A Thirsty River

Blooming booming shroom things have wings,
And sing thus we see,
That being speckled spheres of kings,
Whose eyes are thus keen,
For into darkness has the light,
Of which the righteous require might,
Sacred Mind balanced by that hermaphrodite,
So high its nearly out of sight,
When dawn illuminates that gleam,
Upon the armor donned thy herbal green,
Held in my palm is your horizon,
Boasting rays of song which occupy suns,
Or be they stars within my bowl,
Where stoked are twirling living souls,
As above so below As below so above,
In the depths of the snow in the starlight in love,
In the rain yet I toke leaned against the soak,
Preserved said stoke engulfed in smoke,
Back inside where candles hide a flickered light,
The raining night is set aside,
Abath in past this perspective vast and,
Lasting casting of the ancient path,
Good sense you’ve spoken naught and non,
Offensive to the passing on of lecture gone,
The passing it of as the nature of human,
Utterly lost upon them the Numen,
Yet given a voice to play with their toys,
Make certain that noise to give them a choice,

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