4 D.M. Hutchins – Personal Research

The following research I would consider to be essential to anyone interested in freedom from slavery in either psychological, spiritual, or legal contexts. These sub-categories include necessary information, and the price paid for not possessing it. I highly recommend the “Notable Individuals” section, and specifically the work of Mark Passio. I would also stress the “Constitutional America” section for those of you uninformed as to the original intentions of the American Forefathers, (how we have strayed from them is obvious). I’ll leave the rest of the content to the exploration of those of you who have the stomach (and intellectual honestly) for it. This collection of pages contains articles, all of which pertain to my research addressing, understanding, exploring, expanding, and evolving the individual and aggregate human psyche. A few entries such as “Notable Artist and Musicians” are included due to the involvement in the Truth Movement of the artists and musicians in question. An observation of their work will influence your understanding in that regard, as it has my own. Thank you for your time and attention.



  • Alternative Societies
  • Alchemical Transformations
  • Alchemy and The Great Work
  • Chrakra Points and their Correspondences
  • Constitutional America
  • Documentaries and Series
  • Entheogens and the Sacred Mind
  • Epic Stupidity
  • Guns and Cops
  • Interference Theory of Human Origins
  • Notable Artist
  • Notable Individuals
  • Notable Musicians
  • The Hermetic Principles
  • Podcast and Internet Radio
  • SHTF