Be Naught Aflame

Be thine eyes not set aflame?
Are not yourn hands now grasping blades?
For evil lies about this day,
Yet virtue has set us unto slaying the same,
Deeply from these depths we drink,
From nexional permutations synced,
Harmonious resonance chimes do ring,
From swords we thrust which clash and sing,
For only but a time this spell,
For only a spell can a time ensorcell,
Sol and Min circling that stellar backdrop,
Each the winking of that most sacred cyclops,
For in said house a seasons portion,
Omnidirectional expansions entropic ingestion of abortion,
Into naught are poured obscurities,
Welcome back unto the primordial source of authority,
Lord consequence enthroned in ether’s bones,
Whose natures own Being is that alone,
Bestowed endowed enriched erupt,
Dipped into the Numen mine own cup,
Not a solitary given fuck…

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