Minus Infinity

This alien immediacy,
That fountain of obscurity,
The world in the window,
Minus Magian infinity,
Aglow in ember star,
Ought part the starkly darkened art,
Emergent strata vibration might,
Themselves possess the Goddess light,
Angled to and frow thow art aflame,
Myself reflected in Her eyes the same,
Those logical ammendments now amended,
Before Her there I hang suspended,
Sacred Source thus plucked me out,
Unending quest to ashen all the ground,
Deceptions house of cards ablaze,
Engulfed in the cradle of satori title waves,
Enantiodromian perspicacities Euclidean apodicticity,
In you, in I, indeed, in She,
Have you that hand of Hers been lain?
Reside in Numen they she claim,
Virtue yet no time to rest,
A strand of arms adorn Her neck,
Primordial Ur essence womb from thine,
Into energy, matter, space, and time,
From ether’s astral electromagnetic sphere,
Waves of Magian dead do they squatter in fear,
For the truth it does objectively reason,
That case whereas evil will die for a season,
And clearly be seen that Numinous Way,
For a moment a spell for a time for a day…

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