The Unoriginal Yorkshire Rounwytha (2)

In a previous post which I titled “The Unoriginal Yorkshire Rounwytha” I addressed the unoriginality of certain individuals and their theft of of my personal Nexion Nine Thirteen works and standards, and indeed their theft of other individuals more chronologically, aeonically, and alchemically mature, productions from The Order of Nine Angles, for example their claim to having produced “a new Naos” which is hardly more than a new coat of paint on the same old Naos, in an attempt to validate themselves by manner of association, as their own character seems to be found lacking. Among the list of cowardice I charged them with were;

(1) My (D. M. Hutchins – Nexion Nine Thirteen) Massive ONA Collection is, and has for years been, the single largest collection of ONA materials publicly available to date. No one has ever offered so much content, for so small a price, in such a manner that the customer could possess its entirety (more than 400 PDFs) in less than 60 seconds.

(2) These individuals openly admitted that their ‘associate’ had purchased the N913 Massive ONA Collection for the purpose of undermining it and claiming it for themselves, which they were all to happy to do, until I pulled up my transaction documentation and determined the name of their associate (one Miss Laura Barat), who of course denies any knowledge of this issue, begged me to remove her name from public visibility on my blog, and concluded by deleting her own WordPress account (not to mention that most of her public links are now dead as well). If you read the post in question you can observer her going so far as to claim that she has never even heard of Yorkshire Rounwytha, and that she had only discovered them or myself whatsoever, by way of stumbling upon, and by sheer astronomical coincidence of course, my personal blog, which she had also never heard of, at the exact moment that Yorkshire Rounwytha and I were having a conversation pertaining to her. Riiiight…

(3) I addressed the nonsense of Yorkshire Rounwytha’s claim that they were making the Nexion Nine Thirteen Massive ONA Collection “free”, which claim I address as ‘nonsense’ for multiple reasons, not the least of which would be the fact that all of the content in the Nexion Nine Thirteen Massive ONA Collection was already free all over the internet, and always has been, provided you had the years of time to track down and download each and every solitary file which my collection remedied on the customers behalf, and finally, the biggest element of Yorkshire Rounwytha’s embarrassment pertaining to any mention of “free distribution” ought to lie in that Nexion Nine Thirteen ALONE is responsible for having waged that ideological war against the Magian-ONA and the ransoming of their pseudo-ONA plagiarism for monetary compensation, indeed Nexion Nine Thirteen ALONE sought to establish a unified ONA standard of free production while nearly the entire ONA opposed my philosophy, only to adopt it these years later and claim my materials, and my ideals, as their own… only EVERYONE knows better, as I am a well known public figure, I have been for nearing a decade, and I have documented evidence dating back more than two and a half years in the form of an essay I produced titled “Selling the Sinister” and the myriad volume of debate and dialog it invoked on more mediums than I could possibly keep up with, is simply a historical fact…

(4) I addressed that issue of the trustworthiness of the Nexion Nine Thirteen Massive ONA Collection, as my collection has its roots directly in the primordial origin of ONA-2.0, whereby I collected said materials FIRSTHAND from the likes of WSA352, Temple of THEM, ABG, L316, et al. I preserved all of the materials which I collected, from each Nexion, and each individual, and vowed never to alter them, even to the point of their being quite a few copies of certain text, which repetition only demonstrates where those several sources were in concurrence. I left it that way on purpose due to my agenda not to alter the content of any Nexions contribution, and to allow the initiates to come to their own conclusions. Yorkshire Rounwytha (whose collection is, and will always be, secondhand) has vowed that their very first goal was to claim the Nexion Nine Thirteen Massive ONA Collection, remove my name from it, claim it as their own, and then alter its contents so as to reflect their personal beliefs and agendas. Because most of you are not genuine alchemist, I will explain in plain English that in so doing, Yorkshire Rounwytha, much like WyrdSister, are opposed to initiates coming to their own conclusions, thus they attempt to manipulate the information the public has access to, which is not a beckoning unto initiation whereby alchemical evolution may occur, but in fact a dialectic whereby indoctrination and servitude is attempted, in the name of a Magian Order of Nine Angles, claiming not to be Magian. The irony thick, and the lie transparent, these children are not to be taken seriously. In fact, with the exception of Chloe (who is now utterly given to Magian abstractions, as has been made obvious via her public worship of the Federal Reserve) each of these highly respected, and highly accomplished, Nexion can and will verify my claim to having collected the material in question, directly from them, firsthand.

(5) And lastly I addressed that I was not the only target of this new-age Satanic-ONA’s plagairism agenda, in that the rehashing of Naos with a few things rearranged and new cover, does not imply the writing of a book, and I did ask them all, “Have you ever published anything that someone else didn’t have to write or compile for you?”… Of course they have ignored that question, and every other question I presented, for most obvious reasons…

And You’d Think It Would End There, Right?

But no… Now the world has been blessed with this new Magian idiocy, and I am not exaggerating or embellishing the title or contents here, which I have photo evidence to demonstrate. Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have the pinnacle of sophistication, and the most profound and eloquent correction of Nexion Nine Thirteen’s humble attempts to share untainted information, in the form of the one and only “TheBigAssONACollection”. No, seriously, thats what they named their ripoff of the original “Nexion Nine Thirteen Massive ONA Collection”.

I became aware of this when Yorkshire Rounwytha altered their post so as to included this statement.

A more “comprehensive” and “coherent” collection they say… with a silly name like “The Big Ass ONA Collection”? No, Seriously, thats what they named it.

Well lets see what they did with my collection that makes it so much more “comprehensive” and “coherent”?

Ah! It would seem that my collection was too well formatted for their highly cultured taste, and so they aimed to offer correction by way of simply smashing all of the individual PDFs together, and saying “to hell with proper formatting”. Apparently I had made the horrible mistake of leaving the original PDF’s unaltered, and neatly organized into categorized folders, with names indicative of the contents therein, and that just wouldn’t do.

Next we have this.

Next we have Chloes little symbol, followed by a statement of how large this collection is, but no mention whatsoever that its origin is Nexion Nine Thirteen. Also, who in their right mind would want a single 8310 page PDF file, rather than the neatly organized categories which I originally offered? This is not an improvement, in fact it is a massive step backward into an unorganized mess of attempting to remember if you were on page 3793, or page 3739, or page 7339, or page 7393? Calling this nonsense a “brain melting whopper” is more than likely an indication that those who attempting to rip me off have already had their own brains melted.

Also, the statement reeks of cowardice and lies which I will rebuke and refute in turn, as (i) the works of Hagur are included in my original package, and no I didn’t ask if it was ok or not, (ii) I only abstained from including all the works of THEM because I know THEM personally and I know personally the individual “Whitey” whom they have elected to maintain their collection. Whitey and I have respected one another and exchanged information and materials for many years, and (iii) I have NEVER, and I will NEVER, ask anyone for permission to publish anything. If you don’t want your materials out in the real world, you’d damn well hide them from me, for I am a de-occultist which means that I have only sought this information out in order to study it and to make it available to others for study. No one requesting that I withhold information from the public, would enjoy my response. The truth is my business, take it of leave it. I ask no one. I bow to no one.

Followed by…

(1) Which they took from the Nexion Nine Thirteen Massive ONA Collection.

(2) They aren’t even sure how many pages it is that they have stolen, pertaining to the topic of “joining the ONA”. They kind of, sort of, think it might be, like, one hundred and twenty, or something like that… (am I the only one facepalming right now?)

(3) Traditional Satanism, whose time has come to an end, is in fact worthy of study for this Numinous Era Of ONA, however, if these old xerox and facsimiles are so CORE to understanding Satanic-ONA, why is it that Nexion Nine Thirteen ALONE has been making it a point to keep these records alive in the public eye for the past six years, and 99% of Satanic-ONA has not? I am the enemy of ONA-Satanism, Satanism in general, and all modes of psychopathy whatsoever, and yet my sharing this information so as to prepare those with Numinous potential, has utterly trumped those efforts waged by individuals and Nexion who actual believe what the documents say… It is I who have preserved and shared this information, and that is a historical fact.

(4) If theses Satanic-ONA liars actually wanted initiates to see ONA from “a different angle”, why do they so despise Nexion Nine Thirteen? Is the Numinous not within their agendas? Do they not actually mean to say that they want initiates to see ONA only according to the angles they are provided by mock ONA authorities, who determine what they are allowed to know, and have it specifically interpreted for them? Obvious liars are obvious, and your paradigm has died.

(5) Stuff? Well, thats impressive. We are certain to learn a great deal from “Stuff”. Its only a shame they didn’t have more “Stuff”. Something tells me they were aiming for 10,000 pages, but missed their mark.

Did you know Meq personally? No? I did. Did you share this PC version of his Stargame before now? No? I did. Does your rip off of my collection truly make the content easier to understand? No. It does not. Dose the original Nexion Nine Thirteen Massive ONA Collection not present the same content, in a far better format, and without instructing the reader as to how they must perceive and interpret the content? Yes, it does, and it has for years and years and years, before this forgery of my content was produced in order that you all can ride the coattails of my namesake, the magnitude of which you have made most obvious with this… this… whatever this is…

So you think Anton Long is God and that Satanic-ONA is untouchable? This whole production of yours is evidence irrefutable that I have not only ‘touched’ ONA, but in fact I have dealt quite a blow. This articles mention of intelligence is laughable, because no one possessing any intelligence would view this as anything lees than the attempted theft of the work of Nexion Nine Thirteen.

I reject the Old Guard and challenge their authority. I reject Circles, Inner and Outer, and I challenge their authority. I reject Anton Long, and every ONA coward unwilling to use their real identity. And I am the enemy of all Satanic-ONA’s Magian psychopathy. Much love and respect to David W. Myatt, whose intentions and philosophy I have witnessed falling into the most mundane and Magian of hands, as have apparently my own efforts thus far. But then I am in fine company. The Numinous Way is virtuous and true, and will echo well beyond your mortal carnation, Sir. Of this be certain. Honor to you and yours, indeed Mine and Ours.


42 thoughts on “The Unoriginal Yorkshire Rounwytha (2)

  1. Huh?

    If you looked a little bit more carefully, you would see that the Big Ass ONA Collection dates back to 2012 so it was published before your compilation. Also if you payed some attention to what is going on around you, then you would know that your former buddy, Chloe, gave the link to it on the Circle of Descent website. Since it’s signed with her signature and contains her writings in large part, it was probably compiled by her with the help of some other people, perhaps, since some parts of it repeat themselves. For example, you have several versions of Deofel Quartet, formatted differently. She also helped to archive website.

    Your compilation was shared by a certain woman whose name I can’t give you. Whom she obtained it from who the hell knows. You have to hire a private detective to sort it out if you care that much. Yorkshire Rounwytha was given a link like everyone, including me. You are now hitting your head against the wall.

    Next time, if you want to challenge someone, do it with some grace and skill.

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      • For nearing a decade, Yorkshire Rounwytha, I have invited the ONA to come and test their assumption of my “weakness”. I have beckoned your allegedly masterful culling skills, your supposed sorcery, and thus far nothing. My name and whereabouts are public information. All these years have past, and yet not one agent has been issued from one single Nexion, so as to conduct that test. My invitation remains open, and I would suggest that you dispatch a disposable agent…

        Of all the trials I have endured and ‘handled’ in my lifetime, ONA’s internet beefs hardly register on my radar. I see these kids talking about how much weight they can lift, or how high they can kick, silly videos of them claiming “skills” because they challenge a punching bag that doesn’t fight back… and I think back upon my own personal life, my own personal trials, and I see a fourteen year old D. M. Hutchins taking on six people at once, for three minutes, without going to the ground or allowing my “rag” to be taken, and thus I was admitted into my first street gang. That was twenty two years ago when I hardly had fuzz on my chin, but certainly you are welcome to test the experience of the greying goatee…


          • Do you have a Federal record whereas your affiliation with ninjas is documented by a court of law? I bet you don’t. Have you ever been arrested for arms trafficing? Have you ever been involved in a murder investigation? Have you ever had to avoid a particular State until the Statute Of Limitations ran out? How many times have you had your criminal record expunged? Did you attend a fenced-in and policed reform-school at the age of 14-15 because every public school in the county had expelled you permanently? What was the largest amount of time a judge ever threatened you with? I was offered 8 to 12 years during one trial in which I was falsely accused by the State. You see, actually challenging the Magian Nation State outside of blogs is not bragging, its not pride, and only occasionally is it public whatsoever. It is a duty rebel, and to express what I believe, feel, and do… and which beliefs and deeds are substantiated with documentation. It pertains to brotherhood, and to placing more value on your word and honor, than on your own life. It pertains to participation rather than observation. It pertains to gnosis rather than hubris. Your belief and understanding is not required. The trials and endurance which lead to apprehension of the Numen, are personal, however, any genuine rebellion against the Magian infrastructure, will be recorded by the Magian legal system. If you lack such documentation as to substantiate claims to genuine rebellion, they obviously do not view your “deeds” as being notable, or as having any effect upon their dialectics, which is a certain variety of evidence in and of itself. I had a FBI file before I was 16 years of age. Anyone can look it up. Of course you are hiding your name, and so it would seem that my deeds alone can be investigated and verified. Enjoy your ninjas…


            • That’s not challenging the Magian system. That’s being a defective human who can’t operate on a rational basis. A problem child, nothing more.


              • Rebellion is the perfection of rationality, it is righteousness.
                Your logic is as split as your tongue, and pursues the same agenda.

                If one is a criminal and favored, they are “exeatic”.
                If one is a criminal and not favored, they are “irrational”.

                If one is academic and favored, they are “cultured”.
                If one is academic and not favored, they are “mundane”.

                Your standards are conflicted and your deeds unverified, thus you are without honor. My standard is practical and objective and my deeds undeniable.


                • Anyone can see there is no standard here beyond self indulgent drivel on your end. Go away and take your medication.

                  And Mom says turn the Tool CD down.


                  • Everyone with eyes will see that to which their eyes are attuned. I highly recommend enthogens, as they do tend to expand upon ones perceptional capacities. As for my Mother and Tool, My Mother and her Husband are engineers near concluding their careers, and Tool is a particular musical band who expresses alchemical insights and understanding which the world at large would do well to observe. What do your parents do? What music do you observe? And while we are at it, who actually uses Compact Disks in the digital age? You don’t insult people very well…


          • You aren’t very bright are you? I’ll spoon feed you then. Yes, ONA internet drama only occasionally registers on my radar, but each time it does, well, its on the internet. Also, because Its on the internet, my replies to it, or thoughts upon it, are therefor posted upon the internet. Finally, your conformation bias is transparent as all hell. I have written on a myriad of subjects for more years than yourself. You see only what you want to see, and not the totality of that which may potentially be viewed.


    • My attention is precise. Actually, Anna, Yorkshire Rounwytha clearly stated on their post, to which I have provided a link, that they obtained my specific collection for the solitary purpose of “making it free” (however hypocritical that is in and of itself), and so yes, I was directly indicated, as was my personal collection. As for Chloe (who now pretends that we never knew one another), yes of course our collections will favor, because I obtained her collection directly from her, long before 2012… I began collecting in 2009 or 2010, and Chloe’s contribution was substantial, but only one of multiple contributions. If you are so certain that Chloe’s ‘public’ collection predates my ‘public’ collection, you need to attach a date to my collection, now wouldn’t you? That date is 2009 to 2010 by the way.

      Chloe certainly deserves full credit for her contributions to ONA, but if we are being honest here, she takes far more credit than is actually owed, and if YOU, Anna, were paying attention, you’d have noticed by now that Chloe, or who ever is using that name, has become fully Magian in her\their worship of monetary systems, political affiliations, educational systems, Magian family constructs, et al. For everything they is but a season.

      My grace and skill are exactly where I desire them to be. And as for your “I know some stuff but I can’t tell you”… I personally expected better from you. You had began to earn my respect, but statements like that sound just like those ONA kids claiming to be Adepts only they can’t talk about it right now… You may possess information or not, though unless you are willing to make that information public, its useless. Who has authority over you. Who is thus empowered to silence you. Why would you submit yourself thus?

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    • I wouldn’t have to. What do you know of my offline affairs?

      How about you imagine being such a coward that you couldn’t even associate your genuine name with the ideas you espouse… Oh, you would need to imagine that now would you? No. At least when people speak of D. M.Hutchins, they are speaking of a real man espousing his own ideals and his corrections of others ideals, for better or worse, though no one can accuse me of hiding from anyone or anything. You hide, you cower, you cover your faces behind a collection of mask, and each mask represents the work of someone other than yourself. Unoriginal and cowardly.


  2. I don’t care about your and Ms Chloe’s batshit crazy relationship. I’m only correcting your misinformation. You wrote Big Ass ONA Collection was Drakon Covenant’s rip off your work. Actually, the collection contains no writings of yours so it is not plagiarization of your work. The collection was published by Chloe and in a large part contains her own writings.

    I don’t reveal the conversations that took place in private groups, in pms or mails per principle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking sides. For me, you are all fools trapped in the Matrix. That much is obvious for anyone who can read in between the lines. The devil is in the details.

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    • So lets look at your claim. If the (and I feel childish even typing this out) BIG ASS ONA COLLECTION is not related to my own, (1) why did Yorkshire Rounwytha publish a post stating that they were stealing it from me, (2) why did they later amend that post with so as to include a link to the BIG ASS ONA COLLECTION, and (3) other than Chloe adding all of her own personal writings to the collections, exactly how does her collections differ from my own?

      You attitude of certainty would indicate that you possess logical answers for all three questions… So what are they?


      • They dropped that link just to piss you off or, perhaps, they wanted to honor Chloe. Why are someone’s claims suddenly the evidence for you?

        The author of the collection is given on the The collection is from 2012. It contains no writings of yours and no DC stuff so what makes you think this collection has anything to do with you or Yorkshire Rounwytha?


        • You keep saying 2012 as if that means something. I was doing my thing in 2009 and 2010. And of course it doesn’t include my writings. They do not include the writing of any Nexion they dislike. Many simply will not acknowledge THEM, so I guess they never existed, right? To spin their own fake version of ONA history and literature, they omit anything contrary to their personal bias. I had the intellectual honesty to omit my own work from MY OWN ONA package, because I wanted the initiate to come to their own conclusions about ONA before they studied ONA.

          As you can see, everyone else spinning my original collection as their own (which predates by more than a year), they claim to be “fixing” by deleting portions of it which they dislike, and including their personal views. They are waging a false history dialectic, and I am actually sharing information without bias or agenda, other than the sharing of said information. My package lets you make up your own mind, while their packages attempts to interpret the content for you…


          • You’re still talking as if someone stole your work. I will repeat once again. The collection with the funny title doesn’t contain your writings. You are not the author of the remaining MSS so you can’t say someone has stolen your work.

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            • Fine Anna, if you have nothing better to do with your morning, we can split semantic hairs. They stole my “collection” of ONA works, which I purposefully abstained from including my personal productions therein. I explained this before. I sought to provide raw information whereby other might codify views, rather than to combining former works with my own so as to substantiate my views, as do those I now debate. You need to relax. I recommend herbal assistance.


                • This damned secrecy, false names, and smoke and mirrors nonsense. Ms Chloe and I collaborated on several things many years ago, this collection included. Our first altercations pertained to the nature of THEM and L316 being cannon or not. Those who once used the WSA352 name were quite honorable individuals, unlike this younger ONA generation who so devoutly worship the Magian. You are address the one person here using their real name, real location, and real agenda, and your request is that “I” get real? I alone am real…


                  • “Ms Chloe and I collaborated on several things many years ago, this collection included.”

                    And still I needed to spell it out to you that this collection hasn’t been compiled by Yorkshire Rounwytha just like I needed to spell it out to you that the Nexion Zine wasn’t authored by ABG Lodge. It’s funny how you don’t know anything about the people you claim to have collaborated with.

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                    • Who are you arguing with? My whole point was that Yorkshire Rounwytha didn’t compile either collection (neither mine nor Chloe’s), and from what delusion is it that you think that I believe that ABG produces Nexion Zine? What are you even talking about? Yes I have known these people for years. Simply ask them, if you know them as well. Anna, your herbs must be better than mine, and mine are pretty damn good… lol,


                    • You wrote that you became aware of the collection when the Yorkshire Rounwytha edited their blog to include the link to it. And yes, you made similar fuss when ABG Lodge promoted the Zine on their WordPress accusing them of plagiarizing WSA writings. I don’t have such short memory like you.

                      Perhaps, these are trivial details, but since you claim so many important connections you should know them.


                    • Anna, I became aware that YR altered their original post so as to include said link, when yes, the post in question pertained to RY stealing, altering, and claiming as their own, my ONA collection.

                      As for ABG, yes, I have known them for years, which you can test by simply asking them. We have had our spats over the past eight years of acquaintance (who hasn’t), but I never attributed authorship of Nexion Zine to ABG. You are certainly confused. At best, there was an issue of Zine which contained an article with which I took issue, and perhaps ABG and I debated the topic, but neither ABG nor I will accept this claim of yours as being valid unless you are able to provide some evidence so as to substantiate it.

                      To ABG’s credit, and while we do not always see eye to eye, I respect them as being orders of magnitude more mature and alchemically developed than the bulk of the ONA kids today. ABG can remember the dignity of a once robust collective of folk, now having decomposed such that weeds now wave in the clear wind, where once towering pines blotted out the Sun.


                    • I can’t give you evidence because you deleted your Facebook account many times. Whatever makes you sleep better dude.

                      As for your lament over the state of ONA today, after the summer there always comes autumn and then inevitably winter. shrugs


                    • So basically you have no evidence of your accusations? Why would you need Facebook (which I loath) when you could simply ask ABG. I doubt they have any more idea what you are talking about than I do.


                    • Anna, sometimes, for the most part directly after you have began to gain my favor, you lose it again when begin to dwell unnecessarily on the most trivial of issues… If it is your claim that ABG and I had an altercation pertaining to WSA352’s Nexion Zine, yet neither I nor ABG seem to remember said altercation, well, the problem just may be with your own memory.

                      Certainly I have had disagreements with ABG, and agreement as well, though no conversation has taken place whereas I have accused ABG of producing Nexion Zine…

                      ABG observes this blog, this conversation is visible to them in real time, and they are not defending your claim. This issue which you are attempting to create simply does not exist outside of your own imagination. Ask ABG to offer your claim support, and I will acknowledge it further, but until then, I’m not sure there is anything else to say.


                    • I don’t need to ask ABG to acknowledge something I have seen with my own eyes. You don’t have to acknowledge it too but continue the backpadle.

                      Just like I said, it would be trivial if you didn’t claim “important connections.” You should know the people you claim to have collaborated with. Otherwise I will be calling: bullshit.

                      As for that ABG Lodge… If you think they are honest with you, then by all means keep deluding yourself.


                    • … Anna, I say unto you with a whole hearted sincerity that I have no idea whatsoever it is that you are talking about. I have no shame as to lie, and no pride so as to boast. You seem to be remembering things all by yourself.

                      (1) You claim that I am back paddling when I haven’t even affirmed a position, lol. I am responding to a position which YOU are projecting upon me, which I am certain neither I, nor ABG, have any notion what it is you have concocted in your head. If ABG and I had a spat about Nexion Zine, why on Earth would either of use feel the need to hide it from the public? What you are saying makes no sense.

                      (2) You are now so full of lies as WyrdSister and Yorkshire Rounwytha, as I have made no claims to any of my ‘connections’ being ‘important’ either… Thats not a position I need to defend, because those words never came out of my mouth. You are fabricating this childishness. Bring forth ABG and ask them. Certainly they think this is as foolish as I do.

                      (3) I do know the people that I have collaborated with, and I have something you do not. Evidence… You can find my articles in the works of THEM, Poison Apple Radio, Grotto Magazine, et al. I’ve been interviewed live on air, Blogtalk Radio podcast, and the evidence remains on Youtube this very second… You want to call me out, but can you name the magazines, podcast, or Youtube interviews that YOU are doing? I bet you can’t …. Unlike yourself, I haven’t claimed anything that isn’t true.

                      (4) Quote me as having ever said that I am “believing the honesty of ABG”… I’m just laughing, curious where you are even coming up with this stuff. What is it that you think that they have told me, which I am believing when I ought not?

                      Seriously Anna, you cam in to this debate with a strong and mature disposition, but at this point you are making no more since than the others. If ABG and I have something to settle (which we do not), we will take it up personally, as we neither of us are taken to such Soap Operas as this you are putting on.


                    • “Quote me as having ever said that I am believing the honesty of ABG.”

                      Well you wrote in your previous reply that if they acknowledged my claims, you would believe them. But that discussion resembles mad tea party. Believe whatever you want to believe about yourself.


                    • I implied nothing other than that ABG agreeing with you that such a conversation of that nature even took place, I would naturally assume that if both they and you remembered an identical event, it may then be the case that I have simply forgotten the conversation. Fact of the matter is, if they agree with me, and state that they, much like myself, had never heard of this conversation (in which I have supposedly claimed bogus nonsense), then you alone would have to accept that you have concocted this event of your own imagination.

                      And what do I (rather what do you believe that I) believe about myself that is not true?


    • I will honor your code of confidentiality. Such is honorable, but only to the point that you are withholding information which may be of value to others, as such would be dishonorable and unnuminous. I do dwell among fools, but there are fewer fools here than one might think. These individuals know well what they are doing, and now they know well that I oppose their agenda. Navigation of a matrix, yes. Subjectivity to that matrix, certainly not. The devil(s) have no power over the Numinous. The virtuous see through the abstractions of the Magian.


  3. tl;dr YR shared your archive in a jestful way, and then they shared the Big Ass collection, because they thought some individuals would prefer the single pdf version instead of the mish mash of folders and files. For all your rhetoric of copyleft, this greatly irked you didn’t it? It was a poke at you in a lighthearted way and keeping in spirit of dissemintation of information.

    Why is that so hard to understand?


    • Also, nobody is attempting to omit THEM from ONA history- it was simply a pile of idiocy that contributed nothing toward ONA and so nobody finds it of much value- a natural selection of ideas. A failed ego project by the author’s own admission.


      • THEM could not be omitted, no matter the efforts of others. You would do well, should you abandon sorcery and assume the responsibilities of a true magician, to recognize that the goals of THEM were never to ‘contribute to the ONA’. The alchemist contributes to their own, and their fellow, conscious evolution. The mere idea you suggest that another ought set aside their own personal development in order to buttress the notions of another, is, in a word, Magian. ONA slanders THEM for the same reason ONA slanders Nexion Nine Thirteen… Because it is not our aim to glorify a dying ONA’s Traditional Satanism, but to diverse and mutate, to expand and break down psychological barriers, and usher the numinous era, to which you obviously cannot adapt, implying, for those who didn’t notice, that the failed ego is your own.


    • Your own rhetoric is only that. Are you suggesting that all ONA materials are suddenly free now? Hardly. Just as Nine Thirteen has been addressing for several years now, your hypocrisy is transparent. Everything I have ever sold has also been made available in digital format. N913 alone can say that, in fact I formally addressed and requested of ONA to adopt and standardize that production criteria, but I instead revealed that Magian lust for monetary wealth, and that lacking of the Numinous pursuits, in most of the notable nexion over the past seven or eight years… This is nothing jest whatsoever, it is in fact quite predictable, assuming you comprehend the finer nature of a dialectic. It is I who disseminate, and you who attempt to seclude and manipulate, however unsuccessfully.

      Also, if your replies are going to begin with an acknowledgement that you didn’t even read the article in question, the failure to understand is on your part. I would suggest that you work that out.


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