V.K. Jehannum, an Archetype of Confusion

This conversation between VK and I has now come to address such issues which merit a critical analysis from the general public, and at this point I would invite others to chime in and voice their insights and opinions on the following issues. Thank you for your time and attention.

VK – Darryl: “(2) I attacked Yuri M because he dresses like a woman and is a bisexual and homosexual. I would mock him as thus regardless of my age or his own. You seem not to notice the Magians attack on the Sacred Masculine, which further demonstrates that neither of you know what the Sacred Masculine or Feminine is, and that neither you nor he, are genuine Alchemist. Invent all new “pronouns” you wish, and hold if you will a mouthful of penis… but know that your are an abomination, and praising the enemy camp.”

Show me the alchemist who writes about fashion and I will show you a vain man trapped in his ego. Boasting about your heterosexuality, which you cannot control unless you are bisexual (and thus homorepressed as fuck), is the last resort of a desperate man. Tell it to the Sapphic & Uranian lodges of the order you’re obsessed with then, and have fun wanking it to lesbian porn in the meanwhile. Funny how all this “fuck gay people” spite comes up after Chloe speculates about your sexuality. Insecure much?

First of all, lets set a few things straight…
Pun intended.

VK, you have certainly succeeded at one thing, which is to demonstrate that you are far more invested in this conversation than I ever have been, that you care very much more than I do, and that you are emotionally attached to some obsession with believing that you have “overcome” me in some way, which, assuming that you have studied and understand the human psyche, actually indicates your own personal insecurities, and no one else. The truth can be intimidating when you are living a lie, and I do bring the truth. The truth of the matter is that I couldn’t care less what you think of yourself, or believe about yourself or another, because I have been having this exact conversation with countless ONA individuals for nearing a decade now, and I can assure you that you are rather late to the party. You are hardly more than the latest fad to work its way through the ONA whose who, and very likely the latest victim of Chloe, whose MO it is to slither up and coddle any newbie to come along, and befriend them so long as they play along with her agenda. I would assume that your fabricated beef with me is entirely Chloe’s doing, because of your own accord, you simply aren’t that important or insightful.

You, Sir, are a meaningless little box on the internet, no more important than the clicking of an X should make you vanish, ever boasting about how great and profound you are as some domonologist or alchemist, and yet with every comment you post, you stick your proverbial foot in your own mouth and demonstrate that you, quite frankly, are not. You are constantly obsessing over trivial and superficial nonsense, egoic self worship, a myriad of Magian pseudo occult trends, and a need for attention and approval, which traits absolutely no genuine alchemist would possess or require. In fact these are the specific traits one would expect to derive from any serious evaluation of the mundane socio-cultural paradigm. Because I doubt that you have conducted such an examination, nor published any works in said regard, I would recommend that you refer to my essay titled “Ego and Expectation” because you seem to be new to such evaluations.

There is more “wisdom” in the Abrahamic Traditions than your own pseudo occult nonsense. They have a saying to the effect of removing the plank from thine own eye before removing the mote from your brothers… I’d ask you to dwell upon that. Whilst writing about your demons and whatnot, you have neglected to study the nature of Being, the Numen, and hardly have you scratched the surface of sorcery which you believe yourself to have mastered, much less the arts of the Magician which you cannot even sense. Your behavior, VK, your demeanor, your language, and your ideals, are consistent with a hopeful neophyte at best, and were you to truly merit my interest, and were I actually “triggered” as you kids say, there would be no doubt about my thoughts and feelings on the matter, because it is that between you and I, it is I who have the years long reputation of stating my mind, no fucks given, unwavering, unrelenting, consistent, with no regard to popularity, approval, nor permission. You, in the grander scale of things, have been here for all of five minutes, and now you think you represent the totality of the Order of Nine Angles, which I can only define as LMMFAO…

You are a mirror of my own former arrogance and ignorance, and though you remain oblivious to the reason, you give me cause to take pause, and offer a sincere apology to those ONA individuals who endured my presence those years ago when I dwelt in your current circumstance. They had every right to reject me then, and the respect I have earned since has been hard fought, battling with my own evolution more than their criticism, catching up, waking up, and even then being welcomed only by some few. You are a child with a very long and difficult road ahead of you, but such is the nature of the Great Work. I would caution you that your former ignorance follows you into the future, and those who oppose you will maintain detailed records of your publications such that I would recommend a carefully weighing of your comments and accusations, because certainly they will be held against you for decades to come, of course I would know this, and you would not.

The solitary issue I would take up with you is the extremity to which you are willing to be publicly ignorant and incorrect about nearly everything you say. Your fabricated and propaganda filled representation of my position is utterly false, lacks any evidence, all the actually evidence only serves to prove your accusations incorrect, and so I am rather content to ignore your lack of insight in that regard, and I tolerate such only because I was once as much a blithering idiot as yourself, and though I didn’t deserve it at the time, members of THEM, L316, ABG, and others, took me aside and explained to me what a horrible ass I was making of myself, which was a shame due to my possession of that divine spark of potential, such that over many years of hard work and study I began to see clearly their meaning, and overcome my own vanity and pomp. And so you see, I have no desire to combat your claim to having overcome me, because the claim is childish and illogical, as all genuine Alchemist who have sincerely embarked upon the Great Work recognize fully that the ONLY overcoming in question pertains to ones own self. No one can do it for you, or to you, and you cannot do it for, or to, another. Hermetically speaking it is referred to as Killing the Dragon. Were you an alchemist, I would not have to explain this to you. That I do need to explain this to you, speaks volumes to those with eyes to see. Eyes you have naught, VK, at least not yet… But you do possess that divine spark, and so I will tolerate you for a while, as I have been tolerated in the past. These are the only feelings or attachment I have to you, or your anger, your vanity, your arrogance, and all those thing which you believe you and I share, while in fact they exist only in your unimaginative mind-space, and you endure them alone.

I engage in conversation with you only to return that favor I owe to THEM, L316, and ABG, and to attempt to prevent you from making even more of an ass of the Order of Nine Angles than you, Chloe, WyrdSister, and others, already have… You have just only arrived upon ONA’s doorstep a crying infant, and within a few months you have proclaimed yourself a grand master wizard or some such, and believe that you know all the secret knowings, that everyone likes you and seeks to be your friend, and you couldn’t possibly be more incorrect. You are a child, a beginner, a neophyte, and a horses ass, just as I was some eight years ago, and I explain these things to you because I know them to be true.

And so, if I must address your specific concerns
pertaining to sexuality…

I’m sure that you would only feel patronize, which isn’t actually my problem, but I would ask that you seriously and honestly study the content of my statements, rather than simply passing them over, and failing once again at attempted clever response.

I have attempted to explain to you in a former what the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine are and represent, the difference between biological gender and the Hermetic sense of gender polarities, and how the Magian dialectic has rather successfully destroyed the natural balance of the human psyche by way of introducing unnecessary choices, hundreds of gender identities, and a myriad of abstract nonsense designed specifically to cause you to do ANYTHING other than stand your ground, take personal alchemical and social responsibility, and defend your natural inherent instincts whereby said balance sees through to the Numen, despite abstraction and contraption. In a single statement I would say to you, VK, that you are too busy justifying your right to suck a penis, to recognize that all of humanity is now enslaved to banks, governments, and corporations, and when the few of us with our eyes sharpened upon the enemy would rise up and challenge that system of slavery, we fail to be victorious because it is that our fellow man is too preoccupied defending their alleged right to man on man oral sex, man on man anal sex, and the alleged right for a man to dress and behave as would women, to notice that humanity has lost their freedoms, their gnosis, and their minds. And so, VK, as for you and your friend Yuri M dressing like a woman, or being homosexuals and/or bisexuals, regarding my public addressing of him and his “fashion”, you could not possibly be more mistaken when you state that an Alchemist would not insult someones fashion, because it is that it actually takes an Alchemist to even recognize the true cause of, and aims of, that which your ignoble naivety stupidly believe to merely be a fashion, when you are staring directly into the eyes of that Magian Dialect that is destroying the Sacred Masculine, destroying the natural balance, and then using the resultant conflict, confusion, and chaos, to empower themselves by pretending to solving the crisis by way of domesticating, imprisoning, and killing all traits of the Sacred Masculines positive and projective defensive and independent instincts. Again, I facepalm, and I ask myself what people like you are possibly even laying claim to in terms of ONA, because most of you cannot even define what the Magian Dialect IS, much less possess the grit, gumption, and fortitude, to be of service to our goals… I’m not sure what you believe ONAs ‘New Breed Of Man’ to be, but my version of revolution does not include producing a world filled with weekly little lady-boys, praising degeneracy and filth… If you ever manage to get your head around even the most basic of the Hermetic Principles, I would highly recommend a study in Chaos Magic. The Magian thrive on it, and you are a victim of it. So you fight for the right to be homosexuals and transgenders, and I’ll fight for truth and balance, and harmony, and the Numinous.

This is why I refer to myself as an Agent of Natural Law, as I, a Magician, seek to restore truth where lies now dwell, and to restore that natural balance. This modern issue of Gender Identities, Social Justice Warriors, Millennial libertarian philosophy, is only the latest wave of a several thousand year old war against human agency and human consciousness. ONA seeks to produce a new man by way of overcoming this dialectic and returning to a natural state, in order that we might continue along our natural course of conscious and biological evolution… If you do not know this, what agenda then has brought you to ONA whatsoever? Chloe’s Magain stock market advice, perhaps?

VK – Darryl: “(3) I have no emotional or egoic attachment to your internet post, I am not broken whatsoever,”

And yet you’re clearly triggered as fuck.

If by “triggered” you mean that you have addressed me repeatedly, begging for a reply, and then eventually, when I felt like it, I replied, then sure.

VK – Darryl: “and had I deleted all of my social media, how then are all of my accounts still there, and how do we now have this conversation? You seem to be confused, again. All that was deleted was my Facebook account, which I only use on occasion say once or twice a year, and for no more than a few weeks at a time. If you makes you feel like a man to believe that you somehow “ran me off”, lol, I’ll allow you your moment, but then, here we are, talking, thus “ran off” I am not.”

The existence of your WordPress account does not invalidate the sources reporting that you, at the time of my exposing you, (i) deleted your Facebook group because EVERYONE turned on you after what happened with me, (ii) spazzed the fuck out on everyone you knew who so much as liked a comment on my post exposing you, (iii) broke off ties with several ONA members I am not even acquainted with out of paranoia alone, (iv) constructed ridiculous theories that a mutual friend of ours and I had planned to sabotage you all along. If you’re not “run off,” explain what the fuck all that was.

And no, I don’t consider myself “manly” for turning so many of your friends against you by showing them your conduct and causing you to retreat in the process. I adduce these occurrences because they constitute evidence that you are an unstable loon, and hardly the alchemical grand master or great leader you try to fashion yourself as.

I am honestly laughing out loud right now, VK. I try to take you seriously, but its near impossible considering your lack of logical capacities and obsession with internet events of no consequence. Who are these sources (anonymous internet sources no doubt?), and how exactly would they know how and why I might do something better than I myself who did it? I am not such a coward that I feel the need to lie about anything, and so I am not entirely certain what it is that you believe that you have exposed about me? I’m a fairly open book, heart on my sleeve, no fucks given, even to a fault, kind of guy, and I’ve been around for quite a while, so everyone knows, and has known, this. Everyone knows that I have nothing to hide, and in fact, I am nearly the only person involved with ONA who uses their true identity and location, while everyone else hides behind anonymous internet accounts, which proves that they do not actually believe their claimed beliefs and goals, or they would possess the gumption so as to associate themselves as such. Hiding and secrecy are for sorcerers and cowards, but then this is old news, because I have held that particular debate with ONA for quite a number of years, indeed years before ever you existed on our Order of Nine Angles radar. You have literally just arrived on the ONA scene, and so perhaps you may not be entirely familiar with the fact that I have been rather consistent in my goals, steadfastly direct in my proclamations, combative and secure in my convictions, utterly unaffected by attempts at dogma, tradition, deception, and the all to common outright lie, for example your above list of events which never actual occurred. I will, however, honor you with the credential of concocting fanciful stories.

(I) No one turned on me at all, in fact, most of the members asked me not to delete the group, and when I told them that I had no interest the hubris of social medial, such as that “Hate D. M. Hutchins Campaign” you were running, many of them exchanged private messages with me, providing me with their phone numbers and emails in order that we maintain contact… That, VK, is what happened on my end. And as for your hate campaign, and I do applaud you on tracking down nearly everyone that I have ever pissed off. I rather enjoy that while I am a gentleman and an advocate of the Numinous, ONA yet despises my existence, and while many involved with ONA would claim that I am insane and will never have any effect or gain any attention, it is in fact ONA who seems to cherish my existence, thrive on conflict with me, who are most thoroughly effected by the attention which they have personally supplied my ideals… What a confused and conflicted bunch of individuals would devote so much time and resources so as to continuously talk about someone they’d rather not be mentioned? I did mention that I am laughing out loud, didn’t I?

And now for the rather unspectacular truth pertaining to what actually happened on my Facebook group, its actually quite simple. You disregarded every standard the group had established, and pompously demanded special permissions and status, and I laughed at you no longer permitted you to stay to stay. Mine was not an ordinary group. It had these pesky things I call standards of membership. One, hubris is not permitted, Two, no claim is valid which one cannot provide some form of evidence or research, and Three, one must introduce themselves with a short bio explaining which fields they are studied in, and in which fields they sought to study. You couldn’t abide by even the simplest code of civility, and so I gave you the boot. You see, the policy of banning individuals who spammed bald assertions, existed quite a long while before you joined my group. And you aren’t unique at all, as many were banned for this reason, so truly you were merely another statistic. That is all that happened. That is what all your fuss is about. Laughably, that is what your whole “Hate D. M. Hutchins Campaign” stems from.

I’ll even do you the favor of addressing the very subject matter which got you banned for lack of supporting evidence. When you joined my group, I was more than a week into a class, and community research project, in which I was conducting an introduction to Astrotheology. I had a study plan designed to cover the works of Manly P. Hall, Dan Attrell, and Mark Passio, but some of the class/group was having trouble with the advanced elements of the content, and so I was conducting a review in attempt to bring everyone up to speed by readdressing the basics of Astrotheological symbology, basic archetypes, and of course our modern religious derivatives. I was addressing the nature of religious symbology pertaining to the Abrahamic traditions in comparison to the Sol Cults, Luna Cults, and Stellar Cults. I was explaining the nature of Christianities cross symbol representing the path of Sol, the Islamic moon and star symbol representing the path of Luna, and Judaism’s star symbol representing the stellar progressions. This is when you burst into the group, neglected to produce a proper introduction, instead you posted some pretentious nonsense about being so renown that you needed no introduction, and you barged directly into the primary Astrotheology thread, and start calling everyone idiots and morons, and you claimed that Mars and only Mars was entirely responsible for Christianity… I facepalmed for about ten minutes, refreshing the page occasionally as it became quickly populated by comments whereas group members questioned you pertaining to your Mars theory. Instead of answering their questions you lashed out, cursed them out, and called them childish names. I had all that I cared to see of your behavior and entered the thread myself and explained to you that our group has standards such that hubris would not be tolerated, and that you are welcome to advance your ideals so long as your can provide evidence, research, and understanding of the subject matter. I told you that you would have to give an account for your Mars theory, and refute the totality of the works of Manly P. Hall, Dan Attrell, and Mark Passio, in order to remain in the group. Instead of doing that, you continued to curse people out, and make several more unsubstantiated claims pertaining to Mars. I offered you a final warning, and reminded you of the group standards, again, and you replied with “MARS”. Then I banned you from my group, which you were begging for, and you went off on a mindspace adventure where you created the “Hate D. M. Hutchins Campaign.

That, so silly as the truth can sometimes be, is the source of your animosity, your anger, your obsession with my person, your lies about the events in question, and your irrational fixation with believing that you have “overcome” me in some way, when you obviously have yet to overcome yourself.

(II) Despite your claim that I have “spazzed the fuck out”, I am in fact the only emotionally stable individual who refrained from interacting with the drama you created. Others in my group even asked me to get involved and defend myself, and I declined and explained to everyone that I felt no need to defend myself because I just didn’t feel threatened by you, or your false claims. I’ve been at this for some years now and people simply know me, my style, my ideals, and my concerns. You can lie all day about my person and I’ll just watch you, because people know better, not to mention the fact that you have no evidence whatsoever of your claims, and because you are frankly nobody of note. I’d even go so far as to say that it is my personal opinion that you concocted this whole dramatic internet nonsense in order to use my name as a springboard, to place your own name within the ONA radar, and sure enough here comes Chloe to pat you on the head, because apparently, I have had such an impact on ONA that simply stating publicly that you hate D. M. Hutchins now places you on Chloe’s list of chummy pals, and verifies your supposed ONA’ness. Please exuse me while I LMMFAO.

Certainly I am not the only one who saw that coming from a mile away, so transparent as you both are, and so devastated by my presence as you both seem to be. People came to me saying guess what so and so said, and I told them I didn’t care. People came to me with screen shots they had taken of private conversations, and I ignored them as well. I sat back for days and simply watched the nonsensical accusations fly, the production of stupid photos, and several anti Hutchins memes being posted, as you gathered a group of haters, who obviously needed the attention of your fabricated bandwagon. I contacted you personally and stated that the group had rules, and that you had broken them all, and got yourself banned, but it was only a Facebook group and not that big a deal so as to end civil communications. I directly asked you to come to your senses in a private message, and you replied with something about honor, and that you were purely unwilling to rectify the situation according to civil discussion. Eventually I realize that more than a few members of my own group were behaving in as silly a manner as your own campaign, and so I deleted everything and left, because it was my group to do with as I please, and I am not pleased to lend my name to internet dramas, especially Facebook dramas. I didn’t run away from anything, I retained my dignity, didn’t get involved, and moved on. You made it quite clear that rational conversation was impossible with you, and so I went about my business. If you call giving up on a waste of time “spazzing the fuck out” then sure, I moved on and found something better to do with my time than obsess over Facebook dramas. Guilty as charged.

(III) I have broken ties with no one. This is more of your Facebook false accusation nonsense. Can you provide any evidence that a particular tie existed, that I severed it? No, of course you can’t, because it is that during that particular fabricated Facebook drama, I purposefully made the conscious choice to say nothing…

(IIII) It is not my theory that anyone sought to sabotage myself, but that you sought to use my name, in order to make one for yourself by manner of claiming ONA affiliation inadvertently through your fabricated Facebook drama with myself, who possess a name in ONA for nearly a decade. If you would attempt to oppose me, or pretend to, and allege yourself an element of the ONA, I highly recommend that you at least pay enough attention to me that you actually understand what my position is. That would go a long way towards making it look like I acknowledge you, or take your presence seriously in any context whatsoever. Currently, I can’t see that you are fooling anyone other than yourself, and Chloe is only patting you on the head because it happens to supports her objection to my presence in regard to ONA. Take my word for it that she will promptly vanish just as soon as you sing a tune not in accord with her personal agenda. Like it or not, you’re just a wide eyed pup riding your first revolution on the ONA-go-round, and I’m laughing my ass off, and remembering exactly how everyone hated my obnoxiousness so many years ago when I behaved like a horses ass, when I behaved as you do now…

I am what I am, and whatever that is, it frightens the hell out of several others, enough that they feel their Satanic-ONA is under a great threat. HINT: It is.

VK – Darryl: “(4) Demonology must be the single most ridiculous form of the pseudo occult of them all…”

Well, Kali certainly hasn’t taken you anywhere. You can’t even maintain a stable relationship.

And what exactly would you know of my personal interactions with any given entity or entities, and how is it that you believe that you know? What would you know of my relationships, and in what matter does my lack of a desire to have a relationship with you, somehow suggest that I am incapable of wanting, or having, relationships with others? Very much like Chloe, you talk a big game, VK, and you accuse, and you assert, but where is the evidence to back up even one of these claims or assertions? You simply have none, and Chloe has absolutely none. What method do you possess so as to evaluate others alchemical progressions, spiritual interactions, or psychological dispositions? The internet? LOL… Are you truly so unable to recognize what a huge ass you are making of yourself right now? This, and every, conversation will stain your reputation for years to come. Trust me on that one, I found out the hard way, and I just as bad, if not worse, than yourself.

The most tragic element of this stupid ONA comedy, is that you believe yourself to somehow represent the ONA, and that you will usher in a new breed of man, yet the most horribly ridiculous aspect of this epic joke (on you), is that you cannot even birth a new breed of ‘self’, much less change the entire world over centuries of causal time. Remove the plank from thine own eye, before removing the mote from your brothers, VK… Still, you possess the gall to label me as having the Messiah complex here, in order to cover for your own insecurities, whatever those happen to be, and you’ll have to forgive me for not knowing, but I’m not nearly as interested in you, as you seem to be in me, thus your obsession will remain to be a bit one sided.

How on Earth are you, or anyone else in ONA, going to change the world, when you can’t even handle a simple debate with me? How do you suppose that you will oppose and defeat the collective governments and paradigms of this planets species, overcome their all of their cultures and technologies, or endure the fallout of the coming wars, when you can’t even answer a few simple questions on a Facebook group or WordPress blog. I mean, LMMFAO, seriously, even if you had the ability to turn the world on its head with your demon books or whatever pseudo occult nonsense, don’t you expect that a few billion questions might come rolling in? I gave you less than ten questions and you broke down into a high school level internet flame war… You kids are really something, and by ‘something’ I imply that you are not to be taken seriously, nor are you believed to actually represent the genuine goals of Myattian and Numinous ONA. I would suggest that you go play with your demons in private, and leave the restoration of Natural Law to those Agents elected by the Source.

Not one of your abstractions will be permitted to obfuscate the Numen, not even if you call them ONA and all the Niner kids adopt them. The lenses you weave blind only you… You… You, who have the nerve to address the name of Kali, when truly those black glistening eyes burn away such pomp, and arrogance, and human thinking, such as that you possess and espouse. You can write about Kali all day, and produce book after book, but you have not been touched by her, or such would be terribly evident, which it is certainly not.

All I can do now is to throw my hands up and laugh, simply bowing to the absurdity of the nonsense which you continually attempt to slander my character with, which only results in further promoting my name, my productions, and making me even more popular than I was before. In fact, the only evidence that you have consistently provided the public eye, is that I, D. M. Hutchins, have been a thorn in ONA’s side for three consecutive iterations, and seemingly it is now standard ONA policy that all serious initiates of ONA are make at least one pilgrimage to cry and whine in their writhing and aggrieved state, at the alter of D. M. Hutchins. Your concerns are at best a comical side project to me. For example, I have never sold so many copies of my ONA Collection as when Yorkshire Rounwytha and Chloe started crying about it. I wouldn’t need to explain this to a genuine alchemist, but I’ll have to spell it out for you. You see, an arch is the strongest architectural form because the more pressure you place on top of it, the stronger your make that arch. I am the Keystone of Truth and Conscious Evolution, hated by all, and yet empowered and amplified by their hate. I needn’t jump up and down, shout, or make grand claims, as do you. Again, I try very hard to take you seriously, VK, but you make it impossible. The fact that you are more concerned with my spiritual interactions, with Kali or otherwise, than you are concerned with your own, tells me that that I am far more spiritually attentive than yourself, and that we work with extremely different Kali’s… You can keep your social justice warrior, libertarian, attention begging, internet driven, Millennial generation, pseudo-Kali. I’ll be content to directly address the Numen, the Source, Kali, or whatever name you feel most comfortable with.

VK – Darryl: “And you, young man, are indeed the very core of pretentiousness. Of all your “personally written chants”, and those five languages you used therein, how many of those languages did you personally write? I’d say not one.”

Clearly you have completely missed the point of my mentioning the chants, which point should have been blatantly obvious to a rational and sane man. You insulted my vocabulary, so I adduced the chants section as evidence of how dope my vocabulary is. Fucking duh.

And as for pretentious? You’re the one with an ideology named after himself– I just adopted the most relevant monikers to my beliefs and went from there. You’re the one dictating the parameters of a non-existent sociocultural renaissance, and you won’t catch me telling everyone how society should work. You’re the one trying to “fix” a big-ass group that doesn’t want you involved, which I never set out to do. And you’re the one bashing a magickal system you don’t understand, which I am rarely if ever seen to do.

At this point I feel a bit embarrassed even communicating with you. I would ask that you re-read your first paragraph there, and repeat it to your self in the mirror… “Yo dog, I be havin a dope vocabulary” is such a low brow, childish, and untellectual, statement that I am all but speechless… Fortunately your second paragraph has a bit of actual (albeit nonsensical) content.

(1) This being the first time I have been accused of having an ideology named after myself, I would take this opportunity to address the perennial truth of my philosophical position, and the rather necessary alignment of it to my personal namesake, as that is yet another (evidence of your ignorance) highly misunderstood element of genuine Alchemy. I do something that 99.9% of the ONA is too fearful to do, and that is to associate my true identity, with my true beliefs, and my true actions. Darryl M. Hutchins is in fact my real name, the Norther Carolinas my true location, and I lay claim not to forging ideologies, but philosophical avenues of numinous venture, to the Truth of objective reality, and to Natural Law, to the restoration of balance and all things virtuous and Numinous. No one has any doubt of this, and I’ve publicly burned every bridge in my path, because I refuse to entertain the notion of ever turning back. I would rather die. Even a brief genuine alchemical exploration, given any sincerer psychonautic introspection if you will, leads one to arrive at a point of internal honesty and balance, where three spheres align into one, and ones Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions, meld into a singular, and unrelenting, agenda to further develop and evolve, such that no abstract or externally assigned social identity would be taken seriously by your consciousness, but disregarded as the hallow abstractions that prescribed identity roles are. One then disregards the titles and gradations of fabricated and contrived man made organizations, and in the dignity of their own personal name, they pursue and provide gnosis pertaining to the Source/Numen as they discover and disseminate it, openly, deliberately, consistently, and are thus Agents of Natural Law, polarized to repel and rebuke fear, embarrassment, or cowardice. It is also a fact that we few who explore thus far are exactly they who produce those essays, books, and series, which echo throughout history, and so yes, it is in our own names by which we proclaim our proclamations. I have openly revealed the full depth and breadth of my alchemical evolution for nearing a decade, written a few books, hundreds of essays, and shared volumes of information, such that I have declined all social and cultural identities, including ONA’s, in order to seek a truer and sacred venture, and your god damned right its in my own name. No one is curious what I think, because I have told them as much. No one is curious where I stand, as such is obvious. No one has to listen to me whine and brag as do you, because I have already secured my very essence in the current zeitgeist, for better or worse, no longer do I exist as a member of ONA society, but as an archetype that influences the thinking which that society believes itself to be conduct on its own aggregate behalf, and despite the obvious hand which holds the reigns of its current scope of attention. The rest of you are welcome to cower in your anonymous internet “safe spaces”. I have, other plans and duties, lol. You are correct that there is no “non-existent sociocultural renaissance”, because Alchemy is actually quite a personal thing pertaining to the nature of Being, or as Myatt would say, it pertains to the ‘Immediacy of the Moment’, and not to society, no. Alchemy, to which you are obviously an outright stranger, pertains to a revolution of oneself, society be damned.

(2) Obviously no one would catch you, VK, telling everyone how society should work, as you have absolutely no idea how that is, lol. Listen, man, there are certain things that you know, and certain things that you don’t, and I seem to be clued in on a level that you haven’t accessed just yet. “It” can work, and it will work, its already began to, and in fact it always has worked, but its not a society that makes “it” work. You are new to this and so I’ll explain it to you slowly. Pay attention. The idea that one could fix society by implementation of a new social framework, will always fail, for the same reason that slaves will never suddenly become free by way of electing kinder masters. No matter how many masters you go through, and no matter how kind they are, there you are a slave, and no matter how many social frameworks and civilizations you reconstruct, I will be dispatched to see them crumbled once again, until you get your acts together on the aggregate strata. Like I said, you are new to this, and we have very different Kali’s, you and I, and so I’d ask that you reconsider your assessment of my person and agenda. You can’t even see me, yet. What seems a magnificent towering city of stone and steel, is lain to waste by the most humble of tiny weeds reaching for the sun from the cracks in your sidewalks. You can pluck them out, poison them, fill up the cracks, and relentlessly throughout the ages I have chipped away at the creations of man, and not one of mans structures has yet been able to endure… By humble weeds and gentle winds they all fall, and their crumbled ruins are cooked in the sun, like so many cremation grounds. Now, I have serious doubts as to your level of familiarity with Myatt’s or Toynbee’s aeonic works, but just so you know, your somewhat elderly civilization is due to kill over at any time now, and I, VK, am the wind.

(3) My “Darryl is fixing the ONA” is one of the oldest memes codified for my particular person. It completely misses the mark regarding my actual agenda and message, but the kids so enjoy their games that I have let it go thus far. In truth, I have no desire to fix anything. My desire is to deconstruct abstraction, distraction, distortion, and abomination, to rub your noses in it, and to remind you all that the only necessary framework required by Nature is already, and always has been, in place, simply awaiting your attention, should you ever find yourself to be in possession of the higher Will, rather than your current state, whatever that may be. Like I said, I am that gentle but consistent force which no structure or organization can withstand, a simple breeze, an advocate for numinous valuations, and that level of agency required in order to be honed as an extension of the karmic blade of consequence, having been run through with it myself. The genuine alchemist wields only those weapons they’ve been slain with, pathie mathos and all that. You’ll catch on soon, and I’ve already accepted your future apology.

VK – Darryl: “(5) Have you ever noticed, VK, that every time you attempt to brag on yourself, all you can do is point to preexisting religious systems, and boast “Look! Look! I have slightly altered and laid claim to this as well!” … Its cute, really.”

Well, since there are thousands of people from many Western religions who practice Goetic and Qliphothic sorcery, and since I still manage to consistently provide some of the best insights into the practice(s), I must be some kind of mental giant. Become a leading voice in the Kali-worshiping community and then you’ll be on my level.

Despite your pretentious claims to being some grand occult giant, and the supposed leader of modern Kali worship, (which obviously you are neither), you consistently demonstrating that you are not. For one thing, everything you post on your blog was written by someone else, and sure, if you were conducting hours upon hours of research and then compiling your findings into reports for public observation, that would be honorable, however, you are without honor, because what you do is conduct hours of research and then post it on your blog in some arrogant tone of “Hey everybody! Look how big and smart I am” fashion which absolutely betrays any possibility that you have seriously attained even the slightest genuine alchemical insight. Certainly, with that attitude, I know that you have never met my Kali, as such a haughty and self worshiping mindset as yours is neither attractive to Her, nor compatible with Her presence… You are a mundane and Magian occultist, and that is not mere name calling, it is an observation which I can defend, because it is that you behave, practice, and boast within the forms and attitudes of the mundane, and because it is that your manner of public boasting, crying for attention, and desire for titles and approval, are the most primary elements of the Magian indoctrination. You reek of it, exude it, attempt replicate it in your reading audience, and are therefore drowning in the essence of insignificance. No one having endured actual trials, having deconstructed the self, spent a long while in the wild, or ascended the ranks of any man made system as an insight role, would feel the need to buttress their base consciousness ego and their lower will as do you, because it is that very ego which is the first thing to die when you find yourself running form a bear, being shot at, or living on the run from Magian authorities. You absolutely lack any of the scars which would substantiate your claims to being the occult master, ninja, or grate leader, you are claiming to be. I’m not upset with you, in fact you are now enduring mistakes that I have made myself. Its part of the process. Your ego must swell until it burst, and you may or may not survive the psychological and alchemical fallout that results. For some it is the beginning. For others it is the end. You have yet to reach that point where you are confronted with the fact that everything you believe, about the world, and about yourself, is wrong… Now try to listen closely, and I will attempt to teach you something actually quite significant…

Magic is Magic and sorcery is sorcery. Period. The titles and memberships, and the lodges and temples, which man builds around their namesake, are meaningless abstractions. If you sincerely study either ONA, ToTBL, Freemasons, et al, you will eventually come to a point where you must set out on your own due to having exhausted the available information therein, and having come to the realization that the true quest lies within ones self. Neither Magic nor sorcery pertains to pleasing or impressing others, and as impressing everyone seems to be your primary goal, I recognize that you are not a genuine alchemist, at least not yet. Your lack understanding of even the most basic Hermetic Principles (you seriously ought to study the fourth by the way). All the qualifiers you stack upon your claims only serve as evidence that you have attained noting in regard to said subject matter. Opposites are actually identical in Nature, differing only in degree, and all paradoxes can be rectified, but not across every strata. This is alchemical childs play, VK. An alleged grand master like yourself ought to know this, right? Oddly enough you do not. So tell me, if you and I are operating upon the same strata, with identical tools, what then is the degree to which you and I are different? Can you even tell? You see, all the candles, incense, alters, and chanting, and all the videos, and blogs, and arrogant comments, are meaningless unless you actually resonate with the Source, connect with the Numen on some practical level, and shed the lenses of contrived and concocted notions of fabricated, man made, systems and orders, such as skewing your perception with the context of Western and non Western, Goetia and non Goetia, Chaos and orderly… A legitimate perennial understanding of these alchemical insights has no room for entertaining modern abstractions, and that you do, is far more telling than all of your videos and blog post combined. By the way, how many blog post does it take to impress your Kali? Perhaps you would do well to study a bit more pertaining to those arms dangling from Kali’s neck. In all honesty, the cutest element pertaining to your whole above statement is that I was, in fact, on your level for some years, and it was Kali who set me free. I clicked the big red X, online, and on reality. There is far more un-learning to alchemy than learning. You are the perfect archetype for confusion. I will see to it that Nexion Nine Thirteen adopts the language “VK” to represent someone who is internally conflicted or in some manner subject to extreme cognitive dissonance. Look for that in my nomenclature section.

VK – Darryl: “VK. Seriously, who are you again?”

Well, I’m the smartass who crushed your social networks, humiliated you, tarnished your legacy forever, and am currently mentoring most of the people you sought to mentor.

So you believe that you crushed my social networks? Why then are they all still right there for everyone to see? You are expressing a spectacular array of ignorance an in a very public manner, VK, and a terrible and profound ignorance it is. I do not have social networks whatsoever. What I have is a single WordPress account, and this WordPress account is set up to broadcast my WordPress post to a Twitter account (which I never touch, log into, or observe), a Tumblr account (which I never touch, log into, or observe), and a Facebook account (which for the most part stays deactivated). Everyone who is anyone, knows full well that I despise Facebook, I loath it. I activate my Facebook account only twice a year, so as to advertise any books I have written, digital packages I happen to be selling, and to share my affiliate marketing links. Its a practice that I have maintained for more than a few years now, activating temporarily and then deactivating once again, said Facebook account. You simply happened to come to one of my groups screaming some nonsense about Mars just before the last time I deactivated the account, and now you believe that you have “defeated” me, lol, which is absolutely absurd, because one, you are not the cause of the accounts deactivation, two, I am not so emotionally invested in, or intellectually attached to, anything anyone has to say on the internet, and three, I had already successfully completed my advertising campaign for “A Numinous Way Vol. 1”, and I have multiple screen shots providing evidence of my book sales, of myself asking you to engage me on a civil and mature level, and of yourself declining and refusing to do anything other than curse me out and behave like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum for not getting their way.

All of this nonsense exist in your head, VK. You are a victim of your own mindspace, believing yourself to be some sort of master ninja occultist, and yet you spend your days imagining that you are on a heroic quest to crush your internet adversaries by chasing them off of Facebook, lol. For fucks sake, man, look at yourself! The only humiliation here is your own, and it is apparently self induced. Good luck sorting that out. Several years ago we had a saying in ONA, and I’m not certain exactly when it fell out of colloquial favor, but individuals such as yourself were referred to as being “Mindfuct”.

As for either you or I being mentors, I have never sought to be one, I’m just a guy who actually understands the nature of Being. I have direct access to the Numen. If people grant me their attention I will respectfully educate them to the extent that I am myself am educated, however, I always make it perfectly clear, up front, that no man can lead them to the gnosis they seek, and so what I provide is a study or a class, and not a church or temple, and that I will not accept any titles they attempt to bestow upon me. This hurts many peoples feelings because they do not want to accept the personal responsibility that comes along with the Great Work, they do not want to accept that they must develop their own personal understand, rather than depending upon my understanding. In fact, most individuals become bitter in the face of this truth, that they must put in the work for themselves, rather than relying on a Priest or Guru. And so, my young and terribly inexperienced friend, what you have are not my former students, but those bitter mundanes who seek titles rather than gnosis, those Magian indoctrinated seekers of associations rather than personally developed attention, and those plebian sycophants pursuing social status rather than insight. You do seem much better suited that I to fulfill their desires, and so I wish the best of luck to all of you. Enjoy your self attributed titles and statuses while you can, because before long, either you, or your following, will recognize them to be the hallow abstractions they are. Currently there is much more “moron” than “mentor” to you.

You said you’ve done this for eight years, right? That means I completed the Qliphothic tree of death and several additional spheres while more than five years younger than when you got involved with Satanism.

No, actually… You are demonstrating your profound ignorance, yet again. I have studied the occult and perennial fields of human history and origin for most of my life. I have been involved with ONA specifically for around eight years now, and every genuine ONA individuals of note knows, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that I have always opposed the philosophy and praxis of (or rather those human qualities attributed to) Satanism. I have been rather steadfast in my position for decades before I had even discovered the existence of the Order of Nine Angles… You, VK, as always, don’t seem to know very well who it is that you are talking to, or what it is that you are talking about. In fact, I coined the term Interrogist to set myself apart from the failures and fallacies of Satanism, and for more than a decade I have publicly debated Satanist and refuted their illogical positions. You can have a look at any of those primary social networks where Satanism is discussed, and see that therein I have consistently debated them, challenged them, alone with no safety net, and representing myself rather than an organization (other than those organizations I have myself formed). But then, you wouldn’t know that would you? No, you wouldn’t, because you literally just now got here, thinking that you know everything and believing that you are somehow ONA. Sorry pal, but you are arguing issues that the ONA and I have settled years and years ago. This is only new to you, lol, and to everyone else this is common knowledge. Perhaps you might actually read on of my books, or simply ask me what my beliefs are, or at the very least observe the internet and discover my rather obvious footprint. I’ll tell you this much, I’m quite certain that so long as you continue to speculate and wage unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations, I will continue to laugh at you and shake my head, and so too will everyone else for whom this is rather old news. You are the ONA’s new fool for the moment, you can even have my old costume if you like, just be sure to have it cleaned, and pass it along to the next fool, if and when you decide to pull your head out of your ass. Everyone, with the exception of yourself, knows what my agenda is, what my values are, and the regard with which I hold certain ideas. As I have attempted to explain to you several times now, my essence is secured, my being no longer in question, thus your lies and propaganda are useless and transparent. You don’t have to take my word for it though. I would suggest you ask around before you embarrass yourself yet again. Also, if we were bragging about who did what at a very young age, I would ante up with being initiated into Crip at age fourteen, and holding rank and Command until the age of 27 when most of my set died. What were you doing at fourteen, VK? What sort of ‘risk your life on a daily basis’ had you invested more than thirteen years into by the age of twenty seven? My past and present are solidified by manner of Federal Record, and by first hand witnesses in ONA. You are a hallow headed Magian occultist, and not a very clever one.

I’m the one who has more influence and more respect at my young-ass age than you ever had or will have.

And here yet again you have proven my point, instead of your own. I do not seek influence, I do not want the respect of mortals, and I do not concern myself with the ideals of societies or their individuals proclamations, outside of rebuking of falsehoods, psychopathy, and the Magian Dialectic. You are most welcome to pursue and possess the praise of man, because you alone would value it. I do not. My work is personal, my work is internal, my work is ageless, and I have the praise of the genuine Kali, The Source, The Numen, and not that pseudo occultism Magian-Kali you so love. We are operating in entirely different dimensions, VK. Believe me when I say that you cannot see me. While such a disposition is to be expected of one enduring your particular stage of development, I would ask that you refrain from projecting your personal beliefs and valuations upon myself. You only paint a brighter bulls-eye on your psychological subjectivity to abstraction, and unknowingly embarrass yourself even further than you already have. Also, If I have no influence, why then are all of you so threatened by my presence? Why then do you fear the transition of Satanic-ONA to a Numinous-ONA? I’ll tell you why, because I have saw your future, and you have no place in it… You are attempting to make a name for yourself in a system that is already outmoded.

I’m the one providing the best insights into the tradition so I follow and being widely acknowledged for doing when nobody who worships Kali gives a fuck what you have to say about her.

I see. Would you be kind enough to inform us layman as to the failures of all of human histories Kali teachers, and how exactly you have surpassed them? Also, I would like to see evidence of these millions and millions of Kali worshipers who have granted you status, praise, and elected you the greatest Kali teacher of all time…

I’m the sort of down to Earth guy that believes that if you were the grand master of that large a religion, you may perhaps be able to afford a better camera to record your “Do Not Trust D. M. Hutchins” videos, and I’m curious, was that shirt you were wearing the cloak of the Supreme Leader of Kali Worship, or just some shit you found on the discount rack at Wal-Mart? Take me seriously when I say to you that what you are providing is here is epic comedy gold, and nothing more… And people say that I have an ego problem? Here you are, all but proclaiming yourself the King of the whole World. LMMFAO. Bring your videos up to a higher resolution, and put on a nice shirt, and I may grant you my attention once again, but know that this lengthy reply, I do post, only to laugh at, and correct, your youthful stupidity.

Perhaps you have yet to realize that Kali does not seek human worship, any more than I desire the attention of mortals who Her. In fact, I will say that I do not worship Kali. I was stricken by Kali, taken to another place by Kali, altered by Kali, and for a time I was terrified by Kali. Now, I simply know and commune with Kali, and from time to time I am recalled and altered further. Worship is for the Magian who assign god forms to external objects and idealizations. I, have more pressing matters to attend to. You, Sir, are a tool and a fraud. Kali awakens man according to Her own election, in order to restore Natural Law, and the balance of things, where man has allowed abstraction to cloud their judgment, and ideologies to distort their nexion, and worship of false gods to mute their empathetic capacities, and you know what, VK, that is precisely what I do as well. You might as well worship me, but I wouldn’t have you anymore that Kali might. If and when you are stricken by Kali, this arrogance and boasting of yours will serve to humble and terrify you for the rest of your life, knowing your potential for illogical thinking and hubristic expression. That old saying “Silence is Golden” actually means something to us genuine alchemist. Enjoy your lead.

And yeah, I’m publishing a book through an established company while more than five years younger than the age you were at when you got into Satanism.

Books can be published by anyone and everyone these days, and I would assume that by “Established Company” you imply that you will have to abide by their rules and regulations of publication, which I would never do, and that you must copyright your work, and expect financial compensation, which I would never do. You’ve been hanging out with Chloe too long, already. Here you are obsessed with obeying the rules of corporations, and subjecting yourself, and your ideals, to the Magian monetary system. You’d have known better to come at me with this nonsense if you had read my books. Oh! And I published my books according to no ones rules, and I offer them freely to anyone with the understanding to digest them. The more you brag the more you reveal your Magian traits. When you get paid don’t forget to buy a nice shirt. Looking like you take care of your body and attire goes a long ways towards people taking you seriously, of course if you live most of this fantasy of your on the internet, that wouldn’t be a problem for you?

And I’ll remind you (yet again), that I have never “been into satanism”. Ask anyone in ONA and they will verify this. I’ve been registered on this particular map as the “Ethos Minus Mythos” guy for half as long as you have been alive, kid. You might as well be lining up your target through the sights of a backwards gun. You are so tremendously off the mark that you may as well be ready to shoot yourself in the eye, if you that pesky target would be still, lol. If you are going to fancy yourself ONA, and challenge my position therein, it may help you to actually know a little something about either of us. Instead of boasting about your books to come, why don’t you read the ones that I have already published, and then get back to me. I will accept valid criticism, though I prefer informed discussions rather than this hubris of yours.

Keep in mind that Chloe 352, being the leading voice in the order you couldn’t get any respect from, listed me in her article as an example of one motherfucker who’s doing this better than you ever did.

That you honestly believe Chloe to be the leading voice in ONA, is nearly as pitiful as the fact that you evaluate your self worth according to how someone else has accepted you or not. I rather prefer my way, which is to say fuck Chloe and her ultra-Magian worship of monetary systems, politicians, and all things mundane, and to conduct my evaluations of myself according to practical application of trials, endurance, and introspective alchemical evolution of my conscious agency, rather than wallowing meaninglessly in internet mindspace, as you and Chloe seem to do… But thats just me. Its also cut as hell, how you say “CHLOE 352”, as if you are referring to some alien entity. You are too oblivious and stupid to realize that most of the people reading this actually have known the girls personally for several years. They are human beings and their shit stinks. Gods and leaders they are not. Did I mention fuck Chloe?

There is a reason that Chloe is filling your lead/head with all this nonsense about her being the leader of the ONA, and that reason is that she failed when she attempted to convince me of the same story, a very long time ago, just as she has attempted and failed with everyone new and gullible enough to listen to her nonsensical claims. I have attempted to tell you this once already. You are fresh meet, and Chloe has sank her fangs into you, in the hopes that you will spread her memes, and promote her namesake. But know this, Chloe will not succeed, and neither will you, because I have something that neither of you possess, and neither of you seem to know what that is. You will get your first hint of it when Chloe dumps you for the next sucker to come along. Enjoy her attention while you can. She reserves it for the blind. Open your eyes and she will disown you, and claim, despite a decade of evidence to the contrary, that she never knew you. Get ready for that. Anyway, I have things to do around the house, and this joint isn’t going to smoke itself. Thats all the attention you get from me for now.


22 thoughts on “V.K. Jehannum, an Archetype of Confusion

  1. “Anyway, I have things to do around the house, and this joint isn’t going to smoke itself. Thats all the attention you get from me for now.” -Darryl

    Oh gee… check out “Mr. Cool” trying to pretend that he has barely given VK any attention. LOMFAO. After this huge fuck wall of text which is a book in itself… and after the hundreds of comments about VK on wordpress and facebook. Check out “Mr. Cool” pretending he has things to do in the real world LOL… with his bum knee.

    I think it’s safe to say that anybody who has been around the ONA for a while has in some way been inspired or influenced by Chloe in some way. And I think it’s also safe to say that anybody who has been around ONA for a while has not been inspired or influenced by “Interrogist.” What exactly have you done, accomplished, or written even as far as ONA goes Darryl?

    I just want to personally say that I really like Chloe and her writings. Chloe you have been a beacon of light and wisdom par excellence for me! Chloe, you are the Illuminatrix of the Sinister-Numinous Tradition! Don’t let losers like Darryl diminish your light!

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    • If I had to create false accounts in order to pretend to be other people that liked me, I would simply kill myself out of shame, but you, Chloe, simply have no shame whatsoever… The “Illuminatrix of the Sinister-Numinous”??? Seriously? LOL. But sure, I have the ego problem… Riiiight…


  2. Fuck Chloe. I don’t see what the big deal about her is for the past 10 years. Based on my information, most ONA associates like Darryl and look up to him. I think it’s just Chloe and the several fools she has brainwashed that hate Darryl.

    Darryl, what you need to do is help the newbies who come into ONA realize the truth about Chloe and her agenda. An article or informative essay about her will suffice! She needs to be exposed. Enough is enough, wouldn’t you all agree?

    Don’t let Chloe undermine your Great Work. Don’t let her, VK, and WyrdSister ruin the ONA. The ONA is counting on you, because only you have what it takes!


    • If you think my articles bashing the ONA can “ruin it,” you have overestimated my power and influence. As for Wyrdsister, that blog is run by such persons as Kerri Scott and Lianna. They’re OG Niners; they’ve been around since the beginning, and they are largely in control of its momentum, which is rightful, however much disdain I hold the two of them in. If you think they are ruining the ONA, then only conclusion one can draw from you opinion is that the ONA was largely shit to begin with.

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      • Ah, you see? When we engage civilly, and provide content in our expressions, a proper exchange of ideas becomes possible.

        (i) You ought to recognize your personal power of influence, as your own responsibility, and in all myriad of context. ONA should not be involved in making that choice, nor any other paradigm. On a primal level that spark of ambition must be your own, or you will fall subject to far worse than the ONA.

        (ii) I, of full formed and wholly attentive consciousness, openly, honestly, deliberately, and publicly, reject any supposed authority figures, ONA and otherwise. I have never bowed to, nor acknowledged any ONA figures claim to authority, I do not serve the OG and neither have I any intention of altering my personal goals should such conflict with their own. I hardly acknowledge ONA works other than Myatt’s own. Should anyone involved in these alleged ONA authorities, believe themselves able to provide me with a demonstration of their ability to exert it, I would very much enjoy observing the attempt. As an Agent of Natural Law, I am sworn only to the Truth, and duty when such has been distorted. A gathering of those too stupid to recognize that gnosis is our own to Guard, indeed provide the only substance to said OG’s claim to power whatsoever. I am forever toxic to the very fabric of that which, and those who, would make claims to replacing Nature with abstractions distributed by the Magian in the forms of monetized pseudo occult nonsense. The notion that all can be free by way of properly selected Masters, has always been the downfall of your species. I will not comply with human demands. Fuck the OG… I am free, and so too can you be.

        (iii) No one is in control of ONA momentum, and everyone is in control of ONA momentum. You swim along, or against, the current, and the difficulty of your prowess thus demonstrates your attention to the river before headlong you leapt. Your thoughts and actions confuse your emotions, emotions for now constructed for you by others, who pull your strings like a well kept puppet. But wouldn’t you be a real boy? If I may, I would suggest a bit more inspection and investigation, my friend, and much less presupposition and speculation.

        (iiii) ONA online, and ONA mindspace, always have been bullshit. It’s that Myatt fellow who pointed to the ticket, not those he inspired, and if you truly want on board, you’ll be needing that ticket, for no modern coupon will do. You see, all the components function the same for everyone who uses them, and cleverness is therefor express by way of creating new permutations. So no use for OG, no use for Circles, No use for leaders, and no use for effort when you see which way the water flows, and you just relax, gracefully swept along your desired evolution. Who orders your nexional permutation, Vk? More importantly, what does your nexion lens other than that which you are instructed by your personally elected masters? Masters as easily demoted. Its always your choice.


  3. Reblogged this on rudolfblog and commented:

    Hutchins has made his studies & thoughts available by sharing his works to those eager to deepen the subject.
    I am not sure whether the time lap devoted to further a war of words with those (ONAnistic) individuals will ever justify the intimate awareness it is wasted time.

    “The tragic masks of those pretending to impersonate the tradition of occultism by parading dressed-up in modernistic, carnival costumes, are there: pinned on the melted walls of Babylon”

    Ipse dixit

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  4. I was going to film a video in response to this entire article, but your writings here are so long and tedious that it would take well over an hour to do so, and no one wants to watch an hour-long youtube video about meaningless drama. Ergo, I will simply say the following:
    (1) I am not friends with or associated with Chloe. We have spoken perhaps twice in my entire life.
    (2) I am not affiliated with the Order of the Nine Angles.

    And lastly, I will refute your assertions regarding the following:

    “This is when you burst into the group, neglected to produce a proper introduction, instead you posted some pretentious nonsense about being so renown that you needed no introduction, and you barged directly into the primary Astrotheology thread, and start calling everyone idiots and morons, and you claimed that Mars and only Mars was entirely responsible for Christianity… I facepalmed for about ten minutes, refreshing the page occasionally as it became quickly populated by comments whereas group members questioned you pertaining to your Mars theory. Instead of answering their questions you lashed out, cursed them out, and called them childish names. I had all that I cared to see of your behavior and entered the thread myself and explained to you that our group has standards such that hubris would not be tolerated, and that you are welcome to advance your ideals so long as your can provide evidence, research, and understanding of the subject matter. I told you that you would have to give an account for your Mars theory, and refute the totality of the works of Manly P. Hall, Dan Attrell, and Mark Passio, in order to remain in the group. Instead of doing that, you continued to curse people out, and make several more unsubstantiated claims pertaining to Mars. I offered you a final warning, and reminded you of the group standards, again, and you replied with “MARS”. Then I banned you from my group, which you were begging for, and you went off on a mindspace adventure where you created the “Hate D. M. Hutchins Campaign.”

    I never resorted to name-calling in your group. Every single sentence in this segment is a complete and utter lie. The claims I made about the interactions we had in the Facebook group have all or mostly been backed up by EVIDENCE, actual screenshots still publicly available on my social media. You banned me the second I claimed that Abrahamic religion was governed by Mars. You never questioned it publicly, asked for further evidence, cited opposing sources, etc. You banned me the SECOND it happened and then proceeded to make slanderous claims about me with no explanation or evidence whatsoever, as is publicly ascertainable via the screenshots I posted. I did not cuss anyone out either—this is, once again, a lie.

    I was already very confident that you were an abjectly pathetic and cowardly man without honor, but I never thought you would stoop THIS fucking low, to construct a completely false narrative about me. The fact that you have felt the need to do so verifies my every claim that I have fucking DESTROYED you. Good riddance, you pathetic fucking lunatic. I buried your ass, and you have proved that yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh come now, I’m sure you have the hour, and just think of all the people who want to see you on Youtube calling all sorts of names! They will be highly disappointed, VK.

      As for the conversation in question being the one I suggest, or the one you suggest, I would see your evidence… I know rather well what I said then, and I take absolutely no issue with expressing my true regard for your current behavior, and so why would I now lie about a sentence, when above I have provided an entire essay? Again, you seem conflicted, and so let us see your photos.

      And so cute as it is that you believe yourself to have “destroyed” me, simply because you posted some things on the internet, I will demonstrate to the public my own ability to make ‘you’ vanish, with the simple clicking of a big red X, oh powerful and mighty one, 😉 . We will speak again at my disclosure.


      • Clearly my efforts have seen you destroyed, and since you wanna play dirty with all manner of lies and distortions, I’ll play dirty as well: with a nasty little truth bomb at the end of the video.
        D.M. Hutchins has constructed a new article about me, apparently comprised entirely of callow misconceptions, puerile fallacies of reasoning, and bold and deliberate lies. I have briefly reviewed and rebutted the parts of the article I have had the patience to read in the following video. As I have not and will not read the entirety of the article failing a request to do so from a reader, anyone who would like specific points of the article addressed may bring them to my attention themselves.

        Liked by 2 people

        • All the world may watch as you attempt to refute statements within articles that you admit you haven’t even read, but, I’m the liar, right? Perhaps you might explain exactly how that works? I tend to read an article before I refute it, but thats just me. I’m open to new ideals, however, if you’d care to explain your “method”. Do those demons of yours read the articles to you? LOL.


    • No. The problems exist because the lines of communication are clogged shut with ideologies, beliefs, and paradigms, all distracting us from our potential connection to the Numen, and to one another. There is no proper sludge. The only means of healing is to flush away all beliefs, and be filled to the brim with the void of primordial potentiality, in the immediacy of the moment, and the expanse of totality.


      • And all you’re doing is contributing toward that; as much as you’d like to think you aren’t, your unique little vocabulary constitutes your own personal ideology/paradigm. And you’re getting angry people won’t bow down to or accept it.

        Thua you are acting as an ideologue, exactly like those you rail against.

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        • My vocabulary is composed of those languages and paradigms in which I have discovered meaning and objective truth. Our’n nomenclature is thus born of the human inclination to maintain one foot in the sea, and another upon solid Earth. Let not that responsibility be shifted to mine, for your’n lenses you have place upon thine own perception. Engaging violence with force be not an attack, but a response, lest engaging ideology with terminology be not a invitation to bow, but an acknowledgement of imbalance and abstraction, in need of correction. I have reserved my emotions yet for more important matters than this.


    • I am well aware of this, but I think it was worth my while to take this guy down a peg.

      In fact, (depending on which YR I’m speaking to), I’m told you gave Hutchins hell in his little facebook group shortly after I got him to panic. Shit, you and Czereda both did. I don’t think it’s common for all three of us to agree on interpersonal affairs, but we all agree that Hutchins is a neanderthalic abortion, or at least in the wrong. You probably just blasted him for the fun of it, and Czereda probably did so out of love for debate, but in the end, and this is the end, I think it was worthwhile.

      Liked by 3 people

      • If I have created new synaptic communications, and caused the discussion to bring to attention that issue of questioning the manner in which valuations are to be cast, and why, then I am totally successful in my goals. Whatever it is that you believe to have destroyed in me, you have actually destroyed within yourself, and to that degree, I would happily offer my namesake to the ashes of those layers you have pealed away from your own eyes, and offer you congratulations. My goals have always saw success in terms of interaction with the Order of Nine Angles, and others, because no one seems to know what my goals are, emergent of the of the Source, projected to the receptive, unique essences expressed in uniformities, as song sang to the def, and paintings shown to the blind.


      • He’s essentially the quintessential fedora toting neckbeard enamoured with a cursory grasp on transhumanism and possessing of a hard on for Elon Musk- attempting to sound profound and merely alienating everyone in the process (but that of course was the aim, mundanes!)

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