Magian Occultism and The Sinister Way

Magian Occultism and The Sinister Way – A Collection of Heretical Texts from The Order of Nine Angles – Now available in paperback here. Contents – Introduction -The Heresy of The Sinister Way – O -Magian Occultism – I -God, Demons, and the Non-Jewish Origin of Satan – II -Sinister Demonology – III -The Sorcery of Heresy – IV-A Note on Some Terms – V -T he Dreccian Heresy – VI -The Rite of Defiance – VII -The Black Mass of Heresy – Appendix 1-Sinister Tribes and The Tyranny of The State – Appendix 2 -Classic ONA Text: Satanism, Blasphemy, and The Black Mass – Appendix 3-The Theory of The Holocaust.


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