they didn’t have issues with my views.

          Darryl on the other hand has plenty of opponents and not because of the Weird sister and her blogs but because he gets into conflicts with people.

          So even if KS writes that you’re a mundane or pretender or pseudo-intellectual or whatever, most people (Niners or others) will evaluate you based on their own interaction with you.


        • Your wrote: “they are scared of us…” {/quote}

          In your dreams… As for you boasting of doing an insight role and being some sort of ‘martial art’ expert where, in mainstream media, is the proof?

          As for me, If I said that I insight roled in the Marines in Iraq would you believe me? No, of course you wouldn’t and rightly so.


          • Posted plenty of evidence of my fitness and boxing skills to social media before redacting all documentation of my appearance & person. Ask around– lotsa people saw it. Know anybody in Drakon Covenant?

            Evidence for the insight role was provided exclusively to trusted persons prior to my dismissal from DC.


            • You wrote: “Posted plenty of evidence…”

              Someone calling themselves Vishnu Krishna JJ-Something (or whatever) self-posting “evidence” on the internet is not supplying evidence from mainstream reliable printed non-internet sources.

              That aside, what’s amusing is that you leapt to a conclusion and which conclusion was not supported by the facts. You assumed that “we” in giving an example of Type I meant you in relation to those “who found actually doing such stuff as Insight Roles… a step way too far.” Yet you ignored that part of our rant which said “or [those] who got lost in or confused by our Labyrinthos Mythologicus.”

              So, we postulated two examples of Type I. The relevant words being “postulated”, “examples” and “two examples.”

              We never stated that you were an example of one or the other. What we wrote could have been taken to mean that you were an example of those who got “lost in or confused by our Labyrinthos Mythologicus.”

              Now, no doubt the likes of a certain person will in reply to this type – yet again – an ad hominem such as “this is what we expected a high school child to say.”

              So, there is a revealing of physis. Some respond with ad hominems, some leap to conclusions. Some respond in both ways. Thank you. The phrase “pushing buttons” comes to mind.


  5. Rather than clutter up your comments section, our response – propagandistic and polemical as it is, and offensive as it might be – is on our blog. The only real points of contention between you and us seem to be (i) our interpretation that all the interpretations of others of matters O9A are equally valid, and (ii) that it is permissible for O9A folk to – if they so desire – lie, deceive, be propagandistic and polemical and offensive and mischievous. We certainly (since we align ourselves with O9A satanism) have lied, been deceptive, been propagandistic and polemical and offensive and mischievous.


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