Way and Way(s)

None shall pass, who must ask, where Numen bask,
Alas, their masks, come off so fast, at last,

~Divided are we naught, are we vast length of wave,

All shall stay, who demonstrate, abstractions face,
Fake, their fate, reincarnate, replicating waste,

~United have we sought, are yet the last and first of days,

Thirst shall quench, turn that wrench, from off the fence,
Sense, their glimpse, which recompense, nary offense,

~Excited as we ought, are the Numinous Way and Way(s),

So here again, it has began, of flesh and man,
Stand, Work Grand, in circumstance, Stone expands,

Way and Way(s) has been added to https://hutchinsdm.wordpress.com/who-is-d-m-hutchins/poetry/


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