I’m Not To Be Trusted, Please Buy Me Food

So we started with this…

And we wound up with this…

Just when you believe the comedy has died, here it comes again…

0:09 – Interesting how you’ve gone out of your way to make it a point to state how pointless you believe my articles to be. Personally, I do not reply whatsoever to articles which I find to be pointless. Indeed, videos and blog post only add more weight to that which you pretend to be ignoring. Thank you for your attention, VK, but if you will reply to my post, I must ask that you read the whole article, and respond to the actual content therein. Thanks. Also, I highly recommend getting help with your drug problem, and I further suggest a transition to enthoegens, from concocted FDA synthetics.

0:20 – It is actually quite a shame that your drug problem, by your own admission, prevented you from actually addressing the talking points of my reply article, however, you must realize that beginning your reply to my article with a full acknowledgment that you haven’t even read it, or at the very least are unable to properly address said issues, cast the remainder of your video in a somewhat uneducated light which our viewers and readers must grant serious attention. We both know, VK, that you are very much smarter than that, and I seriously doubt that your drug addiction has reached the point of so drastically hindering your cognitive functions. You are simply being lazy. Just admit it.

1:20 – You spent the first minute and a half of your video, slandering me without substantial evidence of your claims, and talking about getting high on FDA synthetics, encouraging our audience to get high with you, and without ever addressing one single element of my several page reply addressing your concerns. Now, why is it that you would so pretend to want to conduct a conversation with me, only to turn around and prove that with every opportunity I have granted you, you have to failed to address my actual views, and dedicated yourself, and your mediums, to ad hom and attempted character slandering. Its nearly as if you have no ammunition, but you cannot stop waving your gun, a gun that looks rather lethal, but can’t fire a single shot, so I’m calling your bluff. Quit crying about it, read the full article, man up, and answer the rather simple questions and lessons I have lain before you. Being so ‘advanced’ as you claim to be, such ought to easy for you, no?

1:37 – Again, I’m just LMMFAO. You think all of my articles are good, with the exception of my articles pertaining to yourself, BUT, that is exactly what everyone says when I produce an article about them. Get in line. Wouldn’t you imagine that WyrdSister and pals feel the same pertaining to the articles I produced about them? They simply had the good sense to back off when I simply explained it to them that the attention my views were getting, which oppose their own, was born primarily of the interactions they were willing to have with me. And guess what? Poof! They ran along. I guess you haven’t figured that out just yet, because you’ve never made it all the way through one of my replies before? I’ll tell you a secret. Everyone praises the magnification of my lens, that is until it focuses a burning beam upon their personal ideologies. And yes, I did say ideologies, because this pertains to ideals and paradigms and eras. This seems only to be personal for you, VK, and I am content to leave it that way, so telling as it is. If you don’t want to be a utilized as a tool, get out of my toolbox. That said, I do favor equal time for all ideals to be considered, and so I would ask you to please tell us more, which drugs to get high on in order to refute philosophical positions that you aren’t even familiar with.

1:56 – I have spent far too much time in Magian courts to invest my energies engaging in speculation pertaining to which of us is lying about what. The evidence will serve us both equally in preventing any but the truth to be known. If you claim to have hidden evidence on a special account, I would suggest that you make these photos public information on all accounts, unless of course you have something to hide. I’d prefer this, in order that our viewers and readers come to their own conclusions. That doesn’t bother you does it? Other people coming to their own conclusions, I mean? Our most primary conflict seems to be that you, an attempted sorcerer, would tell the people what they must think, and I, the Agent of Natural Law, would have them think for themselves, insofar as they are competent to do so. Remember, VK, identical in nature, differing only in degree.

2:23 – Perhaps you might explain what the Great Work is, what it takes to accomplish it, and what I lack in said regard, and if you’d be so kind, explain what exactly what you are calling “destroyed him”, other than that you posted your opinion on the internet on day, alongside billions of other posted internet opinions. Thank you so very much. I’m certain that if your attention span, or drug supply, holds, you will produce a stunning alchemical rebuttal.

2:45 – I at not point believed you, or anyone, either attempting nor able to sink my credibility. That would be impossible. My credibility is my own, and I’m not one to become attached to human ideals whereby I need be validated by others. Both pride and shame are my personal responsibilities, but then, we have already established that we work with very different Kali’s, and so I would assume that we work also with different Great Works as well. Define the term Numinous in your own words, VK. Can you? It is my theory that you and your obsession with my person is based upon an attempting to make a name for yourself within my preexisting audience, wherein you seek to spread around your namesake and mug, which is odd because you claim to desire no interaction with ONA, unless of course it is to hate me, or to suck a fart out of Chloe’s ass on command. I have made this quite clear, and quite a number of times, but then you’re the one not reading the full articles, and so you are admittedly only half informed pertaining to this conversations subject matter. Are you truly so blind that you cannot determine that I invest no interest in what any group, association, or organization, thinks of me. I set fire to my human credibility many years ago, such that my current engagements effect only those with whom I interact. I am accused by all, and yet beyond sentencing, and I answer to no one, though I am a torrential downpour of interrogation. Watch closely, you’ll catch on.

3:44 – Ah…… And so we have arrived at last… You want to “help other black magicians” by refuting me, and I want to demonstrate to those having taken on The White, The genuinely Hermetic Great Work, the Numinous if you will, by exposing the Magian within the pseudo occult. We are not so entirely different after all. We both seek to make clear something muddied and abstract, and we have both taken up that cause as being just and worth while, however, I’m afraid that these black magicians of yours are being duped, and therein lies my only honest interest in any of you. If you were able to read this far, might you define the difference between black magicians and Agents of Natural Law, to the best of your ability. That would be a solid ground upon which we might both take this conversation more seriously. What say you? You produce a solid article, not delving into the traditions and customs of each group, but simply the listing what you view the differences between “black magic” and “white magic”, and I will introduce you to my actual beliefs, by way of offering you a serious and respectful consideration. Your refusal to do so will also be noted if you decline.

3:45 – I have not introduce a new narrative, I have explained what actually took place, and neither have we had this “fallout” of yours. You take this internet business far too seriously, VK. The big red X makes it all vanish. Try it out sometime. I assure you that I have had innumerable interactions with self important internet personalities such as yourself, whereby I have commented upon a thread and logged out, only to have taken a look at the thread next day and discovered that some individual believes themselves to have “beaten” me, or to have “destroyed” me, because they were so proud of their boastful hubristic comments… You are acting as if you cut my break lines, or put a bomb in my car and killed me, LMMFAO. So wheres the smoke, wheres the fire, when did I die, and where was I buried? I’ll tell you where, in you unimaginative mindspace, and on a utterly Magian extension of your Millennial generations cross-dressing social (engineering) network, Facebook. Believe me when I say to you, that no one takes you seriously.

4:23 – Please, by all means, list each of my lies and refute them. Its one thing to accuse someone of being a liar. Its something else entirely to make a case for your position. Prove that I have lied, and I will apologize and withdraw my statement. Would you be willing to commit to those same terms yourself?

5:03 – You don’t know how I find the time to post and argue as I do? Really? All of my articles have dates attached to them. I post on my WordPress perhaps once every couple of weeks, and occasionally up to a few times a week, not to mention that most of my post are poetry, and every so often someone like yourself request more of my attention. That is what you are referring to as “all the time”? I guess I just read and write far more quickly than others, and I really cannot be bothered to pet others who are slower than myself, because I can write a three page essay in minutes. While I attended college, I facepalmed when people would ask for more DAYS to turn in a simple five page essay, in fact, in most of my English classes the professor would say to the class “at least ten pages” and then she would look at me and say “no more than fifteen pages”. One particularly attractive young woman stated that she could grade everyone’s papers during class, but that she took my essays home, where she could relax, have a drink, and digest my overly philosophical views (scorning glances flashed at me by the young women in those classes). Also, any time there was group work to be conducted, I asked to work alone, and took on all of my ‘groups’ assignments and completed them myself, maintaining my A-B average, and often leaving class as much as an hour early. Its now an old joke at the college I attended, that I cause the professors to upgrade from minimum requirements for essays, to maximum capacities for essays, and still I could reduce my papers to their maximum standards, and turn my assignment in several days before the other students who were begging for more time. And to think, I wholly reject the academic paradigm in its Magian totality. And a word to the wise, do not take nineteen credit hours in one semester.

5:09 – You say “especially with kids” as if I were challenging the views of small children or something (and I may as well be), when in truth the views I challenge are those of adults, who very much like children, are unable to answer for their claimed beliefs. Again, this is not my problem. Your society says that you are all adults as of eighteen years, and so I would recommend either manning up and knowing what it is that you are talking about, or perhaps all you mundanes can huddle together and possess enough of the aggregate voting pool, so as to have your silly bipartisan fraud of a government push the ‘age of consent and adulthood’ goal post way on out to twenty five or thirty? I saw a sign once that read “The problem with kids today is that they are twenty five…” One hundred years ago the age of of twenty five marked a fully matured man or woman, likely having secured property, family, and social prowess… Mmmm, just look at this Magian progress, social justice warriors, safe spaces, et al… Tell me, VK, at what age would you prefer to be questioned again? How long will you remain a child? How are you simultaneously a leading voice in the Kali worshiping society, and yet only a child on WordPress and Youtube? Did I mention that you were conflicted?

5:37 – You believe that I plead with you to help me get food, from Taco-Bell!!! LMMFAO, I love you VK, I have never laughed so hard in my life, lol. That, so hysterical as it is, is absurd. I consume neither soda nor fast food. My daily breakfast pertains to 3000 mg Triple Omega 3-6-9 fish, flax, and borage oils, 800 mg Kale, 500 mg Green Tea, I vary my multi vitamin-mineral brand and dosage, 500 mg Bromelian, 500 mg Pomegranate Complex, and I wash it down with Emergen-C for the niacin, B12, and magnesium, content… This is not to mention the coconut oil, and other such items which constitute my daily diet, and so no, I am not eating poison at fast food windows. You did make my laugh though, and nearly knock over my cranberry, grape, apple, and pear, juice blend. You look fairly fit yourself, and so I would assume that you know better than to eat such filth?

6:12 – I am not raising any children whatsoever, and neither am I in poverty. A properly trained individual would recognize natures great abundance by simply walking through the forest, so I lack nothing whatsoever. I certainly do have children, however, they live with their mothers. You are once again either confused or misinformed.

6:28 – I’m not sure who you think you know, or where they came by this alleged information, but my sister has never owned a home with a basement, and shes owned quite a few homes. Now, in my thirty six rather antinomian years, I have indeed bounced around the United States, stayed with many people, sometimes in their basements, sometimes on their couch, and sometimes on the streets, in the cold, in the rain, and I have indeed begged for food, just not from you, and not in the past fifteen years. If you believe you have shamed me with this statement, you are incredibly incorrect. You, VK, read stories about the Buddha, and the Christ, and other such noble individuals, but read is all you do. I went out and lived it, I went out to know it, and so I do. The destitute beggar, the wealthy thief, the abstaining monk, and the successful Magian employee, I have sought and been. All of these things I have most certainly been, BECAUSE I am in control of my own life, and not the nomos of Western societies paradigm of servitude, which seems to have led you to measure success only according to material possessions. You will look back upon these conversations in the years to come, and recognize the shame and lack of commitment to Amagian values as being your own. Until then, enjoy your box, and I will enjoy my forest. Just earlier the dogs began to bark, and so I looked out the window to discover my yard full of deer prancing along, and wild turkey flocking behind them to scavenge for any bugs they may have stirred up. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Seriously, fuck your false stone and steel fabrication. You are praising me, and fail to know as much. I thank you either way.

6:46 – I am not a “better” alchemist than you, I’m simply more advanced in years and experience, and less obsessed with the Magian worlds abstractions, and social expectations. As for leading the world, I’ll have non of that either. Weren’t you just boasting that you were some great Kali leader? Certainly throughout the years my consistent message has been non other than that we need neither Masters nor Slaves, but for everyone to assume personal responsibility, or to die. Please read my books before you embarrass yourself like that again. The world is an organism with a will and evolution of its own. Therein I simply cast permutations into the filed of preexisting components, and open nexion by which certain energies flow.

7:30 – Claim what you will about not being involved with ONA. Hell, the ONA OG aren’t ONA either, as far as that goes, and neither am I, right? lol. Chloe, WyrdSister, and Yorkshire Rounwytha, all declined to produce a solid standard which denotes someone as either belonging, or not belonging, other than their personal whim, and whatever grants the WordPress blogs the most hits… Strangely enough, Nexion Nine Thirteen established, published, and has since maintained, an open and easily explained standard, when no one else in ONA could, or were at least unwilling. I’ll just lump you in with everyone else until you are able to announce your own personal standard. Its one of those pesky genuine alchemist responsibilities that I am always on about. You’ll catch on.

7:40 – You suggest that we read your article “I’m Leaving the Order of Nine Angles”, but I’d be much more interested in seeing any articles which validate the assumption that you ever were “Entering the Order of Nine Angles” or “Having Entered the Order of Nine Angles”… Lets see that instead.


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