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  1. Conservation
  2. Queastellyeah
  3. Queastellyeahian Segments
  4. Queastellyeahian Meditation
  5. Empathetic Permutations
  6. Queastellyeahian Mathematics
  7. Queastellyeahian Alchemy
  8. My Queastellyeahian Artwork


Every ending is a beginning, just as every beginning is an ending. Often when one thing gives way to another, many see only the one thing giving way, perhaps failing, dying, or vanishing. Others may see the second thing as winning, surviving, or remaining. Reality, however, is not so simple, and not nearly as organic in nature. “Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The law of ‘Conservation of Mass’ demonstrates that during any chemical reaction, nuclear reaction, or radioactive decay in an isolated system, the total mass of the reactants, or starting materials, must be equal to the mass of the products. In physics, the law of ‘Conservation of Energy’ states that the total energy of an isolated system cannot change—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form, for instance chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite. A consequence of the law of ‘Conservation of Energy’ is that a perpetual motion machine of the first kind cannot exist. That is to say, no system without an external energy supply can deliver an unlimited amount of energy to its surroundings.” – Wikipedia

Now, several of you may be asking yourselves why it would be important to address this scientific understanding before an audience primed for authoritative essays and lectures pertaining to occult matters and exeatic experience, and the reality of the issue is that we are discussing precisely that. For all the “doing” that possibly sets one apart from the masses, it is a “knowing” or at least a “sense” that serves as a foundation to the action; you might call it the motivation. One may not be a part of the masses, socially speaking, yet one remains to be a part of the mass, physically speaking. No matter the actions or perception of an given ‘individual’, their actions, their mutation, directly affects the overall mass, as no individuality actually exist. The perception of ‘self within environment’ is false, as ones environment is an artificial production of human perception, and no individuation exist between the seemingly separate circumstances, materials, and organisms therein. Ones thoughts and actions are nothing more than energy and matter changing form, while the overall entropy of the system, Queastellyeah, is unaffected. It is most logical to recognize ones actions as transformations, rather than creation or destruction.


There are no individual events, beings, or phenomena, and as intellect and philosophy operate within the physical realm (causal realm), they also operate according to the physical realm (conventional philosophical abstracts). Much like the abstraction ‘self’, ‘individuation’ should be recognized as taking a seat alongside the myriad of false belief systems, legal systems, and otherwise naturerestraining, and intellectually limiting, concepts. All seemingly isolated systems are subject to, and expressions of, their underlying structures, which structures are themselves contained, and emergent of their own underlying foundations. Nexion 913 suggest a closer examination of the concept of ‘individuation’, and it’s limiting influence on one’s perception. Mathematically, the arrangement of things is referred to as permutation, however, 913 uses the term and symbol of “Queastellyeah”, to acknowledge specifically the permutation, or bandwidth of human perception, which we view as a much more honest approach to, not the universe that surrounds us, but the universe that we ‘are’.

The Queastellyeah is a symbol that represents entirety and totality, the completion of all dynamic objects and phenomenon, the encompassing of every cause, and an indication of the total effect, to have occurred, to be occurring, or going to occur, in a word, when we say ‘causal’ this is what is implied. Void is a term used by Nexion 913 to describe the acausal, and in terms of visualized meditative practices, the space around the Queastellyeah, or the Queastellyeahan segments.


The Queastellyeah indicates a will towards transcendence of the causal reality, and recognizes the causal realm in terms of composition and permutation, whereas certain permutations grant greater, or lesser, access to acausal energies, or Void. Nexion 913 also uses the term Void to represent causal human empathy towards the causal realm (striving to arrange the causal so as to access the acausal), recognizing that any process, stage of development, or state of being, that is seemingly active, or existent, by standards of human perception, is actually an inanimate causality, driven and activated via being infuse with acausal energy, or Void. Queastellyeah is contained within, and acted upon, and a conduit of, Void. Queastellyeah is a proclamation of transrational participation within Void, and an acknowledgment that ‘beginning and ending’, ‘cause and effect’, ‘space time’, and such states as ‘consciousness and unconsciousness’ are fixed, absolute, and entire, within Void. Each segment aligns so as to amount to completion, whereas the Queastellyeah symbol itself represents the complete concept, or causal abstraction, associated with one’s meditative or visual work.

The Queastellyeahan segments can be rearranged according to the goals of ones work, according to the causal abstracts assigned to each segment, aligning each in such permutation which grants access to Void. According to ones intent, the segments may, or may not, function together, due to conflicting abstractions, however, the segments may be utilized to indicate any abstract. In and of themselves, the segments have no final or permanent meaning, outside of their use in constructing, and deconstructing, abstraction, revealing pathways between ideations, beyond conventional philosophy.


The basic Queastellyeahan meditation is as thus.

Close your eyes. Visualize the environment around you. One by one, eliminate the objects that make up your immediate environment, until you have removed everything. The goal is to deconstruct the causal realm, leaving only Void, a blank field, an utter absence, which represents the acausal, and utter freedom from abstraction. Once you can establish Void by eliminating your environmental abstracts, attempt to establish the first Queastellyeahan segment, and focus thereupon. Slowly attach the second segment to the first, and focus. Attach the third segment to the second, pausing to focus, and attach the fourth segment to the third.

Having formed the Queastellyeah, dwell upon it for a time, (a short causal time, an indefinite acausal time). Consider the Queastellyeah an anchor to the acausal, to Void. Just as a ship anchors to the sea bed, in order that the waves and wind do not carry it off, use Queastellyeah to establish an anchor that prevents your perception and environment from breaking your empathetic connection to Void.

Remove the fourth segment, pause, remove the third segment, focusing for a moment on each stage, removing the second segment, and then the first. Focus then on Void, and slowly begin to replace the components of your environment, which you had initially removed, and so solidify Void with abstraction, in order to dwell again in the causal, ever mindful of that which is abstract, and that which is Void, as you are a direct conduit of acausal energy (Void) within the causal realm. Open your eyes…


The practice not only develops ones skills pertaining to imagination and visualization, it solidifies ones understanding of the difference between the causal and acausal. It forces one (assuming empathetic capacity) to become aware of the difference between ones acausal self (ones energetic source) and ones causal self (ego and indoctrination). Self, much like individuation, limits ones connexion. One can easily tell others how they ought to think about their person, though most fail to recognize the implications of the term about. No attempt to offer someone your being, or your knowing, will be successful, as empathy is personal, thus all experience of Void is personal and cannot be shared, because it cannot be contained via abstracts. The self as we define it, not only holds the quality of being something others cannot view, but inadvertently holds the quality of being something we cannot command, demonstrate, or utilize as we see fit. For this reason, the mundane strive away from Void, and adorn the self with fashionable abstracts, which can be shared, and easily understood. Obviously self is primarily composed of abstraction, so what does this imply?

As nexion, certain energies are conducted via our biological conduit, from the acausal realm to the causal realm, however, just like the human eye, all nexion have a blind spot. The function of the Queastellyeah is to constantly observe one’s own position as a segment of the universe, rather than a self within the universe. Nexion often believe themselves to be, or identify as, the very essence of the energy surging through their conduit, blinded to the actual environment they occupy, and oblivious to the fact that their nexion is actually the source of that which they are driven to find or produce. This is a failure of causal perception, and yet such delusion is often the strength of a movement. Just as light passing through an aperture inverts and reverses, acausal energies, likewise, need to be interpreted (empathy) or one will fail to be the lens necessary to project its image (manifest in the causal realm). The pursuit of logic and practicality is, in and of itself, a practical manifestation of logic, though the nexion will see only illogical practices, and destructive belief systems. The pursuit of hygiene is, in and of itself, a manifestation of hygiene, though the nexion will be driven by an overwhelming disgust for the environment in which they see only filth and sickness. All the while, the overall entropy of the universe remains unchanged, and doing little more than rearranging the permutation of segments which can neither be created nor destroyed. That which is made manifest in the causal realm, is manifest acausal energy, directly rearranging the permutation of causal components, through those conduits properly tuned (biological nexion) to lens the image of Void, like a light which ignores abstraction, blinding the mundane, and painting breathtaking landscapes for sinister eyes.

Self (ego and indoctrination) can only exist in the blind spot, like a cork that plugs ones nexion, ending the flow of energy through ones conduit. Self functions as an unmovable idea that permanently occupies ones biology and prevents access to, or awareness of (empathy of), other universal segments. Self demands constant attention, resources, and gratification, and by inadvertence, renders each of these unavailable for any other use. However, much like the blind spot of the human eye, it is possible to discover a nexions blind spot. It is possible to discover the natural attraction to Void (acausal empathy). Nexion 913 uses the term Void to represent the acausal because that is what we must be in order to connect to acausal energies, vacant, unoccupied, and vacuum. It is hard to fill a cup that is already full. Self fills, occupies, and corks, a nexion, and makes it impossible to bridge the realms. The Queastellyeahan Meditation is designed to assist one in recognizing and manipulating abstractions, creating a permanent connexion, and properly interpreting (lensing) energies between the spheres of the causal and acausal.

Queastellyeahan Mathematics

The Queastellyeahan segments can also be used in mathematical terms, to display that the addition of numbers, or abstracts, results in an addition of possible permutations. Such becomes increasingly difficult to display beyond five, one through four will be demonstrated here. As you can see, one has only one permutation. Two has two possible permutations, which are a base segment, and one compound segment consisting of two base one segments. Three has four permutations, which are one base segment, and thee possible compound segment, composed of combinations of ones and twos. Four has seven permutations, which are one base segment, and six possible compound segments, composed of ones, twos, and threes.

One may, should they possess the patients, expand upon the mathematical properties of the Queastellyeah. Each number more complex, and more diverse, than the former. Order the permutations by manner of building the series, starting with the smallest segment possible, and adding to it the next smallest segment, according to the base value in question, until its permutation is achieved. The next largest segment should be used to initiate the next permutation, and so on. The above demonstration of one through four have only one base segment, however, five and beyond have multiple base segments which share possible intersecting permutations. Obviously, it becomes exponentially difficult to process and display.


Other than the Queastellyeahan Meditation, and the exploration of mathematical permutations, one may assign abstracts to the base units and use compound segments to represent (better yet, to consider, beyond conventional consideration) compound abstracts. For example, lets assign Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, to the Queastellyeahan segments, and observe the possible combinations.