ONA Audio Customization Pack

Order Of Nine Angles Audio Pack


The Song Title and Meta-data from each of the original audio files has been left intact, completely unedited, with the exception of The Self Immolation Rite, which title is very long. Editing of audio pertained to functionality as ringtones and alert or notice audio. For those of you who know how (if not, look it up), one can easily replace the default audio indicators for any machine (computers, tablets, phones) or program (email, social apps, ringtones, caller ID tones, et al). Such is the intended use of this Audio Pack.

Portions were selected according to quality, and repeat-ability, with a focus on older media from The Order Of Nine Angles. It helps if you know these old songs and are familiar with The Self Immolation Rite 1997. If not, look that up as well. Some of these audio files are up to 30 seconds long (or more), which means they make nice ringtones, but are not very good for replacing quick alert sounds such as chimes, dings, and pops. You get much more use out of this pack by setting your favorite file as default ringtone, and then assigning the other longer files (the ones you like) to individual callers within your kontacts.

Files are included in both Ogg Vorbis, and Mp3, format, to suit the needs of your hardware, software, and preference.

  1. Andromeda
  2. Earth Gate
  3. Galactica
  4. Presencing The Numen
  5. Ragged Kingdom
  6. Sappho
  7. Temples
  8. The Brightest Star
  9. TSI Rite 97 (Emerge As Gods)
  10. TSI Rite 97 (The Gate Has Opened)
  11. TSI Rite 97 (Enter Dark Angels)
  12. TSI Rite 97 (Prepare Ye For TSIR)
  13. TSI Rite 97 (The Dark Sphere of Luna)
  14. TSI Rite 97 (A Young Maiden Approacheth)
  15. TSI Rite 97 (The Black That Gnaws)
  16. TSI Rite 97 (Music 1)
  17. TSI Rite 97 (With A Blast Of My Trumpet)
  18. TSI Rite 97 (The Sphere Of Transformation)
  19. TSI Rite 97 (The Sphere of Ecstasy And Love)
  20. TSI Rite 97 (Music 2)
  21. TSI Rite 97 (Music 3)
  22. TSI Rite 97 (What Horror Is This?)
  23. TSI Rite 97 (Until They Bleed)
  24. TSI Rite 97 (There Is Only Damnation)
  25. TSI Rite 97 (Death Too)
  26. TSI Rite 97 (Naos)