Ablaze in Shame

~Ablaze in shame they ought to be,
Who so strive for triviality,
~Lest their eyes in anger gleam,
At any hindrance from obscenity,
*Cast out and absorbed, By shadows adorn,
In darkness seeing all the more, bathed in enigmas shores,
~Devout and chased from gnosis sight,
Vicarious supplemental delights,
~Adrift in metamorphic contemplation,
In bliss pursuant of compensation,
*Lifted above heights, For the all is mind,
To be, see, and think, is the light, This Black Lights own third eye,
~Soulless husk cast into the flame,
Oblivious superficiality mundane,
~The green now brown and blue polluted,
Now modified and convoluted,
*Pulled out of the naught, The essence thus sought,
Therein lie putrid pride and loft, Silhouette of a god,
~Those songs they sung blot out the sun,
Those silent darknesses darkened none,
~Egregious pleases us needs naught abstain,
They ought to be ablaze in shame…

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