The Unoriginal Yorkshire Rounwytha (1)

I just found this rather curious post in my reader, which pertains to myself and a digital package I happen to distribute, and though I sought to reply thereupon, it would seem that the cowardly authors of the post in question have comments disabled, so as to prevent me from doing so. Its is for that reason that I must reply here, and in this manner. Also, before anyone gets caught up in this deception, I will here provide links to the GENUINE collection as I have presented for years, before anyone started tampering with them, or claiming the collection as their own. The $6 Massive ONA Collection can be found here, and my ONA and Occultism Amazon Affiliate Store can be found here.

ONA MSS Collection

May 13, 2017 – Yorkshire Rounwytha – ONA MSS COLLECTION

The following manuscript and media collection was originally compiled by an individual who sought to offer it to ONA adherents and interested parties in exchange for a reasonable fee of $6.66 (I know, I know).

Yes I did compile this digital package, and have distributed it for some years now. I dare say it is the very largest and most affordable collection of ONA materials available to date. And yes that is a challenge. You can prove me wrong by showing me where anyone has ever offered so much content, for so small a price, such that the customer could possess its entirety in less than 60 seconds. You certainly cannot another source, and that is exactly why it is that you have now stolen mine. I guess it wont be long now before you start praising yourself for educating so many (but you’ll always know it was my package, and that you are a thief without honor).

An associate who had recently purchased the collection offered it in it’s entirety to their close circle of acquaintances, of which I was one of.

I’m certain you mean to say that Laura Barat of,, and, purchased my digital package in order to alter it slightly and attempt to label it your own, which attempt is futile as anyone whose been around for the past decade knows well that it is my own work. Whats that old saying? “Emulation is the highest form of flattery”. Well then, I thank you all. You’re too kind.

It is thus offered here in it’s entirety free of charge so as to allow all potential initiates full access to the Tradition’s writings, as well as send a clear message that the ONA is not constrained by mundane prices or exclusive package deals.

Free of charge you you say, as in the exact opposite of your own books, all of which you ransom to the public under threat of monetary compensation? How Magian of you… Its odd how this new generation of ONA kids gets so upset over my selling over 400 ONA books for only $6, while they themselves turn around and ransom their own individual books for between $15 and $20 EACH! Talk about a double standard. If ONA is not constrained by prices I certainly expect all of your future publications to assume the Nexion Nine Thirteen standard of two free version and one optional paid version, (thats a live online version, a free PDF download, and the option to purchase a print copy). I bet you won’t though. I bet you will continue to charge large prices for all of your works, under all of your fake names. And as for my package being exclusive, it most certainly is, because I alone had collected that volume of material and made it available to the public, so affordably, and quickly, obtainable, and you had not. If it is no longer exclusive, that is because you have stolen it, and altered it, in an attempt to pass it off as your own, only EVERYONE knows better.

The original contains several repeated images, articles and so forth, to mention nothing of irrelevant audio files containing nothing but rock and jazz music. As such, the collection will be edited and added to as time allows, thus making it much more useful to seekers of knowledge.

If there was repetition within the package, that is because unlike yourself, my standard was NOT to alter the content. I spent years in dialogs with WSA352, Temple of THEM, ABG, L316, and others, collecting their own versions of those most notable ONA materials, and so you see, what appears as repetition is actually where these predominate nexions agreed with one another. I purposefully left them in there to reflect that sentiment for anyone with eyes to see, which obviously you lack. The music all comes from Chloe (who now pretends that we never knew one another, lol), and the chants are a combination of Chloe’s and ABG’s contribution to my digital package. My package is pure and dates back nearly ten years, thus any introduction of your personal “alterations” according to your personal “agenda”, will only water the collection down and reduce its validity to the merit of your opinion(s). I am confidant enough an Alchemist that I left the views of each nexion in tact and unaltered, even in the event that I absolutely disagreed with them. I left the package pure in its genuine essence in order that others could observe it and decide what is valid according to their own metric and valuation. Apparently you are not willing to allow people to come to their own conclusions, and you feel the need to alter the information they have access to, just like any other Magian Dialectic. Your alterations will be viewed as nothing less than a hallow and un-authoritative ONA canonization process whereby you attempt to validate your personal views by aligning them with the views of those who otherwise do not acknowledge your existence.

ONA Collection. See also the New Edition of Naos, available here for free download

You mean the version of Naos that is the same old Naos, only you took it and altered a few things and reformatted it, and then began calling it “The New Naos”, exactly the way you are taking my ONA COLLECTION digital package, tweaking it a bit and calling it your own? Tell me, in all seriousness, have you or your associates ever produced anything that someone else didn’t have to write for you? It would seem not…


31 thoughts on “The Unoriginal Yorkshire Rounwytha (1)

    • I am unable to alter the size of the download, and most email services do not allow 2GB transfers. The link you obtained upon purchase will last twelve to twenty four hours. I would suggest trying on another device.


      • It asks me to log in. But I didn’t do it when operating from the first device. Hence I have no psw saved to reach the content back. I’ll check again.

        Is there a yorkshire barkin’ from the belly of the moloch below?

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        • Thats good. Most phone carriers and email services do not take kindly to transfers 2GB in size. Laptops and PC’s are best for such transfers. From there you can easily transfer individual files to your phones and tablets for comfortable viewing and/or reading. I’m glad you got it worked out.

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          • Actually I managed to accidentally download the 1.80 Giga block on the phone, but had troubles moving it to the mem card. So had to delete it and start it all over again on the laptop. The unzipped file’s content is amazingly vast!

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            • Indeed! I hope you are pleased with the vastness of the content. It will certainly take you s,if not years, to read it all. I know it did for me. Also, over time and alchemical growth, you ought to go back and re-read the older text, as they will take on a whole new meaning according to you matured perception. Honor to you and yours.


              • Actually I’m quite surprised by the amount of different material made available with a single download. If you remember, I have received the vol “a Numinous way” in paper version not so long ago, too. I will certainly find the time to read with interest the perspective you offer, even if I have to admit, the topics you face are quite new to me.
                As you already know, I have been piling up more than a couple new books per month. I am literally squeezing my time-for-reading out of other various tasks that still use to keep me busy on a daily basis and I am finally beginning to sit back on my old habits of reading at least two books together.

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                • The originality, vastness, and genuine nature, of the MASSIVE ONA COLLECTION digital download which Nine Thirteen offers, is due to the origin of each of the contributors from whom I collected the materials in question. It is not out of arrogance that I say this, but simply because it is the truth. I have had, and made proper use of, my affiliation with several Nexion over the past decade, and thus the origin of said material lie in those oldest and most proven Nexion such as WSA352, The Temple of THEM, ABG, L316, and quite a number of specific individuals, (not these new kids attempting to take credit for things they have absolutely no hand in). Unlike WyrdSister and others, when I say secondary and primary sources, I can apply a metric of valuation to the statement. Time and influence are the ultimate test of fortitude and verisimilitude, and those Nexion from whom I collected my material, not only stood the test of time, not only were influential, but also produced as much material of their own as the observed others. They offered original perspectives as well, and not this rehashed and unoriginal production style we see coming from “modern internet nexion”, this “teens and twenties ONA”… I take no one in ONA seriously unless they are at least thirty five years of age. Anyone younger simply hasn’t had time to mature intellectually or alchemically.

                  I personally collected this material from several Nexion and individuals who are no longer around, who no longer maintain an internet presence, and whose materials are otherwise unavailable to the public, thus the value of my digital package, and the reason the ‘kids’ seek to undermine my exclusive claim to it. In reality there is only one other individual who currently can claim the same credit for having collected and shared such a vast array of materials, and he goes by name “Whitey”. He, an affiliate of THEM, and I are friends unto this day, and he can verify my claim, and make the claim himself. All others are attempting to undermine, or assume credit for, the YEARS of work that Whitey and I have dedicated ourselves to, which only he and I can claim. This is the truth.


                  • For the sake of clarity, your point is very important. Anyone who wish to approach ONA doctrine or be a witness to its ongoing debate must be indicated the proper way points to find the original route.

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    • That’s what I call frienship & cameratism, York…!

      Matter is, I am disgustingly wealthy and despise chinese copies.
      Indeed, I hate to be compelled to yell ‘Fuck!’ & be forced to hear my words echoing in my castle, when reading counterfait stuff…

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    • Your “work” seems always to be someone else work, with a few words and names switched around, and a new cover design on the book. If that is what you would call “YOUR WORK”, I’d have to disagree. I do this thing where I conduct actual research and gather information, and once I understand that information I organize it into complete thoughts, and organize them in to coherent ideals and projections for future events. In short I actually ‘write a book’. And as for your “works” being free, if such is true, it is only out of shame and embarrassment that you have now adopted the standard of Nexion Nine Thirteen.

      You, and everyone else, know that I planted the free-ONA-materials-flag more than two years ago with an essay titled “Selling The Sinister”, and I have the essays and documentation (along with the prices of your work at that time, the average being $10 to $20 per book) to prove it, while you were yourself having a hissy-fit over myself selling 400+ ONA books for only $6. You ONA kids are masters of hypocrisy and double standards.

      It would seem that I have established many standards in terms of ONA rather well, which others are happy to claim as their own, despite my long and well established history. You all pretend to hate me, and to mock me, and yet everything I do, you emulate and call your own. Indeed, everything you have ever produced is based upon the MASSIVE ONA package (which you obtained from me) or my own personal work (which you have stolen from me).

      As for being interested in “your work”, I’m not really. I’ve already read all of my own material, and I wrote it too.

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        • The two most obvious and recent elements of my work to be stolen would be his\their attempt to steal my Digital Download and claim it as \their own (simply because they moved some files around in it), and his\their pretending to offer their works for free now, which is bogus and laughable, Anna, as you have been around as long as I have, and you were certainly witnessed to those essays I produced, and public debates I had, pertaining to ONA becoming a ‘for profit book club’ (I believe the title was Selling The Sinister) whereas these same individuals who mocked and rejected my claims, have now adopted the Nexion Nine Thirteen standard, while pretending that it was their idea all along. I have publications dating back two years or more to prove this point. Do I need to dig them up? Seriously? These ‘teens and twenties ONA kids’ could not be more transparent.


        • First of all, Anna, last I heard A. A. Morain is Ryan Fleming, unless of course, they are now passing that name around as was the name of Anton Long. They are (in all their unoriginality) attempting to emulate ages past and formulate these “Nyms” under which one, or all of them, can write anything at all, without having to own, or be responsible for, their claims and ideals. That said, I guess if you are too much of a coward to use your REAL name, compensating by concocting ten FAKE names would be the next logical step, and the step after that would be to have several people use the nym… A. A. Morain does not exist. Demonstrate otherwise.


        • What an interesting question! I guess the answer would depend on how exactly you are defining the term “I’ve”, and how many false names and internet accounts “you” have published through. I do this thing where I use my real name and location, because I am not a coward. As to who wrote what, and under what false name, I have better things to do than sit around doxing every ONA account and watching them lead to uninteresting kids in their teens and twenties with far too much time on the internet. How about you man up, or woman up, use your real name and location, and offer us a list of your books and their prices… Then we’d have ourselves an adult level conversation. I simply cannot take you seriously as “Mr. or Miss. Yorkshire Rounwytha”.


            • Actually you don’t have such mastery of logical fallacies as you seem to believe. I could only possibly be guilty of an ad hominem attack in the event that I had ignored your statements, and instead insulted your “person or character”, while what I did was to specifically addressed your statements, which pertain to the fact that you are too cowardly to identify as your true “person or character”. Now, if you would be so kind as to either answer my questions, or to deflect them yet again and in so doing solidify my case, we could both get on with our days…


  1. Hi,
    I’m Laura Barat and have no affiliation with Yorkshire Rounwytha and in fact, did not know who they were until I received your blog post today. I purchased the MSS to learn because I am new to O9A. Also, I’m over 35 years old.


    • Oh, I see. So it just so happens that you have no association with Yorkshire Rounwytha, other than the odd fact that you purchased my product only slightly before Yorkshire Rounwytha gave me notice that one of their associates had made said purchase in order that they can claim it as their own?

      Also, you are a student of ONA, and yet you cannot recognize, nay, you’ve never even heard of, Yorkshire Rounwytha?


      • Yes, your first paragraph is correct. Why don’t you ask them if they know me?

        No, like I said, I’d never heard of them until yesterday.

        I’ve belonged to a secret FB ONA group for awhile but never really participated or viewed their posts because I wasn’t that interested until recently. I read their posts a few days ago and someone had posted your WordPress site so I followed the link and voila.

        I had downloaded some ONA literature from the group but had not read it yet.


  2. I’d appreciate if you’d take my name out of your post because I’m not guilty of your accusations. Why would you use invalid links?


    • The accusation stands. Also, you granted me the use of your information when you agreed to the contract and TOS by which you purchased my product. I am afraid, that this information seems valid and will remain. I provided the links, valid and otherwise, as the search engine produced them when I ran a brief search on the name of the last individual to purchase my product. It just so happened to be your own. If you are not the individual in question, you must admit that things do look a bit strange, no? How about you introduce yourself to the ONA community then? I mean after all, hear we are to answer any question a newcomer would have. If you are not who I suspect you to be, simply tell us who you really are?


      • Those links and email are invalid. The email no longer exists because the website no longer exists. I have two functioning websites with my name and a Google search would provide them. They are: and I also have a YT channel under my name ‘Laura Barat’.


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