2.6 – To Keep and Bear Arms

This page is titled “To Keep and Bear Arms” for three specific reasons.

1. I feel that it is our God given, and Constitutionally affirmed right, (Bill of Rights if we’re being technical) for all adults to keep and bear arms. 2. Because there is no greater threat to our freedom than being disarmed and left thereby defenseless. 3. Because our own criminal governments militarized police forces are already carrying out orders to disarm us, limit and regulate what access we have to arms, often equiping themselves with weapon technology not readily available to civilians, and freely murdering many of us who are operating in full compliance with modern NRA and Federal regulations.

That being said, not all cops are evil thugs, and not all gun owners are idiots looking for a shootout, but the solitary and undeniable truth which we all share as Men, Women, Store Owners, Home Owners, and Cops alike, is that when we approach an uncertain situation, we tell ourselves basically the same thing: “WE CAN all go home, but I AM going home”. To that end I will open this page with a section of videos which focus upon certain civil behaviors, and mutual understanding of police protocals, tension easing behaviors on your part which very may well save your life. This is in no way a justification or condoning of the actions of the trigger-happy police-state employed by the pseudo-American “District of Columbia” corporation government which believes itself able to play god by issuing so-called ‘warranted assassinations’ and ‘justified terminations’ of human life. This is information is intended to help you recognize the gravity of the current situation, and become willing and equipped so as to defend yourself, and your loved ones, in situations which the corporate-state and its tax-hungry thugs constantly force upon us, against our individual, and collective, will. Consider this video the next time you assume you are free simply because you live in America:

…Know your origins, Know your Rights, and Die on your feet before living on your knees… (Bellamy Salute to the Rebel Flag)

Mark Passio presentation given at the monthly Philadelphia Liberty On The Rocks meetup, February 10, 2015. In this presentation, Mark breaks down the entire 2nd Amendment in depth, explaining what each word and term in it means, as well as emphasizing its true intended purpose.

In this video Mark Dice is being comical, but the issue is one of absolute seriousness, as Mark demonstrates that modern human beings are so absolutely brainwashed and STUPID, that these supposedly educated students were willing to offering their vote to imprison and kill gun owners, on the charge of LEGALLY owning guns, and one student voted to have gun owners placed in FEMA camps… Its a joke, but it isn’t funny at all. These stupid kids are going to be teachers, cops, and politicians, in ten or twenty years…

Let these first three videos set the tone for the rest of this page… Please pay attention to this information I am providing…

Website and Legal Resources

Constitutional Q&A: Rules of Engagement for Interacting with Police

Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights


How to inform an officer that you are carrying a handgun and live!

10 Rules for Dealing with Police (Full-Length)

BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

5 Rules for Recording Police: Steve Silverman of FlexYourRights.org


My Personal Recommendation for Home/Store defense would be a Customized Saiga Automatic 12 Gage Shotgun





Take in the term #orderfollowers
Understand the term #orderfollowers
Explain the term #orderfollowers

The concept of Order Followers has finally began to catch on in public. It may seem like a small issue to the uninitiated, but for those few of us who know what it is that we are witnessing, we recognize that small breeze that is the birth of a tornado, and we are duty-bound to support and advocate its spread, and so I am. Pizzagate was laughed at at first also, and at this point there is so much evidence that it cannot be ignored. The “elite”, that is “The magian”, know that the world is waking up and becoming wise to their true nature, their methods, and their true agenda. I would call attention to the fact that Pizzagate is revealing a portion of the vulgar activities the elite are conducting, which is shocking to some simply because it is new information which they didn’t have access to before. The truth is, however, that something far more horrible has become so common that it is not even noticed when taking place directly under their noses. If any of you believe that the rape and trafficking of children is wrong and evil, wouldn’t you believe also that those who are making the rape and trafficking of children possible were just as horrible, responsible, and evil? Sure you would. Now I must ask you to recognize that those responsible are cops, police officers, military, and anyone who works for the state. Truly, I say to you all that anyone who pays taxes, or obeys the law of man, rather than natural Law, is responsible for all evil committed by the State and the Elite. These Order Followers are those who actually permit the elite to traffic children, tax populations, determine legalities, kill the innocent, enslave the free, and to cloud your mind. Order Followers are the solitary platform upon which ALL EVIL is based.

When you see #pizzgate you should think also #orderfollowers

Still not quite sure what an Order Follower is? I like Mark Passio’s explanation.

People are finally beginning to wake up to the FACT of immorally and blindly obeying “orders” without actualizing their personal conscience IS AN ACT OF EVIL and a transgression against natural Law. All slavery, ALL government, ALL fiat currency and taxation, ALL penalty and imprisonment, and ALL destruction of the Earth and its systems, is ALL based upon ORDER FOLLOWERS stupidly believing in the LIE called “authority”, when THE TRUTH is that the ONLY authority is our OWN, and when people relinquish their Will unto another, they are as responsible for the evil committed as those who committed it, and equally the enemy of righteous men/women and the Great Work. There are no such things as cops, police officers, or military people. There are only POLITICIANS MERCENARY THUGS who assault and abuse all manner of human dignity, for payment in a currency that DOESN’T EVEN FUCKING EXIST!

Please have a look at these sites addressing Order Followers, and count on me for steady reports as I find activity on the net pertaining to #orderfollowers

GeoEngineering Watch

Active Post

If you have the time to watch some longer videos on the topic of #orderfollowers I would suggest these:

Mark Passiohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEy9Zqq4brk

Larken Rosehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W57SacLn20

Stefan Molyneuxhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G15otVmz6Y

Michael Blackhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4Dpx0a5Ciw