1.2 – D.M. Hutchins – Poetry

The Hermetic and Alchemical Poetry

of D. M. Hutchins



Limit Blind
– Blending
– Forest
– Not But A Knot Of Naught…
– Velticese
– You
– A Breath Away
– Dying Dragons
– Natural Law
– The Knight
– Stoned Poet
– Insight Roling Astral Die
– Pays and Paid
– Minus Infinity
– Be Naught Aflame
– Ablaze in Shame
– Warmth of Night
– A Thirsty River
– Way and Way(s)
– Laid to waste = Wasted and laid

Limit Blind

Unveil the Light, Inhale delight,
Which was in twain, now reunites,
They erudite, conclude this night,
Tear, Fist, Wander, Eye, – Star, Hidden, Master, Lie!
Laugh, Love, Stable, Ear, – Inner, Gnosis, Silence, Hear!
All born of mind, dimensions cline,
Was yours asleep, awake is mine,
Thus gender twined, and limit blind…


Where once I thought I’d drown,
I’ve learned to breath my Crown,
Omnidirectional down,
Ever echos silence sound,
Middle fingers now a middle Eye,
Brittle propagandas shattered paradigm,
Where once I thought I’d die,
I’ve learned that fate a lie,
An oxymoronic sight,
Ever blending chemist strive…


That which dies brings life to dine,
On skies so bright as eyes at night,

Who’s bark is rough who’s leaves are touched,
And roots which search my flesh for such,

Vines in breeze wave flowers pleased,
To wrap feld trees in livings sleeves,

Light of day burst through this shade,
And cast upon our children rain,

Life’s blood sinks through light which blinks,
In leaves which brink solaris strength,

And there we stand a human man,
Who’s vision spans a great expanse,

An inward sight grasps endless life,
The last and first so too am I,

Not But A Knot Of Naught…

How great and ever expanding are you, in all manner exceeding comprehension, and yet cradled yourself therein, beckoning, such that I would recognize in this organization the complexities of insight via those most unknowable elements of my own system, within, though I have sought foolishly without? How am I supposed to do that which I am supposed to do, given that my own origin is opposed to my own purpose, and how then have I any purpose, constructed and versed only in the disgusting and filthy, elected to praise that for which there is no hope, hopeful for that which I alone praise… In the first of four lie the proud and certain, grasping for the second, realities lungs held tightly so as to delve your alchemy, clutching that righteous and elusive peace, resisting the drown in attempt to drag the insight back toward breath, in the vacuum, in the order whereas desire represents the struggle of consequence, myself the consequence, myself elusive, myself yourself, yourself myself… Clouds ransom but a portion of the sky, revealing stripped trees, as snow comes, as I am stripped, reality ransoms but a portion of clarity, as fate comes… Having died countless repetitions I’ve lost the joy the season of living once held, no longer hopeful of the Spring nor saddened by the Fall, an observer of the flesh though not an inhabitant, an experience of humanity and yet not human, I am projected though I am not the projector, and I project though I am not the origin, I advocate though I am not the source, and I preach clarity pertaining to that of which I have only a fleeting glimps… I refer to myself as I, though I am not but a knot of naught… Purpose seemingly tangled, gnarled roots stretching out into space, sapping stars, this tree I climb anchored in galactic soils, in whose branches I explore shapeless golden faces, rings of light about their waist…


She had not expected the humidity. A thin fog lingered over the balcony, ruining the view she had waited for throughout her noctivagant musings. It was a testament to her existence, the way the sun crept over the mountains, slowly illuminating the wondrous shore, hills, and valleys, in tones of pink and orange, glistening in the due drops that cover every inch of the beautiful world below, lying just beyond veil of mist, and leaving her with little more than a blurred glow of curiosity. It angered her tremendously, that of all the visions she had earnestly sought, that which made itself visible to her were the twinkling of lingering stars, who dare to endure the inchoate dawn, the chirping of birds, and protrude into the morning but for a moment longer, during which moment it became apparent to her that such stars had turned a deaf ear to the wishes of young ladies, royalty, and otherwise.

It would only be a moment before groping servants would come rushing in, intruding upon her anger, ignoring her desires, burying them in dresses, jewels, oils, paints, and powders, hiding everything about her that remained to be human, and forever striving to destroy any potential for resurrecting herself in the future.

She could hear them calling to her from the stairwell outside her door, and it angered further that they had come with the explicit intent of erasing her identity, and decorating her like a doll to be played with, and yet they knocked before entering, as though such were polite or courteous, but courteous to whom, the girl she was, or the one they intend to create? It seemed a bit like offering someone a comfortable pair of shoes to ware, while having their legs broken.

The servants, she thought, no better than slubberdegullion, were very much like the fog. They gathered in and surrounded her, preventing her from viewing to the outside world, stripping her of all knowing and leaving her to fantasy, gently binding her wrist in golden shackles, covering her eyes with majestic diamond lenses that, while beautiful, blurred and distorted her perception of the world beyond. All the while they bow and avert their gaze, and she considered that the attendants’ behavior could pass perhaps, for respect, or shame, quite equally, as they treat her as lowly sloven in need of repair. The dress was to tight, the shoes were too small, her hair was bound to tightly, and the paints and oils made her eyes burn. In a fit of passion and anger, and yet peaceful resolve, she snapped the stones from her ears and neck, and the rings from her fingers, while stepping out of her shoes.

She lept from the balcony, finery trailing behind her, casting away the sparkling rubies and diamonds, their flashing light as if punctuating the chorus of shrieking servants. She tore at the dress, ripping fabric until she exposed her head and breast, if only to see the world during the fall. Mist chilled her flesh as she tore away the layers of finery, the gold and silver, trading them for the wind in her nose, the tears in her eyes, and the beauty of the sky glistening on the stone covered shore rushing up to greet her. And as she lie, burst upon the shores stone, the finest lace, the rarest stones, and all the worlds worthless finery rained about her, and sparkled, in the light of the morning star.

NEXION 913 122 YF


A Breath Away

Twice a poem, Twice a verse,
Twice inhaled the universe,
Once a knowing, Once Concert,
Once a pompous loud-mouth jerk,
Thirties passing, Thirties gain,
Goatee sporting thee white strains,
Bodies aging, Mind engaging,
Alchemical war with fate I’m waging,
And all you reading, which you read,
Know that I am love indeed…

Dying Dragons

So here I am, at three A.M.,
Vision crisp, A Mind of Bliss,
To share with all, that crumbling wall,
Realities realm, falling and felled,
My prowess has ate the vibe the it rates,
The social is one, the moon is the sun,
The skies are hid, in the eyes covered lid,
and alchemy brews, in the cauldron within,
Hindsight came first, and began with the worst,
Of the men who had won, the war yet not done.
And here I am stoned, wide ether I roam,
As a bird it would fly, as a life only dies,
Yet again and again, I return to this land,
In essence new form, Same message adorn,
Until all men are free, returning I’ll be,
So save me a seat, And stoke up the weed,
Cause till freedom achieves, Your blinded by thieves,
On your behalf that dragon, aftermath that I am.
Will see his final sights, And die both flesh and light…

Natural Law

I have walked into your Kingdom, tracking Ether on your floor,
Yet bound to flesh I am not any more,
Thus weapon and steel are nothing to me,
And the battle to come is that of will and of glee,
Incarnate I am and I do, to finish that struggle, and to finish you,
That dragon within, that dragon I kill,
With intention and thought, and with glee and with will,
Sailed and flown and warped in human ships,
Had sorrow and joy and spoke through their lips,
For mine is to save them, their freedom their own,
By the minds I have dwelt therein knowing and known,
For all that has mattered according to you,
Is false and is lies and indeed its untrue,
But the truth I have offered, and I’ve made known to they,
Who would listen, be they here or away…
The candle has melted and the light fades to dark,
But lie as you will cause the truth leave its mark,
Drums and horns do sing and so roar,
At the dying of evil whose grip is no more,
Whose greed once adored, has faded to none,
For in their minds and their ships I have came, and do come…
Relentless as thee, and determined of course,
You will soon fall, Ill return to the source,
Absorbed all the more,
In love and adorn,
In the armor of war…

The Knight

Again, and perhaps the last,
Align, the seems and gaps,
Alone, in one photo it seems,
Wisdom, holistic, and fractal, unseen,
By name we call ourselves,
By eyes we guide ourselves,
Though travel we elevate,
Ether, polar, vibration, realm…
Into each of you, my hand has attuned,
A notion of mind, located in mine,
For linear time, is yet but a lie,
And returned have I time, after life, after signs,
The permutations aligned, that nexion wide,
That portal through which, I here now reside,
But here me and know, thats it war I bestow,
As a blessing weeds tone, and the freedom in toe,
Id die for you all, If peace you could know,
But rather Id fight, and you at my side,
Guns and fist, and feet and knives,
Let none of us rest before magain death,
Let none of us be, but that knight at their best…

Stoned Poet

Thrust into this Ether am I indeed,
For I toketh this bowl here full of weed,
Laugh as I do, typing is screwed,
And the Irishman drinketh my brew,
To bands I jam with funny odd names,
And DJs this morning the news do they claim,
Its 6:48 and Ima poet and stoned,
But this shit i pimp and fills up my bong,
I was gona play a puzzle game,
but the pieces all looked the same,
So Facebook poems it is instead,
Cause seven dimensions gave birth in my head,
Cause Im immortal whose flesh I thee wed,
Cause flora an fauna see to it Im fed,
I should probably stop but I don’t know better,
And friends go by by, as ones getting wetter,
Table for two and the fanciest feast,
On an couch, jamming tunes, ignoring the TV,
The kids these day are stupid and ill,
But I do believe they call it, Netflix and Chill…

Insight Roling Astral Die

Smeared across the universe,
Not a single coin in the purse,
For wealth itself is not a note,
But knowing well the spell of “NO”,
But far too many yet speak yes,
To labors strife enslaved in debt,
Though I cannot befriend this trend,
For Kali has my ear to bend,
And therein whisper flames of fire,
Wet pitch black eyes my heart desire,
Glowing cherry red my own,
As orange glow pierces darkness thrown,
Afterimage’s megaphone,
Expressed in dissipating smoke,
What are opened eyes in darkness,
From what can fields of blindness harvest?
A thousand million claims to new,
Though rolling dice remain same few,
The outcomes fractal overkill,
Holistic Numinous higher Will,
Causalclining permutational squalls,
Tiptoes ever echoed in astral halls…

Pays and Paid

Thats so wyrd, or so I here,
To know that we’re, both far and near,
So says the wind, Whose truth within,
Flows in our kin, we of pale skin,
Blows upon the ice, squints our eyes,
And knows when each will live and die,
Through the heart with a blade,
Through the arts given age,
The massess afraid, some few we are sage,
Years past, days ahead, leaden blast, swimming dead,
Films and books kept others fed,
Through the grass I walk, in cloud I caugh, in riddles talk,
And Press these Words upon this blog,
That each may know, they from the snow,
Those of a glow, from mountions flow,
Die unclean things, they do indeed,
And drown in swords, by way of we, opposed to kings,
Into many candles I have gazed,
Through many incense ashened alters have I praised,
These many layers peeled away,
And clearly I do see this maze, through cherries stoked I blaze,
Focused and dazed, where shall I raise,
All they, Maha Kali plays, attention pays and paid…

Minus Infinity

This alien immediacy,
That fountain of obscurity,
The world in the window,
Minus Magian infinity,
Aglow in ember star,
Ought part the starkly darkened art,
Emergent strata vibration might,
Themselves possess the Goddess light,
Angled to and frow thow art aflame,
Myself reflected in Her eyes the same,
Those logical ammendments now amended,
Before Her there I hang suspended,
Sacred Source thus plucked me out,
Unending quest to ashen all the ground,
Deceptions house of cards ablaze,
Engulfed in the cradle of satori title waves,
Enantiodromian perspicacities Euclidean apodicticity,
In you, in I, indeed, in She,
Have you that hand of Hers been lain?
Reside in Numen they she claim,
Virtue yet no time to rest,
A strand of arms adorn Her neck,
Primordial Ur essence womb from thine,
Into energy, matter, space, and time,
From ether’s astral electromagnetic sphere,
Waves of Magian dead do they squatter in fear,
For the truth it does objectively reason,
That case whereas evil will die for a season,
And clearly be seen that Numinous Way,
For a moment a spell for a time for a day…

Be Naught Aflame

Be thine eyes not set aflame?
Are not yourn hands now grasping blades?
For evil lies about this day,
Yet virtue has set us unto slaying the same,
Deeply from these depths we drink,
From nexional permutations synced,
Harmonious resonance chimes do ring,
From swords we thrust which clash and sing,
For only but a time this spell,
For only a spell can a time ensorcell,
Sol and Min circling that stellar backdrop,
Each the winking of that most sacred cyclops,
For in said house a seasons portion,
Omnidirectional expansions entropic ingestion of abortion,
Into naught are poured obscurities,
Welcome back unto the primordial source of authority,
Lord consequence enthroned in ether’s bones,
Whose natures own Being is that alone,
Bestowed endowed enriched erupt,
Dipped into the Numen mine own cup,
Not a solitary given fuck…

Ablaze in Shame

~Ablaze in shame they ought to be,
Who so strive for triviality,
~Lest their eyes in anger gleam,
At any hindrance from obscenity,
*Cast out and absorbed, By shadows adorn,
In darkness seeing all the more, bathed in enigmas shores,
~Devout and chased from gnosis sight,
Vicarious supplemental delights,
~Adrift in metamorphic contemplation,
In bliss pursuant of compensation,
*Lifted above heights, For the all is mind,
To be, see, and think, is the light, This Black Lights own third eye,
~Soulless husk cast into the flame,
Oblivious superficiality mundane,
~The green now brown and blue polluted,
Now modified and convoluted,
*Pulled out of the naught, The essence thus sought,
Therein lie putrid pride and loft, Silhouette of a god,
~Those songs they sung blot out the sun,
Those silent darknesses darkened none,
~Egregious pleases us needs naught abstain,
They ought to be ablaze in shame…

Warmth of Night

This Brilliant Madness, Stoked unto Ashes, A single moment,
Orange glowing flashes, Trees into Glasses, These mangled quotients,
That Permutation, Is Transmutation, A Thirsty River,
Lightning bugs dance, In Fogs Spectral glance, Warmth of Smokeless Flame,
In Darkness do sing, Those Crawling Those Winged, Motionless They Came,

Vine and Thorn Reclaim this Rot, Render Unto Primordial Oughts,
Voices and Leaves obtain this Naught, Conversion of All Potential Thoughts,
Tied and tight the Soil Dreams, Of Thickets clustered into Teams,
Retaining all the Waters Might, Absorbing Day and Muting Night,

Stoked unto Ashes, A single moment, This Brilliant Madness,
Trees into Glasses, These mangled quotients, Orange glowing flashes,
Is Transmutation, A Thirsty River, That Permutation,
Warmth of Smokeless Flame, In Darkness do sing, Lightning bugs dance,
Motionless They Came, Those Crawling Those Winged, In Fogs Spectral glance,

A Thirsty River

Blooming booming shroom things have wings,
And sing thus we see,
That being speckled spheres of kings,
Whose eyes are thus keen,
For into darkness has the light,
Of which the righteous require might,
Sacred Mind balanced by that hermaphrodite,
So high its nearly out of sight,
When dawn illuminates that gleam,
Upon the armor donned thy herbal green,
Held in my palm is your horizon,
Boasting rays of song which occupy suns,
Or be they stars within my bowl,
Where stoked are twirling living souls,
As above so below As below so above,
In the depths of the snow in the starlight in love,
In the rain yet I toke leaned against the soak,
Preserved said stoke engulfed in smoke,
Back inside where candles hide a flickered light,
The raining night is set aside,
Abath in past this perspective vast and,
Lasting casting of the ancient path,
Good sense you’ve spoken naught and non,
Offensive to the passing on of lecture gone,
The passing it of as the nature of human,
Utterly lost upon them the Numen,
Yet given a voice to play with their toys,
Make certain that noise to give them a choice,

Way and Way(s)

None shall pass, who must ask, where Numen bask,
Alas, their masks, come off so fast, at last,

~Divided are we naught, are we vast length of wave,

All shall stay, who demonstrate, abstractions face,
Fake, their fate, reincarnate, replicating waste,

~United have we sought, are yet the last and first of days,

Thirst shall quench, turn that wrench, from off the fence,
Sense, their glimpse, which recompense, nary offense,

~Excited as we ought, are the Numinous Way and Way(s),

So here again, it has began, of flesh and man,
Stand, Work Grand, in circumstance, Stone expands,

Laid to waste = Wasted and laid

Laid to waste,
Rather wasted and laid,
Luna illuminates this lake,
Lapping upon the shores of fate,
Liquid Spaces fluidic face,
Upon a date I have asked this candles flame,
Eternally immune to winds graces of flickering races,
Having assumed socio-cultural orbit of dinner plates,
Don’t choke on your memories,
Instead feed on their energies,
And learn from your enemies,
Synchronize the flicker of the candles flame,
With the flashing of the lightening of a summers day…