The Magian Mentality Of Satanic-ONA (3)

In this post, part three of a series of ongoing dialogs, I respond to a comment offered by Anna, pertaining to the internet claims of WyrdSister, which pertain to “Personal Judgment”, what it is, and the utter hypocrisy of some within Satanic-ONA who would claim that everyone has a right to develop “Personal Judgment”, only to immediately undermine that sentiment by underhandedly suggesting that only those who come to Satanic-ONA’s conclusions are actually practicing “Personal Judgment”. Somehow, rather conveniently, and Satanic-ONA can’t be bothered to explain exactly how, any conclusion other than their own, are based upon the ‘personal judgment’ of someone who is doing ‘personal judgment’ incorrectly. Thats actually quite near to stating; “You are only being logical when you are in agreement with ME.” Well damn, if only the world of logic and intellect were so kind to every field of study, we’d all have ten PhD’s, now wouldn’t we? I get an A on this test because they way I take test is the only way to get an A… (facepalm) The unforgivable stupidity of Satanic-ONA’s position is that it is equivalent to saying that you deserve to get an A on your exam, simply because you ‘believe’ and ‘feel’ that the manner in which you take exams happens, in your personal opinion, to be the only means worthy of an A, despite the big red 74 scribbled on your paper, by a professor with thirty seven other students to worry about. (facepalm again) So yes, todays lesson is brought to you by the big fat letter F.

Also, I have included a portion of a conversation I had with Yorkshire Rounwytha (because Yorkshire Rounwytha do not merit another post of their own) where I expose one of the core elements of Satanic-ONA’s conformation bias, double talk, and double standards, addressing the issue of their ‘personal favor’ (not personal judgment) determining their haphazard and meaningless valuations of the terms Magian, Sinister, and Mundanity, because anyone can qualify for, or be disqualified from, equally opportunity for any of these titles, absolutely regardless of their inherent nature, because unlike Nexion Nine Thirteen, Satanic-ONA has no anchor to objective reality where things tend to exist and operate in an observable and predictable fashion. Satanic-ONA’s utter lack of any objective standard of judgment (which according to the oldest of ONA MSS is supra-personal if we are splitting technical Myattian hairs) has lead them to talking themselves in to nonsensical and illogical knots.

If one is a criminal and favored, they are “exeatic”.
If one is a criminal and not favored, they are “irrational”.

If one is academic and favored, they are “cultured”.
If one is academic and not favored, they are “mundane”.

Certainly anyone having actually read Myatt’s work would realize that modern Satanic ONA is as far removed from Myattian philosophy as Christianity is from Islam… In a similar fashion, I am all but begging the ONA community to realize that the beef between ONA iterations, nexions, and/or generations, is no more productive than the beef between the various denominations of the Abrahamic traditions, and the whole point is to trace the modern back unto a pure source from which the religious and philosophical derivatives have been thus derived.

If you are a complete moron and I need to spell it out for you, what I’m indicating here would be the loss of the genuine Hermetic insights which proceeded, yet were lost to, the cancerous dogma within the Abrahamic traditions, EXACTLY as the genuine Hermetic insights that once held esteem in ONA philosophy have now degraded to dogmatic traditions, traditional divisions, and infighting between the divisions… Satanic-ONA could not be more Abrahamic or Magian in nature.

Pertaining to WyrdSister

Annaczereda – May 12, 2017 at 1:13 PM – Darryl, I meant the principle of individual judgement pertaining to the ONA matters only. If someone actually follows the 7-fold Way, he knows more about it than the one who doesn’t follow it. It doesn’t mean it’s the only true way and the only path to wisdom. That’s all.

(1) I understood your comment, Anna, yet I maintain my original position, as what you say is only true to the extent that it is also trivial. Many among the ONA would indeed claim the ‘Seven Fold’ Way to be the ONLY way whatsoever. No matter your level of exeatic and/or alchemical development prior to discovering ONA, most therein will judge you strictly according to how you do, or do not, adhere to the supposed traditions of ONA, and their claim that you are mundane unless you worship the ‘Seven Fold Way’ PDF, memorizing and reciting its platitudes. Satanic-ONA’s invitation to liberation from Magian limitations, is a fraud which exposes itself within the first utterance of the very first lesson: “Believe our claims and agree with everything we say, or don’t so we can say that you are wrong and mundane”… Well damn, that sounds a bit like the Christian invitation, and the Islamic invitation, and all invitations which ONA itself would pretend to regard as being mundane, even though Satanic-ONA does exactly and precisely the same thing, in exactly and precisely the same way, directly on par with Magian Orthodoxy, and now practicing the same methods of advertising and indoctrination. In truth, defeat of the Magian can only be achieved by manner of righteous virtue and pursuit of the Numinous Way, lending ourselves as we ought, to being the very consequence of violating Natural Law.

Not only did I make my own Way for a lifetime before I ever encountered ONA, I have openly invited all these little ‘Seven Fold Way’ worshipers to come and combat me, to cull me, or to cast their spells upon me. Guess what happened, Anna? A decade of nothing at all is what happened. No combat, no murder, and if any spells were cast, they had absolutely no effect on my person whatsoever. ONA has as much evidence for the ‘Seven Fold Way’ as Christianity has for ‘Salvation’. Christianities “go to hell” and Satanic-ONA’s “you’re mundane” are equivalent statements, in merit and meaninglessness. As evidence of this charge I would draw your attention to the fact that never once has ONA produced worthy individuals, nor organized them into a manageable militia, well enough so as to offer a serious challenged to REAL PEOPLE offline, or real street gangs (Crip – 8Tre-107 in my case), or real mafias, or even a solitary North Carolinian like myself, who long ago asked Satanic-ONA to come and show me that this myth of backpacking, cross country bicycling, bodybuilding, Stealth Ninja, Adept Satanic Sorcerers, and Grand Master Alchemist, existed in any way, shape, or form, other than this hallow and childish internet nonsense. Its nearing ten years now… They still have not arrived.

Satanic-ONA’s claims pertaining to the ‘Seven Fold Way’ are as silly as saying “I read a book one time, so I’m dismissing your PhD”. These individuals are so utterly uneducated, and alchemically uninitiated, that they actually believe that someone could read every book on Earth, but it wouldn’t count because they didn’t read (and obey) the one book that some people calling themselves ONA (while hiding behind false internet accounts) said was their favorite. I despise both ‘The Seven Fold Way” and “Naos” for the irony they have manifested, the complete dogma and narrow minded thinking these MSS aimed to expose, that are now responsible for generating magnitudes of mindless lip-service, paid in their names, from individuals lacking any traits of one who had taken such concepts and practices to heart. Again, is this not the way of every Magian Orthodox religion, to force and stress one book(s) above all others, and then to bastardize everyone who refuses to praise and worship that book(s) and its claims? What horrible hypocrisy and irony is this? Its nearly unbelievable that we are adults and having this conversation with a straight face. The Order of Nine Angles and the “Seven Fold Way”, simply do not hold this allegedly exclusive claim upon pathei mathos and/or the development of personal judgment, which some therein would pretend themselves to be the solitary distributors of, and very simple logical process make this a most evident fact… Observe the following.

(1a) Pathei Mathos is a Greek philosophy which predates the Order of Nine Angles by more than a thousand years. ONA’s claim to pathei mathos is totally false other than that it represents one of the several cultures and/or philosophies which ONA have laughably attempted to hijack and claim as their own intellectual property, whilst being to cowardly to expose their own identities! Talk about an oxymoron, these guys have the arrogance to claim another civilizations philosophies as their own, but lack the character to show their own faces, I mean damn, talk about being conflicted. Myatt, alone, I will exclude from this, as he is actually quite adept at both Greek philosophy and language, though I will not excuse the general ONA because they certainly are not. This is why I constantly remind everyone that Satanic-ONA is nonsense, not out of opinion or slander, but strictly because only the uneducated and uninitiated would believe in such rubbish. πάθει μάθος – páthei máthos – “(There is) learning in suffering/experience”, or “Knowledge/knowing, or wisdom, or learning, through suffering”. Aeschylus, Agamemnon, 177 (and I’m pretty certain thats not an ONA MSS…) – The variant πάθος μάθος means “suffering is learning/learning is suffering.” Anyone can look this up for themselves in less than two minutes. Another, far more mature take on both pathei mathos specifically, and Greek culture in general, would be that of one William Chase Greene who said;

“The spectacle, and still more the experience, of life’s vicissitudes has always been the parent of perplexity. Disappointed hopes, the prosperity of the wicked, the suffering of the innocent, even the little ironies of circumstance, invite men to question whether the ultimate power in the universe is good or evil. One type of answer, common among the ancient Greeks, takes a dark view of human life. It ranges from brooding melancholy to stark pessimism and the cry that “it were best never to have been born” (μὴ φῦναι [me psunai]); from kindly consolation of others, and counsels of moderation (sophrosyne) and the avoidance of risks (“the half is better than the whole”; “excess in nothing,” μηδὲν ἄγαν [meden agan], “live in obscurity,” λάθε βιώσας [lathe biosas], “endure and renounce,” ἀνέχου καὶ ἀπέχου [anechou kai apechou]) to manly endurance of hardship (tlemosyne), or even to the discovery that wisdom may come through suffering (πάθει μάθος [pathei mathos]), which is a school of character.” – Moira: Fate, Good, and Evil in Greek Thought (1944).

Somehow, while these Satanic-ONA individuals are pretending to make buddies with modern academics, neither they, nor their academic friends, have noticed the shelves and shelves of books and studies already published on this issue. And I would note also that they seem to be ignoring much of Myatt’s later work, which should raise more eyebrows than it does, of course that it does not, is itself evidence of the agenda of those with whom we are dealing. There is no ONA other than the Myattian ONA, and Myattian ONA is Numinous, objective grounded, and does not condone nor advocate this modern, liberal, hippy, ONA where everyone is “entitled to their own personally justified opinions” and permitted “internet safe spaces” where they can hide from personal criticism like cowards. Case and point, there are multiple older MSS where ONA listed SEVERAL reasons why they rejected the “safe rebellion” of the likes of the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set, and I ask you now if modern ONA is not equally as bad, if not worse?

(1b) Personal judgment is a core and inherent element of the individual and aggregate human psyche, of which various gradations of potentiality and maturity can be recognize as expressing themselves (in one form or another) in all human populations and cultures, spanning from the independent ancient tribal woods-people, to the state of the art Homo Hubris utterly dependent upon the Magian Technological Nomos. There are, in this regard, only two valid questions, the first being ‘is personal judgment present?’ and if it is not, ‘what has replaced the will to personally judge?’. If the answer to the first question is yes, nothing more need be said, however, if the answer to the first question is no, one must then determine, and expose, the abstractions which hinder potential initiates self actualization, as I am here doing, for such hindrance is near always a dialectic, and likely Magian in nature… even when calling itself the ONA. A rose by any other name.

(1c) Ninety nine percent of the time that you witness individual(s) insisting that ONA possesses some exclusive right to pathei mathos and personal judgement, those individuals are themselves utterly absent the experience and gnosis such as would be inadvertently evident in their character, and the remaining one percent of the time you are likely witnessing the Magian sorcerer weave their webs of deception into the Satanic-ONA belief system, which keeps the ninety nine percent reciting platitudes, promoting PDF’s instead of insight, and clicking Facebook Likes, rather than pursuing the genuine article out in the real world. This mock-alchemist ONA-Satanism has become a festering and gangrenous appendage which I sincerely suggest we amputate in some dignified fashion, that it be rebuked in virtuous proclamation of the Numinous Way(s). This is, was, and has for some time been, the death throws of ONA-Satanism whereby these sorcerers shot themselves in the foot by way of providing a means for the uninitiated, and alchemically insincere, to emulate in form, that which they lack in essence.

(1d) One of my primary issues with ONA is that, not only does ONA lack that which it claims to possess, but in fact no single system of “belief” or practice whatsoever could possibly take credit for something so inherent to the fabric of the nature of Being. ONA might as well attempt to take full credit for the origin of mankind, the rate of radioactive decay, and the gravitational constant. The claims could, and ought to be, taken as seriously as their claims to pathei mathos and personal judgment. I mean sure, these things exist, but they all predate ONA by aeons. So what exactly is ONA even claiming? Who are they educating? Where is this new breed of Mankind? Where are the goods to back up thirty years of claims?

(1e) And finally, the most primary of my issues with Satanic-ONA would be their attempted rejection of genuine articles in favor of their homebrew abstractions. For example, I lived an exceedingly exeatic life for more than two decades before I even knew that ONA existed, and rather than lying to academics in an attempt to substantiate my idea of myself, I have instead an undeniable Federal criminal record, including specific arrest, terms of imprisonment, and subjectivity to the Magian Nation State’s psychiatric facilities, beginning in my youth, well before adulthood. I was born to conflict with nomos, to challenge it, and to expose it, as I now do. I cannot even tally the number of near-death experiences I have had. In fact, many of those times whereas I have attempted to recalled my experience to the public, I have been mocked and labeled a liar, because the mundane audience calling itself Satanic-ONA, were in utter disbelief that someone could experience or endure such as I have. You, Anna, were witness to some few of these conversations, and I am certain that you remember at least some of them. While this is much more a reflection on the Satanic-ONA Fan Club’s character than my own, it is yet confounded further still, when everyone simply ignores ALL of your past experiences, and relentlessly demands conformity to this nonsensical series of ‘Seven Fold Way’ PDF’s, and the memorization of obnoxious platitudes.

(1f) Conclusion… Satanic-ONA continually exposes its own profound alchemical ignorance, and outrageous levels of hypocrisy, by manner of insisting upon adherence and conformity to philosophies and ideals which actually dissolve and rebuke adhering, conforming, or otherwise submissive attitudes, and in fact exist only to become liberated from such Magian paradigms. ONA-Satanism is a joke that has been so driven into the ground that it has lost all humor. Its just sad now, sad and dying. Thus begins the Numinous era of ONA, and the bitterness of those frantically attempting to remain relevant as once they were.

Much in the same light of that which I was expressing to Anna, Yorkshire Rounwytha popped up in the comments section of a former post and had this to say. As usual, they ignore all questions, criticisms, and attempts at civil debate, and seek only childish internet drama. Now ask yourself if you believe that ONA possess redeeming qualities, and then ask yourself if WyrdSister and Yourkshire Rounwytha are representing them well. Could anyone truly studying the Hermetic teachings, or any form of genuine alchemy, actually remain in this level of superficial base level consciousness. No matter how clam and rational you attempt to be with them, and no matter what you say, they will reply with calling you a liar and cursing you out. Have we no standards whatsoever whereby we of dignity and virtue might unite and make known that these children do not represent us, nor our beliefs, nore the ONA in any true regard? We most certainly ought, and if we cannot come together so as to establish an objective standard of judgment, Nexion Nine Thirteen will maintain that objective standard alone.

Pertaining to Yorkshire Rounwytha

Yorkshire Rounwytha – May 17, 2017 at 7:23 PM – ME! ME! I DID IT! seems to be the eternal cry of everyone who can’t handle being too weak for the ONA eh?

D. M. Hutchins – May 18, 2017 at 4:26 AM – For nearing a decade, Yorkshire Rounwytha, I have invited the ONA to come and test their assumption of my “weakness”. I have beckoned your allegedly masterful culling skills, your supposed sorcery, and thus far nothing. My name and whereabouts are public information. All these years have past, and yet not one agent has been issued from one single Nexion, so as to conduct that test. My invitation remains open, and I would suggest that you dispatch a disposable agent…

Of all the trials I have endured and ‘handled’ in my lifetime, ONA’s internet beefs hardly register on my radar. I see these kids talking about how much weight they can lift, or how high they can kick, silly videos of them claiming “skills” because they challenge a punching bag that doesn’t fight back… and I think back upon my own personal life, my own personal trials, and I see a fourteen year old D. M. Hutchins taking on six people at once, for three minutes, without going to the ground or allowing my “rag” to be taken, and thus I was admitted into my first street gang. That was twenty two years ago when I hardly had fuzz on my chin, but certainly you are welcome to test the experience of the greying goatee…

Yorkshire Rounwytha – May 18, 2017 at 9:01 PM – I once fought sixteen ninjas with my eyes closed but I don’t brag about it.

D. M. Hutchins – May 18, 2017 at 10:47 PM – Do you have a Federal record whereas your affiliation with ninjas is documented by a court of law? I bet you don’t. Have you ever been arrested for arms trafficing? Have you ever been involved in a murder investigation? Have you ever had to avoid a particular State until the Statute Of Limitations ran out? How many times have you had your criminal record expunged? Did you attend a fenced-in and policed reform-school at the age of 14-15 because every public school in the county had expelled you permanently? What was the largest amount of time a Law Judge ever threatened you with? I was offered 8 to 12 years during one trial in which I was falsely accused by the State. You see, actually challenging the Magian Nation State outside of blogs is not bragging, its not pride, and only occasionally is it public whatsoever. It is a duty rebel, and to express what I believe, feel, and do… and which beliefs and deeds are substantiated with documentation. It pertains to brotherhood, and to placing more value on your word and honor, than on your own life. It pertains to participation rather than observation. It pertains to gnosis rather than hubris. Your belief and understanding is not required. The trials and endurance which lead to apprehension of the Numen, are personal, however, any genuine rebellion against the Magian infrastructure, will be recorded by the Magian legal system. If you lack such documentation as to substantiate claims to genuine rebellion, they obviously do not view your “deeds” as being notable, or as having any effect upon their dialectics, which is a certain variety of evidence in and of itself. I had a FBI file before I was 16 years of age. Anyone can look it up. Of course you are hiding your name, and so it would seem that my deeds alone can be investigated and verified. Enjoy your ninjas…

Yorkshire Rounwytha – May 19, 2017 at 12:00 PM -That’s not challenging the Magian system. That’s being a defective human who can’t operate on a rational basis. A problem child, nothing more.

D. M. Hutchins – May 19, 2017 at 3:10 PM – Rebellion is the perfection of rationality, it is righteousness. Your logic is as split as your tongue, and pursues the same agenda.

If one is a criminal and favored, they are “exeatic”.
If one is a criminal and not favored, they are “irrational”.

If one is academic and favored, they are “cultured”.
If one is academic and not favored, they are “mundane”.

Your standards are conflicted and your deeds unverified, thus you are without honor. My standard is practical and objective and my deeds undeniable.

At that point in my conversation with Yorkshire Rounwytha, I seemed to have struck a nerve with them by exposing their “Heads I win, Tails you lose” mentality, as Yorkshire Rounwytha completely abandoned logical discourse and began to insult my self, my personal interest in music, my mother, completely off topic and with a manner likened unto high school children. How impressive is Satanic-ONA, ever asserting itself on the internet, in a hallowed vacuum lacking evidence, hiding from criticism, and substantiated only by the self assured conformation bias of individuals unwilling to even show their faces?


12 thoughts on “The Magian Mentality Of Satanic-ONA (3)

    • Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t even know this video existed. Certainly I can do better than a simple response article, though for now it is late and I am metabolizing entheogens. In the morning, or when I decide to wake, I will reply to this video (of which I have downloaded copy in case of deletion) and I have more than my mere word to offer. I have screen shots which speak for themselves, and absolute proof that this whole mess is in fact a misunderstanding, which I watched get blown into the most extreme levels of embellishment.

      I have never, and I have now, no ill will toward VK, and everyone knows that I am not shy to conflict. If I took issue with this man, I’d let him, and everyone else know, but I don’t because that’s what he wants. I believe this whole ploy is basically designed to attach his namesake to the ONA by way of this altercations media attention, which in truth, I have given very little of my own. VK is welcome to believe that he and I are enemies, or somehow at odds, but I’m simply not that emotionally invested in the internet as to become attached to so trivial an issue of determining someones “honor” by way of Facebook group disagreements. This is why I cannot stay on Facebook for more than a couple weeks at a time, once or twice a year to advertise anything I have published, to tie up loose ends in my affiliate marketing requirements, or just to catch up with old friends. The hubris is stifling, however, and I can never stay very long.

      But thanks again for the heads up, and I’ll offer a post and screen caps on this misunderstanding sometime in the day to come, or I’ll get stoned and express myself in poetic fashion, which ever seems more important when I wake up, though very likely both.

      VK and I have much in common, and once this issue is resolved (you may remember a much younger Interrogist behaving much in this manner), I will maintain open honesty pertaining to my intuition, that VK has yet to fully embrace his own, and when he does, good things are to come in terms of ONA. I’ve been around for a while now, and you begin to see patterns in things. Judge not that individuals current position, but where they are headed in their evolution and agenda. Things aren’t always what they seem.

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    • @VK: That’s Darryl in a nutshell. He’s been like this since day one [8 years ago]. People in o9a don’t like him for a reason.

      Most people today don’t remember o9a 3.0. Darryl was an original affiliate of the 3.0 team, along with L316, Dan Dread, Beast Xeno, and a few others.

      o9a 3.0 fell apart because of Darryl’s ego. This can be confirmed by asking anybody who were once on the 3.0 team.

      Back then L316 had a o9a related website, with a closed forum where the 3.0 team met and hung out. When Darryl’s ego got in the way, and when he started doing his familiar thing, L316 pretended to close the forum, in order to have Darryl go away. The forum was re-opened without Darryl. But eventually the 3.0 team each went their separate ways because nobody wanted to work with Darryl. And o9a 3.0 died.

      People in o9a who have been around a while, and who have interacted with Darryl for a while, don’t like him for a reason… or for several reasons. His ego being the Biggest reason: pun intended.

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  1. “In fact, many of those times whereas I have attempted to recalled my experience to the public, I have been mocked and labeled a liar, because the mundane audience calling itself Satanic-ONA, were in utter disbelief that someone could experience or endure such as I have. You, Anna, were witness to some few of these conversations, and I am certain that you remember at least some of them. ”

    Yes I do remember them and it wasn’t you recalling your past experiences that was an issue. I’ve already said this; look into the mirror for once.

    As for the rest, I would seriously consider the possibility that the ONA and the bullshit you are fed online, called the ONA, are not one and the same thing. But that would require swallowing the red pill. Neither you nor other ONA fanboys are willing to leave the matrix because fancying yourselves the initiates of some esoteric tradition is oh so cool.

    No initiation has ever been about changing the world. That is for the fools.


    • Anna… Who are you arguing with here? When have I ever said that I am an ONA initiate. The only Numinous initiation is that unto the Great Work itself, and that has nothing to do with ONA, whatsoever. What is foolish is that you are arguing with me, about the very points which I have stressed in my own productions… I’m not sure who you are talking to, but its not me.

      Who have I ever bowed to in ONA? Who in ONA has ever lead me, or represented me. No one. Your nonsense, Anna, is nearing par with Chloe over here using fake accounts to pretend to be someone else who worships her… But I have the ego problem here? LOL. Ok then… I’ll leave you and Chloe (I mean the “O Mighty Ennead) to discuss ‘my’ inflated ego…



      • And what is the ONA if not the Great Work itself? It’s not about fighting some system. This is the trap for the stupid, just like all the propaganda about mundanes etc etc.


        • If ONA were in any way related to the Great Work, there would be evidence of at least some individuals advancing alchemically, and there is no sign of that taking place whatsoever. I just spent five minutes removing a series of spam videos, including an “Armpit fart song” video…, and upon looking into the account of the poster, it is set to private, has no content whatsoever, and seems to exist for the solitary purpose of posting Chloe worship on my public threads.

          God damn, how sad is that, to have to create fake account and pretend to like yourself? I’d much rather have everyones genuine hate, than to fabricate a false sense of acceptability. Thats just so horribly sad and pathetic.

          You people wouldn’t know genuine alchemy if it smacked you in the face, and if you seriously believe that there are no mundane, and that there is no system to challenge, you are most certainly mistaken, Anna.


          • What I mean is that the image of the ONA presented to the public might be intentionally skewed for propaganda reasons. If you haven’t met someone, you can’t know for sure whether they are immature and silly or have some hidden agenda.


            • The “image” of ONA is not important. The origin of that image is not important. ONA is not important, and if you take everything that I say and force it into the context of YOUR IDEA OF THE IMAGE OF THE ONA, thats simply not my problem. You work that out on your own time. There is nothing to join, no one to impress, no grades to excel through, other than the taking ownership of ones own potential and personal responsibilities according to Natural Law. This truth transcends the context of all religious, traditional, and cultural, motivations. I am dealing with the nature of Being. You are dealing with the nature of other peoples approach, to approaching the nature of Being. Keep your inadvertence, I’m prefer the direct and deliberate rout. Which abstractions you assign to Being is also not my problem. Seeing through the nonsense to the actual agenda of dialectic propaganda is what I actually do. All those things you assume that I do not know about others, I highly suggest you consider the possibility that you may not recognize their potential in me. You have accused me for months now, of stating the painfully obvious, and naturally I’m quite curious by what standard you have granted yourself immunity said regard?


  2. There was a time, many years ago, when several within ONA were intellectual and spiritual powerhouses. Now just look at this nonsense, what with multiple threads of goofy pictures and “fart song videos” and what all, posted of course by individuals with fake accounts set to private. So be it. Hide like a coward, and writhe in your own festering stasis.

    The challenge I offer you all is simply to evidence your claims, and when you cannot, you resort to burying and hiding my questions under a mountain of hubris, which is actually an answer in its own right.


  3. Watch out for that email supposedly belonging to ToB. Might be a set up by the trolls unless you are sure that the individual who posted it indeed is a ToB member. Just a heads up, not sure if necessary, but this comment seemed looked a little bit odd to me.


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