A Numinous Way Vol. 1

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A Numinous Way – Vol. 1

D. M. Hutchins
Addressing Order Followers,
Corporate Sorcery, and Moral Virtue


The Magian Dialectic and Moral Inversion
Recognizing Modern Sorcery: The Corporation
What is Numinous Virtue?
Pseudomoral Magian Conventions
A Change In Perspective
Order Followers
Why do we fight the Corporations?
The Solution



Ones understanding of symbols and archetypes, if understood whatsoever, will determine their recognition of artificially engineered social acceptance (indoctrination), or possibly set them apart from societal acceptability, due to their unorthodox pursuit of spiritual freedom, and consciousness evolving psychological and emotional independence. Those who are uninitiated into occult studies (the origins and meanings of symbols and archetypes) are thus unable to recognize the otherwise obvious intentions that are expressed quite clearly in nearly all corporate branding, logos, military insignia, and on the fiat currency notes exchanged around the world. The purpose of this article is not to endorse any particular tradition, belief, or organization, nor to attack or slandering any given system. The purpose of this article is to explicitly express two crucial certainties; (1) that the only variety of “bad” information, is that information which you lack, thus to reject occult understanding due to a belief that such is inherently evil, will only strand you in ignorance, at the mercy of evil, for (2) when others possess information to which you are ignorant, they can and will, and historically always have, used that information to manipulate and enslave others. It is due to humanities general, and predominantly willful, ignorance to historical, esoteric, and exoteric insights, that small groups of individuals (families, banks, and corporations) have gained tremendous power, influence, and resource, through their near exclusive understanding of the human psyche, which they have used to domesticate and tame countless generations of human herds.

Introspection, independent spirituality, and critical self-analysis, are all but bastardized and mocked in this age of organizations, clubs, memberships, and the meaningless titles attached to one form of herd-think or another, offering as they do their supplemental character, whereas moral virtue has been turned upon its head in favor of devotion to the trivial and superficial. Glamorized and praised are all forms of impersonal and external abstractions, revered and emulated in order to achieve the respect of others who seek similar meritless attention. Such respect is gained and granted, very often, via lip service alone, neither individual qualified to evaluate the verisimilitude of, and neither individual authorized to provide or restrict, said artificial and insincere respects, on assumed and obviously contrived flatteries, so as to appease obviously mundane pursuits. Materialism and wage-slavery are hallow and impersonal, yet devastatingly successful systems of ego glorifying indoctrination which eliminate dignity, erase nobility, and utterly replace the attentive eye with the lust of base consciousness. Human potential and the evolution of civil union are under direct attack by countless organizations who retard technology, monetize health, and make every effort to replace the passionate human soul with the Dollar, Euro, Yen, and Pound, and the people of the Earth, having allowed their cultures and their common-law systems to be infiltrated and purchased, they have permitted the “Elite” to employ a eugenic assault whereby they have feed the weak, starve the strong, having long ago turned the tables of the aggregate conscious evolution, and produced oblivious, millennial, new-agre, special-snowflakes, in such quantity that the spirit of mankind has been all but exorcised, leaving in its place a pale and obedient flesh for whom the corporate structure is a Holy Temple, and varieties of currency are but denominations within the global Bankers Religion.

There are yet some few of us who would seek a numinous venture, to restore the human spirit. We would personally establish our own standard rather than to adopt social abstractions, and manifest our own existence rather than to simply exist, and we therefore oppose those “Elite”, their families, banks, and corporations, whose aim it is to prevent our independence in such regards. Our goals are above and beyond the respect, understanding, or acceptance of societies and organizations, and our aspirations are accomplished via direct experience, personal study, and the grounding of ones ambitions in the moral virtue of balancing mind, body, and soul, in both singular and unified fronts, intent upon freedom and conscious evolution which no family can ransom, no banks note could possibly represent, and which no corporation can buy or sell.

We must take it upon ourselves to be antisocial, and yet represent the aim to build more meaningful personal relationships. We must oppose organized religion and yet represent the aim to develop deeper empathy, and a heighten numinous spiritual capacity. We must oppose the nation-state, and police-state, and yet aim to build stronger and safer communities empowered by our own dedicated militias. We must be absolutely anti-corporate, and yet dominate the entrepreneurial field with our own skills and productions. While this may seem hypocritical in the conventional sense, it is crucial to understand that the integrity, character, safety, and merit, which governmental and corporate infrastructures are pretending to offer, are actually being stolen from the very individuals who compose those systems, and maintain them with their participation and compliance. The value in question is already your own, the hard work is performed by your own hands, the bright ideas are from your own mind, and the hard fought victories are won at the price of your own blood. So why on Earth would any of you hand the fruit of your own hard labor to political figureheads who have never labored in that work, who never produced an original idea, and who never took up a weapon, or risked their lives, or spilled their own blood in your defense?

Those who would lay false claim to our productivity are the very heart of evil, hypocrisy, and psychopathy, and if there truly be any just and virtuous reason to commit oneself to hard labor, to focused attention, and to the spilling of our blood, it its evident that we must once again unit so as to Declare our Independence from those liars, thieves, criminals, and murders, who are the enemies of freedom, for true independence embodies a gentleman’s demeanor, a soldiers strength and skill, and an academic knowledge, without having enslaved oneself to, or supported, those societies, armies, and universities, seeking to monetize, commercialize, and enslave, the Human essence.


Every system of philosophy posits some code of conduct, which conduct aims to achieve some ultimate goal, or state, and therein lies the difference between those moral philosophies which one chooses to adopt so as to study and evolve the self, according to ones own aims and goals, and those immoral philosophies forced upon us so as to define and abstract the self, according to the aims and goals of another. As such, the Numinous Way of D. M. Hutchins (obviously a humble continuation of the Numinous Way of David Wulstan Myatt) divide all philosophical, religious, cultural, and political systems, in to two distinct categories according to the manner in which they effect the human psyche, which are ‘Natural Law Philosophies’, and ‘Magian Dialectics’.

The term psyche pertains to the latent, or often hidden, elements of ones consciousness, where archetypes and the energetic influences of the sacred masculine (positive and projective) as well as the sacred feminine (negative and receptive) elements of Gender do dwell, and therein possess the potential for those unknown archetypes to direct the thinking and behavior of the base consciousness and lower self (ego), and too that potential for one to know these archetypes and sacred energies, and through an understanding and balancing of them, achieve higher consciousness and thereby regain ones Will through the higher self, which is to say dominion, empathy, and apprehension of the Numen.

The social and cultural specifics of any given philosophy are not nearly as important as that single question; Which category does this systems characteristics place it in? Natural Law philosophies by any name will possess the following traits; They are personally chosen, They are personal (alchemical) in nature, They all pertaining to the nature of Being (empathy) and personal and aggregate evolution, They do not cause suffering or intrude upon anothers free-will, and one may leave at any time without threat of harm or penalty. Magian Dialectics by any name will possess the following traits; They are enforced, They are impersonal and likely dictated by a person or group to whom there is no direct access, They all pertaining to some form of outcome-based educational system of indoctrination geared toward producing an abstract identity (they mute empathy), They all include an assignment of “duty” or “order-following”, and should one attempt to leave they will be faced with threats, harm, imprisonment, or death.

At this particular moment in humanity, there has come a particular reversal of moral notions, the valuation of which having been for some time slandered and morphed, slowly and steadily mutated according to the Magian Dialectic, which is to say, that ongoing dialog between those Magian (The Elite Priest Class Occult leaders of the Earth) and their unwitting subjects in sway of their influence due to being nescient those foremost understanding of themselves, and of the Cosmos. In a genuine conversation both parties come together and exchange information, thus changing both, informing both of the others views, which is the positive form of a dialectic. The Magian Dialectic, however, is a form of Hegelian dialectic, wherein a conflict and a resolution is managed by a manipulator (an authority figure, a nation state, or a government) who structures the outcome in such a manner that they themselves will always win, or gain their own personal desires by directing the aggregate thought process, and the resulting reactions, into conflict which lead to predetermined and fabricated “solutions”, thus forcing the masses into circular and predictable patterns of behavior. It is the managing of opposition by playing a thesis on an antithesis in order to create a synthesis which the Magian manage rather than resolve, via abstraction rather than reality, which quite literally turns, and has turned, humanity against its own nature in pursuit of all manner of trivial and superficial nonsense.

The ‘Principle of Polarity’ must be understood in this regard. Everything is dual, and everything has poles. Everything has its pair of opposites, which opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. Extremes meet, and all paradoxes may be reconciled. In this context one should realize that both subjectivity to the Magian dialect, and the potential for personal dominion (Self Possession) exist on the same strata and are basically the same thing, different only in the degree to which one is, or is not, aware of natural Law. The fact of natural Law itself, and the fact of the ones behavior having consequences therein, does not change according to ones lacking of gnosis, however, possession of gnosis certainly does induce personal dominion, which dominion can be manifest in liberation from false dialectics, and ones own Willful, empathetic, and honorable, navigation of those consequences, and a personal understanding of natural Law and of Numinous Being.

The Numen itself is not necessarily the advocacy of a “way”, insomuch as it is a recognition of the degree to which all ways (philosophy, culture, religion, and legal systems) are known to be the external dialectics that they are, abstractions all failing to apprehend the Numen, designed as they are to pull us back into the realm of external control, or to push us forward into the realm of abstract independence, though always according to the will of another who would dictate our navigation, and our conscious evolution, through the consequence of natural Law, according to their own selfish and ego driven desires. Such does mark the sorcerers nature, manipulating and altering only in accordance with the lower will and glorification of their own base consciousness.

The Numinous Way which I express is not a call to take sides with either Natural Law philosophies or the Magian Dialectics, but to notice and recognize them both as systems of control and directors of evolution, wherein ones own mind will be certainly be managed, whether one makes the choice to manage it themselves, or not. The nature of the Magician lie in influencing change to occur in accordance with higher Will, within the Will of nature, and the Will of the Cosmos. The noble, honorable, and moral manner, is to be in control of ones own self, to resist the trivial and superficial, and to be that Knight who serves only the Kingdom of Truth, beckoning all others to honor as well, though leaving the decision and its consequences to them, even should they willfully become that sorcerer, and even should we be required to enact said consequence.




To fully understand the boundlessness, and merciless dedication, of the corporations with which we are at war, one need only observe the methods of those who shamelessly enslave children to their materialistic desires, desires for wealth and luxury, openly attempting to destroy the spirit of humanity in its formative developmental years, by replacing it with unnatural brand, carer, and legal, pursuits. Nearly all of human culture, religion, law, custom, art, expression, and communication of any kind, has been boxed in by branding, philosophical genre, copyright, taxation, or some such mental prison, aimed at routing human creativity and intuitiveness, into capitalist slavery. Corporations have infested the human food supply with manufactured products, and turned it into yet another private commodity. They have turned children into brand zombies, and they have damaged our future by commercialize the collective world view, and placing short term profits over the collective well being, or humanities consciousness evolution. Modern media corporations praise ownership, and hoarding of material possessions, whereas exploration of numinous experience is all but mocked and branded new age nonsense. The reality of the matter is that numinous understandings, Shamanism, Hermetic and Gnostic studies, are among the most ancient of human insights, some version of which has been manifest within every human culture, and are currently visible in the astrotheological versions which the uninitiated take literally even today. Numinosity, its study, or mere acknowledgment, are not only removed from the modern corporate culture, but the desire can hardly arise due to the constant bombardment of hypnotic advertising issued from television, radio, internet, and print media, all of which are focused upon consumerism, fashion, and some form of insecurity, all of which are accomplished or remedied via adherence to wage slavery.

The enemy seeks, not only to occupy the physical lands and bodies of the peoples of Earth, but also that strata of reality emergent of the physical. The enemy has invaded the mind and heart of humanity, and adorn it with as many flashing neon signs and filthy billboards, as any abhorrent city street, and just as with the city street, any of us who deviate from the norm, and think independently of the establishments flashy filth, are treated as attention seekers, confused bums, or terrorist gang members. The most sickening element of modern humanity is their utter mental dependency upon the fetishism of fashionable trend, all of which is specifically designed to replace natural human pursuits with systems of creating debt, forcing each successive generation into wage-slavery and debt-worship. It is important to recognize the effect that corporate culture has on humanity, and perhaps more important to recognize the methods of the overall scheme, that one be mindful of them, observing opportunities to hinder or expose them.

There is no longer any line to be drawn between corporations and governments, as each represent the interests of the capitalist class, both are uninterested in what the people feel or have to say, and many government officials serve on corporate boards, while many CEO are politicians, where both aim to milk the people of their labor and energy. They both seek greater profits, taxes, and power over the general public, as well. It is therefore obvious, that going to war with one, implies going to war with the other.

Governments have long been used to bail out failing corporations, which corporations pay for the campaigns of those politicians who bend, break, or redefine, the law in corporate favor. The result of corporate bailouts is such that the corporation maintains any profits gained, shifting all losses onto the government in question, who in turn, shift all monetary loss onto the people by raising their taxes, which taxation is already theft in the first place. If anyone refuses to pay taxes, they are sentenced to prison, which prison is paid for with taxes collected from the people, who are being forced to support the ruling of a judged whose practice is to defend and enforce the laws created by the corporate government in the first place. Corporations use campaign contributions to ensure that no citizen can run for public office without corporate financing, and thus they maintain an iron grip over the political process, ensure that no genuine politician makes it into office, and no anti corporate philosophy is given voice, other than than of a billionaire, which is just as bad. Political success is only possible for traitorous individuals who are easy to buy out, and so the parameters of any political debate remain within corporate and monetary control.

Corporate executives across the world have been known to create false addresses abroad, and revoke their citizenship in order to avoid paying taxes, while publicly advocating patriotic and nationalistic propaganda, urging the people to be good little tax payers in order to make their nations strong and proud. The same governments and corporations are notorious for cheating their own tax codes, and moving their own personal assets to private foreign accounts, which is directly depleting the national wealth in question, not to mention their mock-patriotism is most often used to instigate wars, whereas they fund, and profit from, both sides. Corporations lens their intentions and actions through government agencies, thus collecting trillions of dollars in profits from war, by selling bombs, missiles, guns, grenades, et al, while avoiding any and all responsibility for human deaths, or property damage. Afterwards American construction companies are happy to rebuild the nations they have destroyed, either leaving them in ashes at worst, or in trillions in debt at best.

These corporations also have little reason to concern themselves with the lives of the poor, who make terrible consumers. If a poor person joins the military they either receive pay, which promotes their ability to consume products, or they are killed, which removes them from existence. For the corporation, who pay no taxes in support of said military, its a win/win situation. These are but a few of the myriad of schemes employed by the thieves often referred to as politicians and CEO’s.

It is profoundly important important that we make clear that we are not merely indicating some fashionably flaunted, anti-establishment attitude. We are in fact expressing a recognition of the overwhelming evidence of the intent and methodology of those thieves, murderers, and slavers, with whom we are at war, defining specifically that to which we are opposed, and our reason to resist the undignified existence, the humiliating, and unnatural, treatment of ourselves, and of our planets resources. We must elaborately demonstrate our desire to build a dignified community of noble, sustainable, militia, and self-governed communities based upon our own agendas, our own peoples, and Natural Law. Please be aware of the following corporate agendas…


• Fast food corporations are designed to turn the populace into a dependent, obese, and lethargic, entity, lacking the ability to cook or create its own food, seeking instant gratification, rather than sustainable self reliance. Every year they spend billions of dollars hiring unethical psychologists to design irresistible ad campaigns, specifically targeting adults, teens, and children.


• Alcohol corporations use advertisements to present the disease of alcoholism as a glamorous social reality. These corporations are making billions each year by poisoning the minds and bodies of those who consume alcohol, while suggesting escapism is socially acceptable, and actually fixing ones problems is optional. Also, addicted, intoxicated, consumers, are far less likely to pay attention to their surroundings, than healthy, sober, skeptics.


• Cosmetics corporations destroy the confidence of young women, tapping into the minds of girls at extremely young ages, erasing their self-esteem to make them feel lacking and ugly in order to make cosmetic products a necessity for hundreds of millions of insecure women. Beauty has become an extremely expensive, false, racist, euro-centrist, corporate agenda to turn the human body, and personal confidence, into a commodity.


• Encouraging a commercially controlled self-image, fashion corporations, owned mainly by wealthy men, exploit women from all walks of life, turning women into addicts to petty clothes endowed with manufactured mysticism, or enslaving them in sweatshops around the world. These delusional woman, and some men, chase the glamour of the model image, oblivious to, or accepting of, the fact that most models and fashion executives are drug addicts, using unnatural chemicals to contort their bodies into unnatural shapes. Fashion corporations have established a monopoly on the very definitions of beauty, through their intricate network of media, to insure that their products are consumed mindlessly.


• Media corporations work methodically to control the political world-view of the populace, injecting their capitalist bias into everything, injecting the abstracts of morality, ethics, and legal systems, into the paradigm of the populace via extremely effective propaganda techniques. Complete control over the minds of the people has been effected by only a few, who have twisted human perception to make it fit into the designs of the ruling class, and thus the human world-view propagates the political and economical interests of the wealthy, as humanity is itself passive, compliant, conformed, and entertained, utterly adherent to agenda of the upper class.


• Corporations use free labor from 2.3 million labor camp prisoners in the United States, and are actively doing everything in their power to increase the number of customers (prisoners) in private prisons. Corporations see the prison industry as a growth industry, where massive profits can be made by housing ‘customers’ by collecting taxes from the State, which YOU must pay, or YOU will be sentenced to go to the prison for refusing to pay the “tax ransom” to sustain their free factory… Prison is the ideal corporate structure, where workers are paid nothing, to work for the rest of their lives. They also control the social climate through media, which in turn intensifies imprisonment thus intensifying private-prison profits, and are thereby demonstrating that they are not satisfied with the wage-slavery of the general populace, but demanding an even harsher private prison-slave population. Note that very few corporate or political leaders end up in jail, no matter how many laws they break, because they own the law, and they own the prison system. If you see a politician or CEO go to prison, its because they got in the way of the other criminals friends.

It is obvious that corporations aim to destroy human minds, human culture, human relationships, and the planet Earth. Already, they have destroyed countless cultures, countless human lives, ecosystems, and our limited precious resources. The corporate worldview is devoid of numinous understanding, limited completely to assigning monetary values to anything and everything in sight, driven by an illogical, indeed an insane, hunger for material accumulation and consumption, which is in a word “Psychopathy”. Only a well organized and massive revolution can cleanse the world of corporate slavery, dethroning corporations of all their power, influence, and wealth, and place personal liberty, and the Earths resources, back into the peoples hands.


A primary element of the Magian dialectic is the obvious reverse of the meaning and context of morality, because those who are immoral have no grounding in what is good or natural, and no desire to defend what is noble and numinous, and those who do have their grounding in that which is good and honorable would have no part in those conventions which compose the overall Magian dialectic, were they able to see it as such. To that end several abstractions and systems of “law” have been set in place so as to weaken mankind, and to domesticate our formerly independent and honorable nature, in order that our populations would be silent slaves, lacking in all honor, nobility, dignity, or any such quality as would cause us to question authority, challenge the Nation State, break away from media induced belief systems, from eating and drinking poison, or to form tribal cultures of our own which reside outside of Magian influence, all of which are noble, honorable, and natural, to do.

There are some few of us who possess a natural propensity for truth, or at least a certain character such that we do intuit the falsehood and fabrication behind those several Magian conventions, naturally resisting the undignified and inhuman systems they employ, which often lead to our being labeled as outcast or trouble makers when we refuse to participate therein. It also leads many of us to make certain logical and emotional mistakes in our youths, and having made those mistakes myself, I can explain and expose the foremost among them such that others may consider and possibly avoid them. Formerly I had rejected the whole notion of morality, totally and entirely, due to the immature judgment that morality itself was nothing more than another of those Magian systems designed to dictate my thinking and behavior to thus confine me to a particular paradigm, and for many years, so smart as I believed myself to be, it did not occur to me that just possibly, morality and empathy were natural human capacities, and just possibly, in my rejection of the overall Magian dialectic, I had inadvertently abandoned and personally bastardized the very foundation by which it is actually possible and justifiable to oppose and refuse that immoral dialectic. I had been duped, and fallen victim to the abstraction that is ‘moral reversal’.

During my three and a half decades of youthful rebellion I have collected quite a number of experiences, philosophies, and associates, which to one degree or another, continue to completely reject the concept and capacity of moral virtue, very likely believing as I had that moral virtue is a Magian perversion of our amoral nature, though this is in truth an amoral perversion of our noble and virtuous nature, such that I now stand at odds with satanic and occult traditions which promote amorality, as I am driven by honor to advocate that a genuine sinister return can be none other than a return to nobility, dignity, independence, and chivalry, and those qualities valued by Knighthood such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry, indeed that spirit of moral virtue held as our own standard, and maintained in spite of, and not due to, the Magian dialectic, for to take credit for chivalry and personal honor is the grandest of all those lies produced by those who would enslave us, as the believing of that grate lie, is that which has made us slaves. Take up your own virtuous swords and defend that which is numinous and true, and judge the thoughts and attitudes of the Magian, who would reserve such judgment and authority for themselves, though it is, and only ever has been, our own.

With the truth we are able to reverse this distortion, unbinding those intellectual and spiritual shackles lain upon us by the Magian, and return to the original and just context of morality, and of ones own personal standard in just and due application, and of self control by the Higher Will, and of noble conduct by merit of said virtuous standard. It is only in the distorted Magian context, that media induced psychopathy which pretends to be ‘adherence moral conduct’, that moral virtue takes on a negative or mundane connotation, or implies submission to external authorities, or legal abstractions, for our genuine nature lies not in the watching of television, nor in the voting of leaders, nor in being the slaves of bigots, nor in the concealing of gnosis, but in the direct manifestation of knighthood and dedication to truth, pledged as we are to a Numinous Way and Natural Law, or as we can be, seeking death before dishonor, or so I believe we should be seeking. Let us correct this lie, and proclaim the truth.

The Nobility of Adherence to Moral Conduct

When we say “Adherence” we imply (ψυχή). That acceptance of our natural psychology, biology, and philosophy (Mind, Body, and Soul), and the preservation of it, and the refining, maturation, and evolution of it, and to answer that call to the defense of it, against all nefarious abstraction, all those notions leading away from our recognition of our location in the grand consequence of natural Law, via the broadcasting of unnatural politics, the enforcing of impersonal laws, and the influence of would-be external authorities. I would ask that you consider “Adherence” to represent our refusal to become vulgar or perverse, and to represent our dedication to preserving our true essence in pursuit of a numinous Way, and to represent that we acknowledge our own nature to be a component of the complete natural Law, which component does thrive in biological and intellectual prowess when unburdened by the mundane limitations of subjectivity to the Magian Dialectic.

ψῡχή • ‎(psūkhḗ) f ‎(genitive ψῡχῆς); first declension
1. life (the state of being alive)
2. (poetic) life-breath, life-blood (‘the state of being alive’ made corporeal)
3. soul (the immortal part of a person)
4. ghost (the spirit of a dead person)
5. the mind (seat or organ of thought), (the faculty of) reason
6. spirit (animated attitude)
7. (rare, extended from the meaning ‘soul’) butterfly

When we say “Morality” we imply (ἠθικός) unto (πάθει μάθος). In a word: Numen. The acceptance of the consequences in terms of ones behavior within the realm of natural Law, and the noble and just navigation of that Law, serving as an instrument and advocate thereof. The Numen is therefor all of those things which breed excellence of sinister character in us, and with which we do practically manifest our just Will, the Higher Will, and reclaim our Righteousness and interconnectedness from the filth and distortion of Magian religions claiming to be the source of such, as that ethos is, and only ever has been, our own, despite their attempted abstraction of it. That which we regard as the essence of the sacred and which causes our perspective to focus on that which manifests or presences balance and justice, is numinous and therefor Moral, which morality we do seek to amplify, promote, and glorify, consciously, deliberately, and intentionally.

ἠθικός • ‎(ēthikós) m ‎(feminine ἠθική, neuter ἠθικόν); first/second declension
1. of or for morals
2. moral
3. expressing character

πάθος • ‎(páthos) n ‎(genitive πάθεος or πάθους); third declension
1. pain, suffering, death
2. misfortune, calamity, disaster, misery
3. any strong feeling, passion
4. condition, state
5. incident
6. modification of words

μάθος • ‎from alpha (as a neg. prefix) and manthanó
1. unlearned, ignorant.
2. un-thought

Pathei-mathos (qv. Aeschylus – Agamemnon,174-183) is the process of learning from personal adversity/personal suffering/hard personal experience. It is thus a means of developing good, a fair, personal judgment – that is, thoughtful (balanced) reasoning [σωφρονεῖν] – and of maintaining the natural balance, the harmony [ἁρμονίη] of the Cosmos, manifest in Δίκα.

When we say “Conduct” we imply (Δίκα). Think of Conduct in terms of ones own personal development, and in terms of our united development, that desire to, and judgment by which, we do form and collect to our comrades, and form tribes of, and thereby recognize, our kindred, and so desire to protect and defend them, with whom we do restore the sacredness and dignity of our component of natural Law, acknowledging both Causation and Effect, and our navigation of each.

Δίκα • (general δίκη)

  1. noble

  2. respectful

  3. balanced, understanding balance

  4. what lies beyond, what is the genesis of δίκη

  5. reasoned judgment, thoughtful reasoning, (see also Wu Wei)

Δίκα (a form or type of δίκη) implies the balance, the reasoned judgment, the thoughtful reasoning – σωφρονεῖν – that πάθει μάθος brings and restores, and which accumulated πάθει μάθος of a particular folk, clan or πόλις (community) forms the basis for their ancestral customs and thus their living culture. δίκη is therefore, as the numinous principle Δίκα, what may be said to be a particular and a necessary balance between ἀρετή and ὕβρις – between the ὕβρις that often results when the personal, the natural, quest for ἀρετή becomes unbalanced and excessive. Δίκα is spelt (and written) thus – and with a capital Δ – to intimate a new, a particular, philosophical principle of The Numinous Way devolving around the concepts of the numinous, of balance, and of πάθει μάθος, and to differentiate it from both the more general usage of the term δίκη and from δίκη personified as the goddess, Judgment.

And so it is of great importance that one know precisely what they are saying when they would either praise or slander “The Nobility of Adherence to Moral Conduct”, lest they fall victim to that moral inversion of the magian dialectic, which I will not, and which you should not, as we are not amoral beings, but the very source and embodiment of numinous and moral virtue, as we are righteous, and righteousness, beyond all abstraction or structured institutions.


The validity of morality based upon natural Law lie in it’s consistency, grounded upon the numinous and unchanging elements of our relationship with consequence and our empathy with all life. The fallacy of amorality, and those Magian pseudo-moral conventions, lie in the sheer variety of those conflicting values in the light of mans existing in but one state, regardless of the several paradigms and worldviews leading to those individualist, nationalist, racist, and sexist, abstractions. What I would address here is not the idea that the Magian have failed to produce a proper moral system, but that the Magian dialectic is the willful and direct obfuscation of humanities natural moral intuition, that is to say our natural inclination towards the higher Will, and inadvertent apprehension of natural Law. I would suggest also that the installation of unnatural valuations during ones formative years is the only means of producing willful slaves, specifically because the higher Will, once formed, insist upon assuming personal responsibility for itself and its direct relationship to consequence (Magic), rather than submitting itself to an external will, and thereby enduring the consequences of their motivators intentions (Sorcery). For this reason, I would explore the primary tactics used against us in an effort to lead us away from natural Law, and into subjectivity to Magian law, known also as common law.

In order to destroy humanities natural inclination towards natural and numinous moral valuations, the Magian have established several social and monetary conventions, all of which have been enforced by police and military brutality, creating a situation in which everyone must believe and do as they say, or risk being imprisoned or put to death. Over time, having killed most of those who resisted them, and having indoctrinated and programmed those who did not, or were unable to resist them, the Magians mass scale eugenics has had the effect of dumbing down and weakening humanity, and causing them to so believe in those social and monetary conventions, and in moral relativism, such that personal preservation and personal advancement have become the foremost principles of human culture, which culture disregards all notions of dignity, nobility, honor, objective morality, or the numinous. Truly, most human populations are so thoroughly brainwashed that they not only believe that this “social Darwinism” is humanities natural state, but they have become so enamored by and subject to media induced mind control that they reject any mention of the magian having brainwashed them or distorted their nature. Through Sorcery and eugenics the magian have forced humanity into a cycle of trauma – victim – abuse, which prevents the possibility of achieving personal dominion or the activation of the higher Will.

Once the higher Will has been eradicated, and once empathy has been severely stunted, one begins to believe, or believes from the age of reason, in these utterly nonsensical notions such that it is ‘justifiable’ to harm or encroach upon other, because they have been harmed or encroached upon themselves, or because they believe that it is necessary to dominate and subdue others in order to advance and progress within their artificial social conventions (education, employment, political incorporation). While there are exceptions, the majority of people who have been abused will tend to abuse others. Those who have been subjected to belief systems will tend to subject others to belief systems. Those who have been programmed to associate their own self worth with possessions, trivialities, and superficiality, tend to teach others to conduct similar valuations of themselves. From generation to generation families pass these ridiculous religions, philosophies, and politics, to their children, reinforcing them with the idea that other religions, philosophies, politics, and other nations, are encroaching upon their values, while all of these abstractions have actually been contrived in order to divide and conquer these “nations” through worldview poisoning and controlled opposition. This is the desired effect of the magian dialectic, that the masses would remain in base consciousness, relentlessly attempting to climb the ladder of psychopathy, willing to give their lives to defend outrageous abstractions, which violate natural Law and pervert the human Being.

And so the obvious question can only be, how do we break the ‘trauma – victim – abuse’ cycle, in which the majority are herded into controlled opposition situations which further hypnotize and enslave them? It must be expressed to those enslaved that slavery is not overcome by trading the shackles for the whip. Psychopathy is not overcome by being promoted up the chain of influential psychopaths. The totality of the magian paradigm (all of them) must be put off in order that personal dominion can be achieved, in order that natural Law can be internalize and reasoned, and that it can be understood that one has no more need to be governed by others, than one has to insist upon governing others. The honorable and valid, and moral, and numinous position is to Be in harmony with nature, empathetic to all life and energy, neither intruding upon another, nor permitting another to intrude upon yourself. Those who would embrace moral relativism, who would do anything to ascend the social and political abstractions, are as much the enemy of nature as the magian themselves, and so it is that many of those who fight the magian, are themselves the magian, defined thus by their methods and their monetary, materialistic, social, and political desires, yes, even those claiming Satanism, Luciferianism, the ONA, for the consequences of natural Law are consistent, and ones desires cannot be divided between abstraction and the Numen. You are either an agent of natural Law, or the enemy of it.

Psychopathic Origins

Both Darwinism and Creationism are lies, which Magian sub-dialectics have enveloped the whole world in the illusion of choice which distracts everyone from the fact that the corporate psychopathy and the social conventions currently evident in modern human societies, are not native to human nature nor the Earth, but are the result of an interference with human nature, by those who have come to be known in myths and ancient histories as the so-called “gods”, and just as the people are unwilling to hear the truth of the modern Magian dialectic, they are most especially unwilling to entertain the notion that humanities current and local Magian slavery is the result, and the remainder, of our ancient enslavement to foreign beings who altered human genetics, and programmed and enslaved us with their own psychopathic valuations, before using us to rape our own planet, and abandoning us to die in the ruins.

Because those who interfered with our Being were imbalanced and immoral themselves, there influence upon us (we being altered in their image) have caused us to be as imbalanced and immoral as well, such that we are now a species which should not exist, as natural evolution did not intend for us to exist in this unnatural and unnuminous state. Darwinian evolution, which attempts to explain away our current biological and social structures, is an outright lie which purposefully refuses to take into account the involution of human consciousness accompanied by the eugenics (artificial selection) producing our ever more domesticated biology, and thus modern Nation States actively promote, through outcome based educational indoctrination, a blind and dumb chemical reactionary ‘evolution concept’ which pertains only to the combining of unconscious genetics traits, which lie is designed specifically to prevent humanity from realizing (again) that when we lived in a state of personal and collective dominion, we overcame and as were those so-called “gods”, as we have accomplished at least once before, which caused “gods” to fear our progress such that they returned and interfered with our genes and social structures a second time, establishing the priesthoods of religions, the leaders of nations, and the so-called races which cause to appear slightly different from one another, thus setting us against one another in pursuit of all manner of contrived nonsense.

All scientism, religion, politics, racism, and materialistic idealism, were produced by the “gods” so as to infect and hinder humanities conscious evolution, limiting our ability to achieve higher Will in order to enslave us, because it is our genuine nature to be noble, and just, and wise, and to observe the numinous within ourselves and within all strata of natural Law. And it is that same system of slavery being used even now in the absents of the “gods”, because members of our own species have maintained these conventions in order to enslave humanity unto themselves, though in the absents of the “gods” the Magian have come to possess the higher Will, and they do understand natural Law, though they are as immoral as those who would called themselves our “gods”, and they do operate in dominion and unison, thus I refer to those in power as the Magian adept. However, it remains to be as true, that when we come together in complete union and dominion, our species will again become, as we have been before, the very instrument of natural Law, wielding consequence and applying justice to those who would take our freedom, be they of another species, or of our own.


It is evident, or must be by now, that I have closed the left eye, and opened the right, concluding certainty and thus reclaiming curiosity, such that I would seek to know rather than claim to, that I would seek to Be rather than propagate containers, and that I would preach independence of, rather than beckon conformity to, the ideals of those many who exert that false energy from which I have thus distanced myself, and thus rather than direct anothers attention I would address the quality of it. One can be no more than the information which they have brought into themselves. Information inwardly forms us such that the quality of that which we take in determines the quality of that which we inwardly experience and outwardly express. And as ignorance and freedom cannot coexist, the strata of gnosis spans from hypnotism to the higher Will, and ones quality of attention pertains to their navigation of that gradation. Base consciousness dwells in hypnotism and is dictated by external influences while the higher consciousness or higher Will dwells in attention and is self governed by its own understanding and composure.

Rather than dwelling in worry or regret I would address the currently numinous, the immediacy of the moment, as is expressed in the symbolism of the Gnostic crucifixion. Do not be enslaved to Magian concepts of time, and deadlines, and endlessly repeating cycles of labor and rest. The Son of Man, representing the light of the world, was crucified between two thieves who represented regret for the past, and worry for the future, which implies that one should live in the moment, and I would elaborate, to see from a broad and informed perspective what is now within you, and within the world. Understand time to focus upon the nature of consciousness and its maturation as it navigates the ever expanding present moment, rather than the fruitless repetition involved with adherence to Magian abstract identities and their assumed responsibilities.

Rather than dwelling in indulgence, develop the Will. That which one consumes one becomes, and this is true of both gnosis and substance. If it is good to possess the truths rather than lies because one expresses what they know, and it is good to be independent rather than subject because growth is not possible in slavery, it is therefore true that it is better to eat what is physically good in order to become what is physically good. If one consumes poison and filth which distorts the balance of natural intake, so too will the body and mind be poisoned and filthy and be equally as unbalanced and unnatural in its biological and psychological expressions. A rule of thumb to evade the poisoned Magian food supplies is to focus upon consuming local and organic foods as much as is possible.

Rather than adherence to the fiat monetary system, study and practice methods of barter and trade, and alternative currencies which do not permit third parties and Nation States into your affairs any more than is possibly avoidable. One should always strive to conduct their business in such a manner that their barters and trades are not visible to their governments, as their governments will force such trade and barter into monetary form which they will tax, and which collected taxes are used to forge yet more intrusive and enslaving systems. When you use fiat currency you are literally paying for your own slavery. Even in refusing to use the monetary system, all manner of trumped up “criminal charges” are waged against one, which charges lead to imprisonment, and which imprisonment is ‘funded’ by those slaves still supporting fiat currency, and even physically building those prisons, because those workers are so dumb and blind that they would build prisons to obtain the slave currency that also fills them. The sad truth is that most human beings are too stupid to realize that the Magian have no more authority than the people grant them, and they couldn’t place us into prisons if we’d only stop building them, and further, they couldn’t wage war if we didn’t go and fight for them. Just stop.

Rather than supporting those who have enslaved humanity using the Magian dialectic, support your fellow man with education and insight, not withholding gnosis but sharing it, not occulting but de-occulting, exposing, and uncovering. We must first educate ourselves pertaining to the situation we are in and break that Magian spell upon us in order to achieve dominion, and then we must inform others of the situation which we share in order to achieve aggregate dominion, which I refer to as unison or union. The primary truth among truths and foremost principle of principles is that there be no authority other than the ordering of nature itself, natural Law and ones personal and numinous intuition of it, which drives us to be nobly in compliance with, and ourselves expressions of, through adherence to moral and natural conduct, which instruction we do receive directly and deliberately from the very source, and not from any interpreter, priest, politician, or mafia of would-be magian thugs. External authority and the supposed “order” of man made law is a lie, and the rejection of that lie must not be misunderstood for the pursuit of chaos and disorder, but for righteous anger that it is, directed at those who would distort the fact that Order comes only from within, as it is slavery that comes from without, and we must acknowledge that man can coexist in harmony, numinously, and without the interference or dictation of managers or handlers, as though we were property.

Rather than striving only to activate and utilize the mind, seek also to clam and silence it. The creative and expressive elements of our consciousness exist within pure awareness, which ideals and abstractions lens and distort. True awareness lie not in observing conventions but in naturally Being, and so one should simply Be for at least some time each day via the various means and methods of meditation, and countered by daily achieving the Flow state as well. Meditative and Flow states are the ‘rep’ of exercising the consciousness, Flow being the lift or attention and meditation being the release or silencing of our Being.

Entheogens, which are psychoactive compounds such as Ergoline alkaloids, Ibotenic acid, Atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine, Thujone, Kavalactones, Diterpenoid known as “Salvinorin A”, Psilocybin and psilocin, Phenethylamine alkaloids, principally Mescaline, Beta-carboline harmala alkaloids, MAOIs and DMT (dimethyltryptamine), and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), are extremely useful when used in a mature, informed, and specifically respectful, Shamanistic context. One must have the proper setting within the mind, within the local environment, and conduct the communion for the right purpose.

It must be understood that entheogens (from the Greek language – En: Within, Theos: Divine, Genere: Create) are themselves conscious, and to be taken seriously, because the induced states are not mere experiences to be laughed at, but consciousnesses to be communed with, which offer correction when they are abused. These are known also as Psychedelics (also from the Greek language – Psyche: Mind, Deloun: To Make Clear). This is what true holiness, communion, and sacrament is, not an external holiness to be learned, not an external communion such as instruction, and not a dead sacrament, but a holy personal communion, a living sacrament (Sacrum: Holy or Sacred, and Mente: Mind – To make the mind holy) within ones own self, in the immediacy of the moment of hypernuminous awe and consciousness expanding gnosis (the clear and holy mind). Theses compounds have a natural relationship with human biological and conscious evolution in every natural and numinous human culture, and it is only within cultures domesticated and indoctrinated by the Magian Dialectic that these compounds are made illegal, and that is precisely because the “Elite” understand that anyone who experiences these compounds will NOT remain in base consciousness, will NOT be willful slaves, and will not be deceived by political and astrotheological abstractions.

Those who achieve the higher Will see through abstractions and reject fabricated concepts of personal identity and the supposed “roles” we are told we must play or fulfill. Entheogens and Psychedelics are toxic to the Magian Dialectic because they lead the people back to a Numinous understanding of Natural Law, and away from the hypnotizing media induce coma whereas Homohubris dwell. This is why Magian legal systems bastardize altered states of consciousness, and this is why Magian media outlets lies about, distort, and slander, the intentions of those who advocate them, Graham Hancock, Sam Harris, David Icke, Timothy Leary, Dennis McKenna, Terence McKenna, and Alan Watts, to name but only a few. The Magian Dialectic does not want you to OWN your own consciousness, or to modify it, because they want to own it, and they want to modify it, to their own ends.

Rather than dwelling in negativity one should attempt to be positive in that they have awakened from the Magian coma, and while waking others may seem like a daunting task, one must remind themselves that the humanity has an illness, and that they are not inherently evil. Their worldviews are poisoned, the truth hidden from them, and made to be dumb and asleep quite against their will and without their knowledge or consent, and as thus we must strive to make them wise and awake that they would reclaim and develop their Will, as thus the aggregate dominion grows, and thus the Magain Dialectic is overcome, slowly and over time, and perhaps across an aeon, put to death.

The primary reason that we should not hate humanity is that we have observed our own condition, which is not perfect, and as we have learned and overcome, so might another learn and overcome. One cannot respect another until they respect themselves, and thus self respect is to respect the condition we are all in. Respect (from the Latin language, Re: Again, Spectare: Look At) to take another look, at our selves, or another. When we forget our own past mistakes and hubris we are dismembered (separated and apart from the truth of our own Being), however, when we remember (rejoin, bring together, and acknowledge all the parts of our experience) our mistakes and hubris and the lessons we learned from them, we are also reminded (our mind has come to centered-ness and oneness, dominion) of who we, and who others, are. We must also be responsible in that we are ready and able to respond to the stimuli within our environment, mindfully and purposefully and Willfully, above and beyond that reactionary behavior expected by the social programming of the Magian Dialectic, which makes tremendous use of our scorn for humanity, which scorn we must overcome because humanity is the slave of our enemy, but they are not themselves our enemy. Humanity must be cured, and the Magian must be slain. Genuine empathy is such that when one Being is suffering, every Being is suffering, and thus we cannot eliminate suffering by curing only ourselves, nor achieve true dominion by hoarding gnosis unto ourselves.

Conscience (Con: Together, Sciere: Know or Understand) is not local to the individual, but spread across populations and species and various lifeforms. Conversion (Con: Together, Versare: To Change) is not local either. A conversation is a means to change the two who have engaged one another, and we can see the effect the Magian have had on humanity, producing legions of willfully blind and dumb slaves by making that ongoing conversation intentionally one sided. However, just as the Magian have blinded them, so too can we wake them, and as we are becoming immune to the dialectic, so too can we inoculate others that they evolve and overcome as have we. This is conviction (Con: Together, Vincere: To Win) sharing the truth that it may be understood by everyone, recognized, utilized, and employed, by everyone as such.

Truth is not equivalent to a belief in a system but rather it is related to directly experiencing, and possessing gnosis of, a given issue, thus we do not ask another to believe in truth, we ask another to Know The Truth, because atonement (from the Latin language – A: Depart From, Tonare: Make Noise, Mente: Mind) is to be of one mind, possessing personal dominion, away from the noise, conflict, and chaos of the Magain world, to return to the numinous source of mind which is ordered, harmonious, and peaceful, which exist only within, and which is the Kingdom of Heaven which the Magian attempt to abstract into conformity to external religions, preventing us from oneness of consciousness, and that is the Truth.


Order Followers are the cause of all suffering, all monetary and taxation systems, each and every war to have ever been fought, and all court rulings leading to imprisonment or death. It is absolutely the truth that all supposed authorities, all systems of governments, and all political procedures are utterly incapable of carrying out their “laws” themselves, and it is for this reason that the Magain dialectic is focused upon maintaining a gullible, unconscious, and dependent population, for in this unconscious state humanity must become order followers in order to attain those necessities which they no longer possess the skills or will to procure for themselves, and through their service to Magian systems they inadvertently manifest the unnatural order which I refer to as the Magain authority, which I implore you to recognize as slavery.

Slavery exist exclusively because people are following orders rather than determining for themselves what is right or wrong, and what is moral or immoral. “Ranks” and “Grades” are systems whereby ones personal judgment is believed to be insignificant unless validated externally, or whereby ones own personal judgment is utterly ignored in order to blindly adhere to anothers judgments and valuations. This ‘rank’ and ‘order follower’ paradigm specifically trains its subjects to ignore, and even reject, any mode of personal empathy or judgment whereas ones own moral valuations of right and wrong would lead them to make a personal decision. These ‘rank’ and ‘grade’ systems, which are most evident in military, police, and corporate structures, encourage their subordinates to be utterly ruthlessness and inhumane by way of promoting only those who blindly obey the masters, seeking praise and payment above and beyond any compassion for human life, or respect for another’s free will, because all manner of immoral, ignoble, and evil, methods of accomplishing their ‘superiors’ agenda, are to be excused and exonerated by the arbitrariness of Magian ‘common law’, and this will be the case so long as the slaves want to be masters more than they want to be free.

The Magian are using unconscious slaves such as soldiers, cops, and CEO’s, in order to enslave those who yet possess and utilize their conscience and higher will to seek out what is numinous and moral in terms of natural Law. Feudalism attempts to destroy natural Law and establish a global socialism in which the Nation State claims all rights and possessions for itself, such that humans beings must relinquish their inherent rights and willfully become possessions of the State. Neo-feudalism or appeals to all segments of the illusion of choice presented by the magian dialectic, manifesting as Communism on the ‘Left’, and as National Socialism on the ‘Right’, and as slavery across the board, and this is the “New World Order” as it is called by many, manifested entirely upon the shoulders of the unconscious, blind, and dumb, “Order Followers”.

The only means of escaping or opposing this new world order is to refuse to comply with its systems, by refusing to obey false authorities or their mindless subordinates, by refusing to believe in or propagate Magian lies, and by learning and internalizing the magic and holy value of the word “NO!”, for to suppress ones own natural and moral valuations to then obey another’s ‘orders’ is the very act of Evil. That which we are inherently possessed of by means of natural Law, and which beckons us to that which is righteous and numinous is an inward Order, whereas no external dictation is required, and thus we recognize such as abstraction and distraction, because we know that morality and obedience are utterly incompatible. We are obligated to do all that is possible in order to wake the sleeping, however, should the slumber continue on, our righteous anger and the taking up of arms against our oppressors is both moral and necessary.

We possess the right to use force, though many would claim that there is never a proper time or reason to use physical force against another. I would address this issue as being determined by whether one believes that our rights are inherent to the human condition and thus governed according to our conscious relationship with natural Law, or the belief that human rights are arbitrarily contrived by the whims of Magian governments according to our relationship with the penalties of being caught when breaking their common laws. This element of the Magian dialectic deals specifically with the base ego and controlling societies valuation of human rights. Their legal systems having all but bastardized the concept of self defense, labeling such as as violence, the magian simultaneously flood all media with seemingly endless variations of violent actions and suggestions. The result of this purposed contradiction is two fold, with each outcome playing into the hands of their system of human eugenics.

Those who are inspired to become violent themselves are eventually arrested and removed from society, or they go to work committing violence on behalf of magian institutions, such that any exposed “violent traits” are either removed from the rebellion or incorporated into the slave machine, while those who are not driven to become violent themselves eventually accept the violence of Magian institutions, becoming so desensitized as to condone their conduct or interpret it as being normal and common to human nature (the whole ‘nothing is wrong with the world’ attitude), no longer questioning the immorality of, nor challenging the consequences of, political, military, and corporate behavior, and often adopting an amoral and magian mindset for themselves. Basically, those who have been removed from society have been stripped of their rights, and society at large is then becomes composed of those who have willfully relinquished their rights to Order Followers.

Consider This

Complying with and believing in the Magian legal systems, on any level, is equivalent to agreeing that free assembly and free speech belongs only to politicians and corporate owned media venues, and that not obeying an Order Followers commands (police or military) gives them the ‘right’ to murder anyone entirely at their discretion. You would actually have to believe that some symbols on their chest, or on their hat, implied that their abstract “rank” is more valuable than human life itself, and that they are in possession of some authority which you are not, such that they possess the power to dictate your ability to freely move about, to engage other human beings without being monitored, to determine your methods and topics of conversation, and ultimately decide what you can talk about, with whom, where, who lives and who dies. Wake the fuck up people, we are at war! I tell you now that they do not have any ‘right’ to murder or silence us, and that YOU and I possess the inherent human right to defend ourselves against harm and intrusions upon our free will. As agents of natural Law it is just that we meet force with force, and arms with arms. Order Followers are the driving force behind all systems of enslavement, and are thus ultimate enemy of Freedom.



Corporations have, near totally, taken over every human population and contorted them into commercial venues. They have destroyed our educational system through the commercialization of curriculum, via conspicuous funding and sponsorship whose agenda is a subservient future generation. Human relationships have been manipulated by the media to reflect consumerism, rather than brotherhood, and legal adherence, rather than moral virtue. The corporate agenda has used its wealth, built upon the slavery of humanity, to spread across the entire globe, eliminating or infiltrating all cultures, and replacing all manifestations of honor, dignity, and freedom, with unnecessary, fabricated, and utterly artificial political abstractions. These same abstractions severing our connection to the life on planet Earth, separating us from one another, and bastardized our genuine cultural, genetic, and ancestral, values with fabricated commercialized astrotheological (501c3) deceptions. The modern society is thus engineered by the corporation, to be spiritless materialist, who are fat, lazy, willfully ignorant, desirous of poison, praising filth, and adorn itself in all manner of vulgarity, slaves as they are to this disgusting and ignoble establishment.


Theses Corporations are fiercely controlled by only a few individuals whose psychopathic greed dictates the lives, and the deaths, of billions of workers, which workers sustain their own slavery by way of their compliance, and for this reason they must be recognized as the enemies of freedom, for in so doing they are insisting upon the compliance of others, and their own enslavement. Order Followers are the enablers of the “Elite”, and with every order they follow, they assault the dignity of those among us who would be free. Order Followers undermine our Declaration of Independence by way of relinquishing their independence to external entities. Order Followers render The Constitution of the United States meaningless in that they have sold their allegiance the FED and to Washington D.C. which are corporations, and not states within the American Union. Order Followers have been blinded by their masters greed to the point of ignoring our Bill of Rights, attempting to destroy civilians right to keep and bear arms with unjustifiable demands pertaining to registrations, licenses, and regulations, which in no way apply to the overly militarized state police mafia who in many areas march upon American soil in riot gear while carrying, and using, fully automatic war weapons upon American citizens, and this is not to mention the infringement upon our rights to speech, travel, and peaceful assembly. Any aspect of human freedom expressed, and any element of independent thought voiced, is viewed by the modern corporate-government establishment as disobedient, illegal, or terrorist, and results in a quick assassination, or imprisonment by, that system for whom financial profits matter many magnitudes above and beyond justice, rights, freedom, human live, or Natural Law.


The commercializing and monetizing of medicine and information has created a situation whereas anyone outside of the social grid, that is to say outside of political correctness and adherence to social trend, are therefor underprivileged and uninformed, abandoned to die from basic and curable diseases, and even hunger itself. Nearly all modern ‘secular’ societies have been conditioned to accept and participate within class systems of drastically immoral resource deprivation. Of course, such is politically correct when pleasantly packaged in propaganda terminology, for example “National Law” which pretends that certain human beings are inherently different from other human beings due to standing on a particular side of an imaginary national border, such that one group, or race, or sex, or religion, or politic, should be held to different moral and legal standard, which is “Moral Relativism” (the denial of objective rightness and wrongness). Furthermore, Class Societies promote a world in which the so-called Upper-Class are inherently entitled to own everything and yet do no work, while the Middle-Class are bound by duty to do nearly all of the work and yet own very little, and then the Lower-Class who own and do nothing can sit on their ass all day, waiting for the Upper-Class to rob the Middle-Class and provide free meals and housing to people who refuse to be productive and likely came to America illegally. Everyone wants the product of Americas Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, but they don’t want to have to actually work towards it. They want it to be handed to them for free, and this includes most Americans, and it certainly includes the criminal corporations, and most of our criminal Government. As if this were not insane and immoral enough in our own home, the same can be observed playing out on the global strata in the form of whole nations being classified as either “First World”, “Second World”, and “Third World” according to their governments ability to pay out the Elites demanded ransom for even basic resource.

In truth, all of these social and national classifications are completely contrived, because all nations are composed of human beings in possession of varying degrees of potential for intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and humanitarian, capacities, and the greater the potential reached by each individual therein, the greater the potential success of all others who strive in said regard. There are more than enough resources on Earth for everyone to have plenty of food, medicine, genuine education, and freedom, if only we would unite and destroy the Elite who are hoarding the worlds resources to themselves. They have no more power or authority over the human race grants them. They can bleed and die, and they should, and we can be healthy and free, and we should.




To advocate a collective humanitarian rebellion, and to challenge the greed and the armies of the Elite is to label oneself a terrorist, on the charges of maintaining ones own personal dignity, and inciting public mindfulness. In that case we must certainly accept whatever titles they would assign to us with their propaganda campaigns. The attention they draw to us will only expose the truth. We must take back (by force if necessary) all of that which the corporations have stolen from us, for if we do not, corporate slavery will be the only variety human life left on the planet Earth, and the corporation will be the only, and indeed the final, authority. There is more honor in death than to live such a monetized and materialistic life as has been offered to the past several generations of humanity. To these Elite psychopaths we are little more than cattle to be to milked of labor, to be fed consumer philosophical abstractions, to drown in useless unnatural products, and eventually be worked to death. Modern corporations and their adherents must be destroyed, quite simply because their system aims to destroy humanity, which is evident within their outright disdain for freedom and virtue.

Corporations have expressed no other agenda than the absolute control and enslavement of the entire world and its people, its resources, in pursuit of which they will subvert social revolutionary instincts, they will murder, they will destroy, they will kill, they will usurp, and they will exploit, anything in the name of profit, for themselves, and themselves alone. Corporations seek a future where all human beings are mindless consumers and workers, who ask no questions, and make no demands, where all children submit to the agenda of the exclusive class, where all citizens are rendered morally weak through addiction to drugs, fast food, and alcohol. Can we seriously sit back and watch as our children are conquered through physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual warfare, which human capacities after being hijacked are then marketed back to our children in some cheapened Hollywood version, at the price of their souls, their time, their attention, their lives, and their freedom?

The idea the Elite fear more than anything is that we can remember that these movies and books they are selling us were ALL born of genuine human deeds; We wielded swords once, We overthrew evil governments, We lead revolutions, We have changed the course of history, and we can do these things again, and we can build great ships, and cross oceans of water, stars, and time, if only we would fight and regain our hearts and minds. We who would rather die than to dishonor ourselves must unite, or our children, our loved ones, our world, and our future, will never recognize our conscious, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual potentials, which I assure you drastically exceed humanities current circumstance.